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Jun 17, 2010

Summerprogram at the House of Healing

Basic Shamanic course 27/6 and 31/7 This is a shamanic course for beginners. We will talk about the history of shamanism, the geography of the spirit realm and how a shaman work. We will journey for power animals, helpers, travel inwards and other basic journeys. You will learn how to ask questions and what is possible to achieve and what is dangerous to do. We will go out in Nature and talk to Trees. After this course you can continue to work at home. Price 1000 skr

Open camp 1-4 July This year the camp is in the beginning of July. Everyone is welcome and anything can happen at this camp. We do what we feel like and you can use the garden and other resources for your healing process. The camp is freed but it costs help in the garden. New for this year is the Zardance. Everyone brings food which we then share. You can camp or sleep in a sleeping hall.

3 July Zardance This is a dance for getting rid of demons like bad habits, fears, blockages and so on. Instructions are given before the dance. 100 skr if you are not in the camp.

5-6 July Shapeshifting step 1-2 Shapeshifting is a traditional shamanic technique where you turn into an animal. We do journeys and blendings to experience what it is like to be an animal. We also learn about animals and do work in Nature. 3000 skr and you need to have had basic 1 and basic 2 courses.

10 July Journeys out in Nature We go out in Nature and experience it the shamanic way. We also work with becoming one with it. It´s an adventure… 800 skr, basic 1 is needed, perhaps basic 2 as well

11 July Traditional journeys We do traditional journeys from different parts of the world. This time we do journeys from Siberia, Mongolia, Saami and oldeuropean. 1000 skr, basic 1 and preferably 2 is needed

17-18 July Power of the Drum This is a course for you who already have a shamanic drum and want to learn more and use it more. We do a lot of drumming and work with the landscape of the drum. You use your own drums and borrow my special Drums. Examples of drumming; communication, power, protection, cleansing and healing. If you are unsure if your Drum really is a live Shamanic drum – contact me. 3000 skr basic 1+2 needed

1 August Basic Shamanic course 2 We continue with deeper knowledge and do work with Drums and Rattles. We also do some basic healing work like tunnelcleansing and retrieving life force. We work with feeling energies and perhaps we do a quest. The course varies depending on the participants knowledge. 1000 skr basic 1 is needed

21-22 August Shamanic dance Shamanic dance is used all over the world to heal, change, communicate, See… The dance has always a purpose. We will do different kinds of dances from Japan, Siberia, North America and work with getting the effect right. 2000 skr basic 1 is needed or experiences with dancing of this kind. Ask if you are uncertain!

11-12 September Shapeshifting Se course in July

30-31 October Halloweencamp In this years camp we will work with Death – attitudes, funerals, from a shamanic point of view, contact with ancestors, the art of letting go, and much more. Perhaps you will learn how to follow the dead (shamanic technique) You will look at your death – just so you are prepared… 1000 skr

The descriptions of the courses are very short. Feel free to contact me for more information.

Tekla Drakfrende

In the wintertime there will be; Education to become yuletidehost/hostess, Christmas camp, Valborgcamp to work with the Lifeforce and more…..

Be well!


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Posted: Jun 17, 2010 10:27am
Jun 4, 2010

Please sign my petitions!

Some of them are two of the same to belonging in different groups to reach more people. Feel free to sign both!

Talk and act about the oil disaster:

Move turtles out of oil danger:

Use butterfly credits to help animals in oil disaster:

Let us click for Gulf-animals:

Create a click to donate for the Gulf-animals:

Make someone smile today:

Connect with Nature:

Do something good today;


Thank you for your help!


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Posted: Jun 4, 2010 4:30am
May 26, 2010

I have created a petition to care2 about creating a click for Gulf animals. Please sign!!




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Posted: May 26, 2010 5:44am
Feb 23, 2010
Focus: Sustainable Development
Action Request: Petition
Location: Sweden



I have created some petitions and it would make me very happy if you wanted to sign any of them. 

Please help me make a difference..

Be well!


Thanks for freeing horses!

Plegde to respect Nature

Plant Trees

Pledge of appreciation

Clean up the great pacific garbage patch

Thanks to people who care and try

Thanks to leaders for supporting local and ecological food


Help Swedish Wolves

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Posted: Feb 23, 2010 2:16am
Feb 9, 2010

I have created the following petitions. It would mean much to me if you wanted to sign.

Help the swedish wolves
Plegde of appreciation
Plant trees
Plegde to respect nature
Clean up the Great Pacific garbage patch

You can search for them at care2search.

Thank you for taking time to read this!


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Posted: Feb 9, 2010 12:32am
Feb 8, 2010


2 Send out a longing for contact

7 Send out a longing for closeness

10 Send out a wish to find people to work with

14 Send out power to the wish above

17 Send power to good ”webs of contact”

21 Send courage to meet

24 Send out the joy of working together

28 Send out inspiration to meet



3 Send power to good groups

7 Send power to good projects

8 Send power to good initatives

10 Send hope to the suffering

14 Send love to the loveless

17 Send tendernedd to violent people

20 Send power to victims

21 Send empathy to bulls (people who are bullying)

24 Send calmness to frightened

28 Send freedom to controlling people

30 Send light and love to everyone who tries to make the world better

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Posted: Feb 8, 2010 8:35am
Dec 2, 2008

Missions nov 08 - jan 09



9  send out a longing to come home (spiritually)

12-13 mayacalendershift;

12 let go of old stuff

13 send out courage to allow the inner power to come out

se more;


13 the day of the Giants; clean the air

16 send out hope

19 clean up places where toture have happened (but not museums over koncentrationscamps.)

23 send power to the frogs so they survive (nearly all of them are threathened)

26 send out courage to see

30 send out a prayer so that people get what they need




3 fill the world with a feeling of being alive

7 send out help (power) to help people let go of the stuff they need to let go of in order to move forward

12 send out forgiveness

13 send out trust

14 send out a feeling of; ”you are ready for the next step”

21 send out a feeling of abundance

24 send out peace

25 send out happiness over other peoples joy

28 clean the world

31 send out” let go and move forward” courage




1 send out a feeling of a fresh start

4 send out the feeling of being one with everything living

8 send out power to the palts in countries with famine

6 send out love

11 send out a longing  to feel/take responsible

14 clean countries that has had dictators

18 send out power to take care of problems

25 clean countries in war

28 clean cities


Have fun!



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Posted: Dec 2, 2008 5:19am
May 12, 2008

There is a international healing circle open for everyone. We do different missions each week. Everyone do the work in the way they can; send energy, chant, drum, focus (as in prayer) etcetera from a place of there own choosing. Here is the missions in march and april.
If you want to join the circle and continue doing missions mail;



  • 4 send out hope of a new better world
  • 11 send out power that can be used for changing the world to a better place  
  • 17 is a new start (mayan calender)
  • A good day for work with vision and receiving energy. Take in the energy and shape it for a new world. 
  • Praying for Peace on Earth World Shift Day May 18th 2008
  • 18  in the evening; send out stubborness and determination so we continue our good work… 
  • 20 send out healing to the forests of the world 
  • 25 send out a feeling of no boundaries between humans and nature   


  • 1 send out power ( as a way to say thank you) to the animals in man´s service (policehorses, dogs for the blind, horses in riding schools, cows, pets…..) 
  • 5 the International day of environment – clean and heal a kind of nature of your own choice (rainforest, prairies, oceans, the artic region… ) 
  • 8 send out a longing for a life in harmony with our Earth 
  • 15 send out peace and quiet 18 clean the water of our Earth 
  • 21 international day of holy places and sommer solstice – send out protection and power to holy places            
  • 22 send out power (as a way of saying thank you) to the plants in man´s service (trees, food, aromas, gardenplants…. ) 
  • 29 send out power and healing to every kind of species treathened by extinction 
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Posted: May 12, 2008 5:44am
Mar 4, 2008
There is a international healing circle open for everyone. We do different missions each week. Everyone do the work in the way they can; send energy, chant, drum, focus (as in prayer) etcetera from a place of there own choosing. Here is the missions in march and april.
If you want to join the circle and continue doing missions mail;

March2 send out tenderness about each others faults
March 8 international womans day, send out power to se the womens situation and to change it to the better
March 9 spread love where you live
16 cleanse from wanting to have a closed mind and heart
March 20 heal the balance of the world
March 21 cleanse old negativity (history) where you live and drumming for life and peace
March 23 send out friendliness
March 29 turn off the electricity between 8 and 9 pm
March 30 send out a feeling of being without boundaries 

5 send love to the middle east
April 6 send out help to let go of old grievancies
April 13 send out love to the world
20 cleanse from everything that keeps us unfree
April 22 send healing energies to the Earth
April 27 cleanse old negativity (history) from the Earth
April 30 cleanse old negativity (history) from the Earth

Be well!
tekla drakfrende

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Posted: Mar 4, 2008 6:25am


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