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Feb 8, 2010


2 Send out a longing for contact

7 Send out a longing for closeness

10 Send out a wish to find people to work with

14 Send out power to the wish above

17 Send power to good ”webs of contact”

21 Send courage to meet

24 Send out the joy of working together

28 Send out inspiration to meet



3 Send power to good groups

7 Send power to good projects

8 Send power to good initatives

10 Send hope to the suffering

14 Send love to the loveless

17 Send tendernedd to violent people

20 Send power to victims

21 Send empathy to bulls (people who are bullying)

24 Send calmness to frightened

28 Send freedom to controlling people

30 Send light and love to everyone who tries to make the world better

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Posted: Feb 8, 2010 8:35am
May 12, 2008

There is a international healing circle open for everyone. We do different missions each week. Everyone do the work in the way they can; send energy, chant, drum, focus (as in prayer) etcetera from a place of there own choosing. Here is the missions in march and april.
If you want to join the circle and continue doing missions mail;



  • 4 send out hope of a new better world
  • 11 send out power that can be used for changing the world to a better place  
  • 17 is a new start (mayan calender)
  • A good day for work with vision and receiving energy. Take in the energy and shape it for a new world. 
  • Praying for Peace on Earth World Shift Day May 18th 2008
  • 18  in the evening; send out stubborness and determination so we continue our good work… 
  • 20 send out healing to the forests of the world 
  • 25 send out a feeling of no boundaries between humans and nature   


  • 1 send out power ( as a way to say thank you) to the animals in man´s service (policehorses, dogs for the blind, horses in riding schools, cows, pets…..) 
  • 5 the International day of environment – clean and heal a kind of nature of your own choice (rainforest, prairies, oceans, the artic region… ) 
  • 8 send out a longing for a life in harmony with our Earth 
  • 15 send out peace and quiet 18 clean the water of our Earth 
  • 21 international day of holy places and sommer solstice – send out protection and power to holy places            
  • 22 send out power (as a way of saying thank you) to the plants in man´s service (trees, food, aromas, gardenplants…. ) 
  • 29 send out power and healing to every kind of species treathened by extinction 
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Posted: May 12, 2008 5:44am


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