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Nov 1, 2009

from "l'" n.3040 :le blog

its in french but this is the story:

(Its good news i think)

Senegal planted more than 10000 hectares of trees in the planning of reforestation of the desertic zones between Dakar and Djibouti,across the african continent.This zone whould be 15 km wide and 7000 km long.I wish all the people involved courage and hope for a greener world!

They plan,too,to create reservoirs for collecting the rainwater,this too is such a big issue on earth,where some parts are flooded and other parts desertic and much of the rainwater is just lost because of lack of collecting infrastructure.

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Posted: Nov 1, 2009 12:45am
Oct 27, 2009

"I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality".
-Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Some days we just have to close all the windows of tv,news,...
and stay with our own peace,believing that on this planet many people are or were working for peace and saving the planet,Martin Luther King,Yann Arthus Bertrand,former president Carter,Yunus Mohammed and many more of them,working without big noise...they are our hope and give us courage to go on in our little work of recycling,being peacefull and humble,generous and optimistic after all,
so if you can plant a tree,sow some flowers,grow a garden if you have space
Look up to the sky and watch the stars in the night,appreciate any small moment of beauty,a bird flying by ,gentle breeze moving your palmtree branches,the taste of coffee in the morning,or the bread you just baked and remember that you have the big privilege to have all these good things.

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Posted: Oct 27, 2009 6:49am
Oct 13, 2009

if you've got some time...please visit

Each year the BBC organizes the event and you can help to vote for a new project interesting people having invented a new way of recycling,protecting nature,helping poor families in need of 'green"solutions in the lives and many more that you can discover on the site.

Then you have time to decide which project should win the price,in the same time you learn much about different people on this planet and what theit life is!There are so many good ideas that it is not simple to vote!

I hope you'll enjoy it and share it around you too

peace on earth
grow flowers ,a garden if you can,plant a tree

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Posted: Oct 13, 2009 6:35am
Oct 3, 2006
For some of you interested in recipies....this is a sweet date recipe,it looks like chocolate pralines:mixed together 1\2 kilogr pitted dates,1big spoon honey,1spoon canola oil,1 small spoon cinnamon,1small spoon dried ginger,a pinch of ground cloves,and 1 big spoon of sweet orange jam and some orange blossom water.Put it on low heat and stir untill you get a smooth homogeneous  dough,then let it cool down and live it in the fridge for a while.After that shape small balls in your hands and turn them in dried coconutflakes or ground almonds,thats it,you just have to taste it and hopefully will like it!
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Posted: Oct 3, 2006 2:51am


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