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Dec 21, 2011
Focus: Children
Action Request: Think About
Location: Virginia, United States

If you haven't done so yet , take the time to look at this petition

ADD research has reached a new milestone in the US but there are still schools that
are not ADD friendly.

ADD children suffer from discrimination in school and in the world because they are misunderstood.
When they are kids, they are challenging, but as they grow older, they become compassionate, sensitive
and will help people out , in fact this is seen in the early years.  However, the school system doesn't seem
to look at these positive qualities and choose to write only negative remarks each day for the parent to 
sink deeper into despair and make them and their children feel inadequate in every moment of the school year.

Teachers don't realize that this judgmental attitude is a shame to their vocation as educators, and that
it won't help the student to do better , which is the school's message in the first place.   

Of course, not all teachers are as stated above, in fact most care deeply about the welfare of their students.

If you sign this petition, you'll be helping out greatly by asking Educators all over the world to redetermine their teaching strategy and to put in a few hours of ADD training for the high administration / staff - only two hours at a group session at a healthcare provider/psychiatrist -as a beginning - would suffice to sensitize the teachers.

Even if you're not a parent of ADD child, even if you don't know one, do sign this petition

As you can see just by reading those lines, a great deal of pressure is put on the child and the parents , and so , many get depressed, give up and never want to continue studying, not only that but the worse is that they may suffer low self esteem and not know the way out.

Please consider signing this petition

Thanks and Happy holidays to you 

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Posted: Dec 21, 2011 4:38am
Dec 15, 2011
Focus: Children
Action Request: Petition
Location: United States

End Discrimination Against ADHD :  PLEASE SIGN ! !

An example of discrimination against special needs children:

"All across the country, instances of bullying and harassment have sprung up on campuses leaving students feeling hurt and afraid.  Most commonly, bullying occurs between peers, but in the case of Cheyenne (a former student of the Miami Trace Middle School), a 14-year-old student with special needs, her bullies were her teachers.

Among the derogatory comments directed at Cheyenne, were insults about her weight, her credibility, and her character."

It happens all over the world.   It's outrageous.  What's more, teachers are not educated on HOW to treat children with ADHD, but follow a set of directions and keep writing Negative comments on the student's notebook.  My goodness you can imagine an ADHD student's notebook gets filled out with nonesense Every Day and the child sees it and parents have to deal with it .  

Teaching special needs is not only about a piece of paper, it's about How you treat your students.  Schools  should be more cautious on how their teachers think and act.  

It is clear ADHD children are not being given the right treatment and most of them give up from all this negative feedback.


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Posted: Dec 15, 2011 10:17pm


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