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Feb 22, 2008
Just posting a message that I recieved so that all the loving souls on here to come meet these amazing people and jump onboard to help as well..
I have copied and pasted the original message to here..


My Dear friends.
Please spend a moment to meet my beautiful Angel friend Tony.
He will steal your heart as he did mine any everyone else who knows him.


Tony is an almost 9 year old Indian child who was born with Phocomelia - he lives with his 'mummy' (British born Maureen Clark), near Bangalore, where they also care for other abused, neglected and handicapped children from time to time) and is hoping one day to be able to go to the West where he would hopefully be able to receive treatment to make him more mobile and give him the life he so richly deserves.


Tony is a miracle child  The first miracle being that he was allowed to live after being born into a very poor family with his severe disabilities - for the second reason, that he was taken to an orphanage and given the chance to grow up and the third reason, that he has touched so many people's hearts in his so-far short life, that what they have said about him could fill a website on their own,let alone a google page!


Please see Tony's page here..

I wish to ask you if you would please come and join Our Care2 group.
You will bless these children just by your love and support....
And you will even get to meet Tony who can type away to you with his one precious toe.

Tony Writing

Today is Tony's 9th Birthday ~ we would be honored if you would come and join us.

The Shanthi Street Kids are very special little angels ~ you will be inspired and awestruck by the experience.

Also could you please welcome Tony's (Mommy) Maureen to Care2 ~ she is a beautiful soul with a heart of gold.

Maureen Clark   Maureen Clark 

Please come and join our group and meet Maureen ~ and see what she has done for mankind and these beautiful challenged children.

I humbly thank you from the very bottom of my heart and so does Tony ~ Maureen and the children.

Deepest Appreciation.

Mantha White Raven !

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Posted: Feb 22, 2008 12:03am
Mar 12, 2007
Dear friends,

I am one of over 50,000 people from 131 countries around the world demanding G8 leaders to take action to stop the climate crisis. This is urgent, and I thought you might be interested - please see the email below.

Dear friend,

This Thursday, the environment ministers from the G8, the world's biggest contributors to climate change, will be meeting in Germany. The outcome of this meeting is crucial to world's response to global warming. has been invited to attend this meeting to present our climate change petition. A strong voice for action could help set the agenda for the G8. To help seize this opportunity, click below:

The G8 is a summit of world leaders from the "Group of 8" largest economies. Together, these countries account for 50% of global greenhouse gas emissions--the gasses that cause climate change. The full G8 summit is coming in June, but the agenda and outcome of this type of high-profile event is usually set far in advance--at meetings like the one this Thursday.

This year, the president of the G8 is German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Her environment minister, Sigmar Gabriel, is in charge of the ministers meeting Thursday. And at 4 pm on March 15th, we have a personal meeting with Mr. Gabriel to present our petition for binding emissions targets to stop catastrophic climate change.

Merkel has indicated an interest in making climate change a top priority. With a significant global petition, we can make the case that the world is ready for aggressive leadership on climate change--and pave the way for truly historic commitments at the G8 summit this June.

It's a rare opportunity to have a global impact. Add your voice to the petition now:

50,000 people from 131 countries have already demanded action. Our goal is to reach 100,000. Please sign the petition, forward this email to friends and family, and post the link on your blog--we only have a few days to make this statement count.

If we add our voices together, now, 2007 can become the year we took the first step to save the world.

With hope,

Ricken, David, Iain, Lee-Sean, Galit, Graziela, and the rest of the team

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Posted: Mar 12, 2007 11:52am
May 29, 2006
Made over the years but inspiration none the less..
Hope you days are loving beautiful ones
Loving Light
Album: Created Inspirations
Inspirational things I have created over the years...

by 216 totalMaree M. (36)
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Posted: May 29, 2006 4:35pm
May 17, 2006
A vote for visible support for peace 4:32 PM
Posted by another member, posting to help spread the word..

Here is a chance for all of us to support a powerful public image for peace.  We have only till May 31, so send this to all your lists right away.

Goodyear has a new blimp - the kind that floats over sports
stadiums, etc. - and they're having a "public naming" for it. The list of the 10 finalist names is below. There are only two names that refer to Peace. We have concluded a quick consensus of some local peaceniks and the outcome is that we all should vote for The Spirit of Peace, as this appears less conflictive than the other possible choice, Patriot of Peace.

WE WANT TO NAME THIS BLIMP "THE SPIRIT OF PEACE" ! Think of it: at every major Ohio sporting event, there above the crowd is this wonderful Peace Message. The way to do it, of course, is to send in zillions of votes for the name.

So here's what we do: first, forward this message to
everybody you know who is a peace-seeker. Then go to the site --  and submit your choice. Do it today. Voting closes May 31.
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Posted: May 17, 2006 6:22pm
Apr 20, 2006
Focus: Environment
Action Request: Other
Location: United States
Protest World Bank Renewable Energy and Fossil Fuel Funding

By Climate Ark, project of Ecological Internet, Inc.
April 20, 2006

Call upon Bank board to prevent climate mayhem by halting
subsidies for deadly fossil fuel projects while greatly
increasing renewable energy and efficiency funding

The World Bank has failed to promote clean renewable energy and
rarely considers climate change when funding fossil fuel and
other projects in developing nations. During the World Bank’s
Spring Meeting on April 22 and 23, they look set to further
steer energy policy in the wrong direction. A new report
acknowledging the severe impacts of climate change on developing
countries is to be considered, but plans will still be put
forward to continue investing in fossil fuel projects. Despite
World Bank claims it wants to play a lead role in financing
renewable energy globally, it is failing to meet targets for
increasing finance for renewable energy projects. In 2005
renewable energy and energy efficiency financing by the World
Bank accounted for just 9% of the entire Bank's financing in the
energy sector. Climate change threatens the Earth and the lives
of all of the Earth's citizens, and we must see real progress on
the development of sustainable energy if climate mayhem is to be
averted. The World Bank must be called upon to promote clean air
technologies like wind and solar power, rather than
environmentally harmful oil, coal and dam projects. The World
Bank must lead in converting the world's energy system to a
sustainable basis or step aside. For more information and to
take action now:

Discuss this alert at:


Email Protest Network and Bounced Emails

Ecological Internet's email action alerts seek to express
environmental concerns to carefully identified individuals
responsible for policy that contributes to forest, climate and
water destruction. Our efforts are a protest meant to educate
and disrupt. Rather than sending one token email to a general
email account as most online campaigns do, we carefully identify
dozens of targets that are directly responsible for, and have
the power to change, bad environmental policy.

When we launch a campaign all target email addresses are known
to be active and receiving messages. In the first hours after
launch, it is not uncommon to generate tens of thousands of
protest emails. Not surprisingly, this can rapidly fill email
accounts and some recipients use technological means to block
the protest email barrage. Because the protest emails are sent
under the participants' email address, these bounced messages
may come back to you. We are constantly sending the alert
ourselves, and our network of participants forward the bounced
messages to us, so the inevitable one or two blocked and full
email accounts are removed rapidly.

If you send a protest and get back a bounced email, please
forward the actual bounce notification to us, and rest assured
that the vast majority of messages got through. Indeed, the
extent to which we are filling email accounts and being blocked
is a testament to the effectiveness of our protest campaigns.
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Posted: Apr 20, 2006 9:35am
Apr 20, 2006
Focus: Human Rights
Action Request: Think About
Location: United States

Iraqi Women Under Siege: Read Report!


April 20, 2006

Dear Maree,

The Iraqi women who toured the United States last month told us that they were amazed by how misinformed many Americans were about the lives of Iraqi women. Most Americans thought that before the overthrow of Saddam Hussein, Iraqi women were sitting at home oppressed, heavily veiled and secluded, and that thanks to the US invasion, they are now liberated. This is what the Bush administration would like us to believe, but after listening to our Iraqi friends many people now know better. To further shed light on the true status of Iraqi women, CODEPINK has released an in-depth report Iraqi Women Under Siege. We encourage you to download this report, read it and pass it on to others.

The report shows that from 1958 to the 1990s, Iraq provided more rights and freedoms for women and girls than most of its neighbors. Though Saddam Hussein's dictatorial government and 12 years of severe sanctions reduced these opportunities, Iraqi women were active in all aspects of their society. After the occupation, with the exception of women in Iraqi Kurdistan, women's daily lives have been reduced to a mere struggle for survival.

* Women walking on the streets face random violence, assault, kidnapping or death at the hands of suicide bombers, occupying forces, Iraqi police, radical religious groups, and local thugs.
* Women trying to raise families in the midst of this chaos find themselves beset by a lack of electricity and clean water, and a dearth of social services like decent schools and health care.
* Unemployment among women has skyrocketed. Of the 260,000 reconstruction contracts in Iraq, less than 1,000 have gone to female contractors. Before the occupation 70% of the public workforce, by far the largest employer in Iraq, were women.
* The constant violence has trapped women and their children -- particularly their daughters -- inside the homes. Fewer girls go to school and illiteracy among girls is on the rise.
* Though 25% of the seats in the National Assembly are reserved for women, the real power in Iraq is increasingly in the hands of Islamists determined to move Iraq from a secular society towards a theocracy. They are forcing women to wear veils and are trying to curtail women's rights in areas such as marriage, divorce, and inheritance.

But as we learned from our amazing delegation, Iraqi women are not mere victims, passively watching the destruction of their lives and the fabric of their communities. As delegate Nadje Al-Ali writes in our report,

"Despite the chaos and violence that restricts their activities and mobility, the women struggle on, meeting in each other's houses, establishing refuges where women can learn skills to make a living, providing free health care, legal advice and literacy and computer classes. Iraqi women also organize conferences, sit-ins and demonstrations to get their voices heard and to influence the political process."

CODEPINK will continue to support the efforts of Iraqi women, and to push for the withdrawal of foreign troops so that the Iraqi people can determine their own future. Our next major CODEPINK action to end the occupation and support Iraqi women will be a 24-hour Mother's Day vigil in front of the White House in Washington DC from May 13-14. Click here for details. Join actress Susan Sarandon, peace mom Cindy Sheehan, Nobel Prize winner Jody Williams, doctor/clown Patch Adams, as well as Iraqi and Iranian women, for an inspiring weekend that will include a performance of the historic antiwar play Lysistrata, an evening concert, antiwar films, activist trainings, an interfaith service, writing letters to Laura Bush, and a pink pajama party.

Whether or not you can join us, please consider making a donation to help us bring Iraqi and Iranian women, as well as US military families against the war, to speak at the DC vigil and to travel to communities throughout the US.

For the sake of our Iraqi sisters, let's educate ourselves, spread the truth and redouble our efforts to build a more peaceful world.

Sisters in solidarity,
Allison, Dana, Farida, Gael, Jodie, Medea, Nancy, Rae and Tiffany

P.S. Don't forget to forward this email to your friends and help spread the word!

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Posted: Apr 20, 2006 6:52am
Apr 18, 2006
Focus: Environment
Action Request: Petition
Location: United States
Save Russia's Lake Baikal: Oil Pipeline Threatens World's Largest
Freshwater Body

By Water Conserve, a project of Ecological Internet, Inc.
April 17, 2006

Let Russian government know oil and water do not mix

A controversial Russian crude oil pipeline from eastern Siberia
to the Pacific coast threatens the world's largest freshwater
lake. The pipeline may pass within less than one kilometer of
Lake Baikal -- a UNESCO protected World Heritage site and home
to 20 percent of the world's fresh water. Lake Baikal, called
the "Jewel of Siberia", is the world's deepest and oldest lake
renowned for its water purity and home to tremendous amounts of
endemic species including a rare fresh water seal. It is feared
that an earthquake, forest fire or flood around Lake Baikal
could rupture the pipeline, sending 4,000 tons of crude oil into
the world's largest freshwater body in just 20 minutes. Experts,
including specialists from the Russian Academy of Sciences, have
said the oil pipeline should run as far as possible from the
coast of Baikal. Scientists who conducted the state assessment
of the plan found that in the event of an earthquake there is a
high likelihood that water quality would be severely diminished
and permanent damage to the unique wildlife would occur, and
thus recommended its construction near Baikal be stopped. There
has been strong local opposition to the project for years,
including recent protests by Russian environmentalists. Project
plans are continually changing, with important questions
including whether the pipeline route will fall within the Baikal
water catchment still unresolved. Please send an email
supporting local campaigns to ensure the final pipeline route
steers well clear of Lake Baikal and its watershed, and to
promote sustainable development in the Baikal region.

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Posted: Apr 18, 2006 8:05pm
Apr 18, 2006
Focus: Peace
Action Request: Petition
Location: United States

Dear World Can't Wait Supporter,

Sign Petition Opposing Attack on Iran

[This Petition and signatures and comments will be delivered to the White House by many activists, including Cindy Sheehan.]

Dear President Bush and Vice President Cheney,

We write to you from all over the United States and all over the world to urge you to obey both international and U.S. law, which forbid aggressive attacks on other nations. We oppose your proposal to attack Iran. Iran does not possess nuclear weapons, just as Iraq did not possess nuclear weapons. If Iran had such weapons, that would not justify the use of force, any more than any other nation would be justified in launching a war against the world's greatest possesor of nuclear arms, the United States. The most effective way to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons would be to closely monitor its nuclear energy program, and to improve diplomatic relations -- two tasks made much more difficult by threatening to bomb Iranian territory. We urge you to lead the way to peace, not war, and to begin by making clear that you will not commit the highest international crime by aggressively attacking Iran.

To sign:
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Posted: Apr 18, 2006 7:08pm


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