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Oct 31, 2009
Calling ALL JD Family and everyone else Suzie needs help Last year she raised 2723.00 dollars this year her goal is $5000.00 If you want to help her reach $5000.00 please @LynnSuzie Click Donate then Suzie Magann PLEASE HELP SO OUR WILDLIFE CAN LIVE I know John w...ould be so proud of her and I bet hes looking down saying Farout Suzie you go kid and never give up. Please let Everyone you know see this request
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Posted: Oct 31, 2009 11:11pm
Oct 18, 2008
All My Daughter wants for Christmas Please Help
I put this on for My Daughter I support what she does and I am very proud of her.

Message from her below
First of all THANK YOU to the people who have donated.

My name is Suzie I am an 11 year old living in Melbourne, I
am writing to you today about Steve Irwin Day
This is ALL I want for Christmas

The day will represent the many things Steve was passionate about:

Steve Irwin Day is also a day where people around the world join
together to raise money for Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors to help
continue Steve's conservation work and the preservation of wildlife
and wild places.

This year I am doing the Backyard Campout. I will be camping out for
four days. I am looking for sponsors in my quest to raise money for
Steve Irwin's Wildlife Warriors. .
Scientific research with out harming whales.YES it can be done. All money will be going to research for whales  but without the slaughter of them. Australia is proving there is no need to kill whales to find out  where they go and what they do. Please donate today to help save the whales from Slaughter. If Australia can prove that non lethal research can be done we can stop the Japanese from using the excuse that their whale killing is for Scientific research, and we will save the whales for future generations to see and not have them say. Daddy what's a whale, where did they come from, what did they look like,what did they do?????

My goal is to raise at least $2000.00 for the WLW. I am doing this
through online at the everyday hero site. So far I have raised
$201.83 online and $152.50 in off line donations.This is where I hope
you might be able to help. Donations of $2.00 or more are tax
deductible. The money goes towards conservation and wildlife. This
years Steve Irwin day money goes to NON lethal whale research.


I may only be a KID but I CAN make a DIFFERENCE
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Posted: Oct 18, 2008 6:09pm
Aug 30, 2008

The Sea Shepherd Steve Irwin Needs our help please sign the petition today

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Posted: Aug 30, 2008 2:00am
Jun 14, 2008

Wildlife Animal Hospital at Australia Zoo.

Hi Everyone,

My name is Suzie and I am a Wildlife Warrior.. I strongly support Australia Zoo in their cause in saving our Wildlife and Conservation. Steve Irwin's Dream was to have The world’s largest wildlife hospital and that dream is just about to hatch. But a bit of background first.
Australia Zoo opened the original Wildlife Animal Hospital in 2004 in memory of Steve Irwin's mum Lynn Irwin. The building is an old avocado packing shed which is outfitted with medical equipment to become a functioning wildlife hospital. It is currently Australia’s busiest wildlife hospital, providing free veterinary care for thousands of native animals every year that have been critically injured primarily by motor vehicles,dog and cat attacks or clearing off the land. They look after koalas, kangaroos,echidnas, snakes, sugargliders ,emus,pelicans,sea turtles, platypuses and every other native animal you can think of.

The New Hospital is a environmentally friendly building it has been made out of straw bales and rammed earth pretty cool for our environment..WooHoo....Well the hospital is near completion and but it will always needs our help. They rely on donations from the public to help take care of the animals and run the hospital You see the cost to treat one animal ranges from $100 to thousands of dollars. The Hospital treats up to 10,000 animals a year that is a lot of money. This is where I thought of you. I have a dream of donating to the a large sum of money to help them out. If everyone that loved Steve and his causes donated even fifty cents each that would be a ton of money for the hospital. I have made a video it is on Youtube. You can view it HERE

Can you please donate even a little bit please Donate HERE

If you do not want to use Everyday Hero site for your donation you can use Paypal but you will need to email us for the correct addy. If you use Paypal we will be taking the funds up in July this year and handing them over in person.

Thank you for reading and Supporting a GREAT Cause

Also Please sign the Petition To Save Steve's Place

Thank You Suzie

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Posted: Jun 14, 2008 5:12am
Jun 14, 2008

HGA Weekend in Boonah, Queensland

Our annual John Denver tribute weekend will be

held The Outlook Centre in Boonah. We have

booked the centre from Friday 10
th October toSunday 12th October.

The cost will be $36 per person per night, which is

$72 per person for the weekend, payable on the

th October at the Outlook Centre. Linen will be


Caravans/Campervans are priced differently.

Please contact me for the price of the campervan


We self-cater this event each year. We have a

great group of people who are handy with the

BBQ, and others who excel at washing up – we

work exceptionally well together in this regard.

Due to the higher food costs caused by the

drought and inflation, we will be raising the price

of the food to $35 per person for the weekend.

This includes Friday dinner (usually casseroles),

Saturday all meals, Sunday breakfast and lunch.

This still represents very good value for money –

and I can assure you that nobody goes hungry

over the weekend.

The non-refundable deposit for this weekend is

$35.00 per person, which is the food cost. If you

are interested in coming along with us for a

wonderful weekend of friendship and song, please

contact Melanie on

Families with children are welcome. Boonah is a

wonderful place for kids. The Outlook Centre is a

safe place with plenty of room for kids to run

around and wear off their energy. There is also

an abundance of wildlife and birds.

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Posted: Jun 14, 2008 3:29am
Jun 3, 2008
Focus: Environment
Action Request: Petition
Location: Australia
Save Steve's Place
steve irwin

The Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve (SIWR) is a wetland conservation property and a tribute to Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin.
The 135,000 ha property, in Queensland?s Cape York Peninsula, is home to a set of three important spring fed wetlands which provide a critical water source to threatened habitat, provide permanent flow of water to the Wenlock River, and is home to rare and vulnerable plants and wildlife.

The Situation

The Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve (SIWR) is being threatened by strip mining. Cape Alumina Pty Ltd has lodged mining lease applications which include approximately 12,300 ha of the Reserve. Cape Alumina company documents indicate an intention to mine 50 plus million tons over a 10 year period commencing 2010. The greater part of this mine is on SIWR

The proposed area for mining on the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve contains the head waters of irreplaceable waterways and unique biodiversity which will not recover after mining operations are finished.
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Posted: Jun 3, 2008 4:45pm
Nov 9, 2007

Steve's Wild Life Warriors. Suzie is going to camp out in our back yard in oz. She has registered her camp out with the WildLife Warriors and her fund raising for this is done online. Her goal is 500.00 but only has 30.00 so far can anyone help her? It would be good if she could get past her goal.

Love & Peace Aspen

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Posted: Nov 9, 2007 2:40pm
Oct 5, 2007


My ten year old daughter has put together a calender to raise money for Steve Irwin's WildLife Warriors. All profits will be going to them. This is a twelve month calender with photos she has taken of animals where she has gone. They are printed on High Resolution paper. The front and back cover are printed on double sided Kodak glossy photo paper It would be lovely if I could help her sell a few for the WildLife Warriors
My daughter has permission from the WildLife Warriors to Fundraise. She has an offical fundraising number and an ID tag that was approved by the WWW.
Please help me help her help the WildLife Warriors.
My daughter is very passionate about this cause. She has her own logo for her work which is

If you are interested, please send me an email.
Love & Peace Aspen
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Posted: Oct 5, 2007 11:52pm
Aug 31, 2007
My daughter is trying to Help Bindi, Terri & Bob. She is doing this by trying to fund raise for them for the Wildlife Warriors at Everyday Hero. If you can help her help the animals please go to

Love & Peace Lynn
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Posted: Aug 31, 2007 4:21am


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Lynn M.
, 2, 6 children
Hoppers Crossing, VI, Australia
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Hi I am Wildlife Warrior Suzie I am a Joey Ambassador for Steve Irwin\\\'s WildlifeWarriors. I have a huge favour to ask.Well it is not huge really.Our Wildlife in Queenslandneed help,many are orphaned heaps are sick from the floods.The Animal Hospital ...
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Hi I am Wildlife Warrior Suzie I am a Joey Ambassador for Steve Irwin\\\'s WildlifeWarriors. I have a huge favour to ask.Well it is not huge really.Our Wildlife in Queenslandneed help,many are orphaned heaps are sick from the floods.The Animal Hospital ...
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