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Mar 23, 2007



Wow! I needed to get some information out to my readers and friends that I've left in the
Michigan area. The marketing for my new book, 'Best of Friends,' has taken off tremendously well! Many of you already know that it has won two national awards for 'Best Fiction of the Year,' and so far, readers have requested I also write it's prequel! Which I have already begun!


Meet the members of the "Fabulous Five." "Best of Friends", presents the story of five women who collectively tap into the power of friendship to help them get through their toughest times in life.

What happens when a family death wreaks havoc among siblings? What would you do if the &lsquoeace-maker,’ of the family suddenly loses control? If the opportunity arose, would you agree to simply ‘burn the will,’ sell the estate and split the proceeds?’ What would be your response when calling the cops and being told: “We’re not coming out, unless there are bullets flying and bodies to count?”

Elizabeth Caliente is faced with such propositions in "Best of Friends." Going back home for the sudden, unexpected death of her mom, sends her down a path she could never imagine taking. And she doesn’t go it alone, as her siblings are more than happy to escort her on this eventful journey.

 "Best of Friends" also features:

Kim Worthy: An optimist who prefers to start people off with an ‘A’ and hopes they don’t earn an ‘E’ in her record book.

Kiona Stone: A street-smart, sassy woman, who has spent her life using men for what pleasures she could derive from them. Always trying not to get ‘too serious’ with anyone, but suddenly finding herself doing just that.

Angela Jackson: A.J. thinks she’s marrying the perfect mate. Until she discovers he has a severe case of OBP—Obsessive Behavior Pattern. Will she honor the role of ‘until death do we part?’ Or will abandoning her marriage be foremost on her mind?

Quineeta Davis: The quintessential woman of today. Learning to love life all by herself, she discovers she may want—but not necessarily need, a full-time relationship with any man. Now faced with the threat of breast cancer, will she decide that one is a lonely number after all?

Writing "Best of Friends," was challenging but fun, as most of the events in the book, while they may seem a bit 'outlandish and wild,' actually occurred in my life! It's hard for people to believe and many ask, "Are you serious?!" It starts out with a bang, and ends in the same vein. But with a positive outlook on life, and with a keen sense of humor, we can endure many things. And with truth being stranger than fiction, life unfolded in such a way, that many of the characters in the book, after some self-reflection, are all the better for those experiences. And for others? Well... let's just say we all choose which paths we'll take in life and when. There are no right or wrong answers, just life.

By learning, understanding, and implementing the literal, power of the Universal Law of Attraction, which states, 'What you focus on in life, you expand in your life, (Which by the way, I cover in my first book, "Choices-The Power Is Within You",) to attract MANY of the things in this life which I have desired, I am certainly blessed! And these principles are no "secret." Utilizing those techniques, I have moved from The '
Great Lake State,' (Michigan,) which, while a beautiful state, had more cold weather months than I preferred, and I am now enjoying the BEAUTIFUL state of Arizona! It has great weather year round, gorgeous mountains, great weather and did I mention great weather?

My goal, as I rack up book sales, complete seminars and set out on a national tour to meet many of you-- my readers, is to assist others in tapping into their own personal, Spiritual Power. All of that said, I am doing a 'test run' with my blog. I am asking those who really like a fun, witty, yet easy read to purchase "Best of Friends" and discover for yourself, why it has won two National Awards for Best Fiction! Visit my website to check out a preview of 'Best of Friends,'at:  In addition, if you know of someone that loves to snuggle with a great book, (My readers words--not mine) then send this blog to them as well! We'll have great fun as I track my progress and success, and of course, you'll be able to follow along with me, as I blog each step of the way. So order a copy of "Best of Friends," sit back and relax as you get to know the members of the "Fabulous Five." If your group would like a PERSONALIZED visit, just contact me at my website listed above.

I've also been setting up BOF Clubs! ("Best of Friends") I started it personally with my own group of personal friends in
Michigan. Just like the ladies in my "Best of Friends" book, we met regularly on a monthly basis, to support, encourage, sustain and maintain a fun, adventurous friendship. If you're interested in how to begin your own BOF Club--contact me at:!

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Posted: Mar 23, 2007 9:17pm


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