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Dec 29, 2011


I have been fundraising for Futures for Dogs since 2006. Futures for Dogs is a small non-profit making voluntary charity rescue in Kent. Over the years I have watched and supported the fabulous work that goes on. Taking a dog called Zippy, who arrived with broken legs that had been left to heal of their own accord, which meant he could not walk, and after much fundraising and Veterinary treatment he was transformed into a walking dog again, and rehomed into his forever home. Seeing unwanted pregnant bitches come in that have been used for repeated breeding, see the mum safely rehomed and her pups. I've also seen the sad side to the rescue, the dogs and pups that were too ill to survive but they knew love from Futures for Dogs before they made their final journey. Fortunately there are more happy outcomes than sad ones. Many dogs find their forever home through Futures for Dogs. Every home is home checked, each dog leaves, wormed, vaccinated, flea treated, neutered/spayed, socialised and happy. Every new owner knows there is help on the end of the phone should they run into difficulties. 

Futures for Dogs are constantly looking for people in the Kent, UK area to Foster. If you are interested, an application form for Fostering can be obtained by e-mailing once your application has been assesed and if you are successful you will hear back. Fostering is an essential part of the rescue. The more dogs that can be fostered, the more dogs can be removed from unpleasant situations e.g. pounds, abuse, puppy farms and brought in. 

Futures for Dogs is always looking for volunteer drivers, either to do transport runs to collect dog and pups from pick up points, or to take to the Vet,  or bring home from the Vet, or for driving to and from Events, which Futures for Dogs relies heavily on for fundraising to pay Vet bills. If you feel you can help out in this way then please e-mail

Supporters and volunteers are the lifeblood of Futures for Dogs whether it be to stand and do a street collection, or organise a coffee morning to donate much needed funds, all help is appreciated. If you feel you can spare any amount of time, or want to hold a fundraiser of your own, where ever you happen to be, all is very much appreciated. Funds can be donated to Futures for Dogs Paypal account - 

Follow us on Twitter Futures for Dogs

Join us on Facebook click Like on our Futures for Dogs page and you will get to read Zippy's story, see what Events we have coming up in the future, read about the dogs we have helped find their forever homes, and see the ones still looking for their forever home. 

If you have a question please do not hesitate to contact me

Please mention Care so we know this message is having a beneficial effect

Many Thanks
Jus  - Fundraiser 

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Posted: Dec 29, 2011 8:11am
May 26, 2007
<AHREF="">Hope For Scottish WildCat</A>

Gorgeous little Scottish Wildcat kitten has the weight of keeping his species alive, go see his story and meet his pawrents Hamish and Flora.
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Posted: May 26, 2007 6:37am
Mar 29, 2007
This is the link to the ANVIL petition Calling on Bertie Ahern to allocate Ministerial responsibility as a matter of urgency.

4029, The 4,000 barrier has been broken. 4,029 signatures in 3 months, many of those from the UK, USA, and the rest of Europe. If this is the amount of interest we can generate on such an important issue, I don't think the politicians will be too worried about their seats depending on animal issues

Please, if you haven't signed, please do, pass it to everyone you know, get them to pass it on. This is vitally important.
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Posted: Mar 29, 2007 4:27pm
Feb 27, 2007
Have a box of tissues handy, please circulate this and help get this stopped worldwide!
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Posted: Feb 27, 2007 8:14am
Oct 21, 2006
Hi Everyone,
I've not written in awhile, things have not been good recently.
On 28th Sept at 6:36am my beloved cat Suki passed peacefully away lying next to me in bed, she was 19 and the cause was old age. Right now I'm in mourning for her, she was so special to me, and we were inseperable.
So if you've not seen me around in awhile, that's why.
Take Care
Jus xxxx
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Posted: Oct 21, 2006 5:02pm
Aug 1, 2006
MostonBrook Sanctuary
Equine Home Of Rest
Dolfynydd Farm
SA35 - 0AS

Telephone - 01239 698649
Email - [email][/email]

Spring Update 2006

Dear friends We need help urgently

This year is the tenth year we will have been here in Wales and I don’t know how much longer we can continue, lets face it we are in need of complete renovation and the thought of the coming winter and its feed bills terrifies me and all our helpers who sadly are very few. It’s the same old thing money is in short supply and I do have the loans on the sanctuary to pay. The robbery at the show was really the last straw. It seems as though its one step forward and ten back but that’s as it’s always been, lets face it we are a small sanctuary with too few helpers and we are not fancy and if I can’t get the money to upgrade what will the animals do for stables for the winter we need a new way of making money and we need new supporters. Course we will always keep on with the sponsorships and selling at car boots when I have time but I must urge our supporters to please continue with helping us. Sadly a lot of our old friends are now not able to help so we need to generate new people to help us and that is what we don’t seem able to do, so please any thoughts on how we can do this would be gratefully receivedWe also need urgently £5,000 to repay pay a loan that could close us down. We may lose the farm. Is there anyone out there who will help us in this very dark hour. It seems so little but if we don’t have it by September 1st we will lose everything we have worked so hard and the animals Will have no home please please someone help me as I don’t think I could Cope if we lost all we have fought so hard to save; perhaps someone will give us a short term Loan to help us out I hate to ask our friends with this Problem but I don’t know what more I Can do or where to turn to now. The thing is so bad I may have to sell some of our younger ponies and the Farm and I dread That thought I have sorted out a lot of our debts and when I get this one paid I can get though The winter [I hope] but it’s this Next 4 weeks that I need to get this money if not god help us as The bank will foreclose Ten years ago I face the closure of this sanctuary and came here to Wales in The hope it Would give us a safe haven and it has but it’s a hard thing to Lose everything over what is Seems so little but that’s the cold dark facts a long winter no help no money and it could be The end for us but I refuse to let that happen and I am going to continue on and fight to keep This sanctuary going we have sacrificed too much now to give up so if anyone can help please do Help us Once we upgrade the sanctuary and make it visitor friendly then we can start to make the Place pay Yes I do have a plan of action but I need to get over this slump to do what is needed to be done We can make it work but I need your help to do this



This last winter has been the longest for many years and with a long winter it means we have had to feed winter feed a lot longer that we normally would do, This has put a terrible strain on our finances as we use a lot of winter fodder this costs us over £200 a week more than it normally would do to feed them But today the sun is at last shining and the horses are in the fields grazing, But as always our minds are on thought for the next winter


This year the show was held on June 11th and it was a wonderful day with more entries than ever before but although it was happy and sunny day we had a terrible shock as Tony found a burglar in the house and after a fisticuffs the man ran off the cops were called but lets face it they don’t care, yes we lost money also as he was hurt and as most people know he has a cyst in the brain and must not have stress I must admit he has had a lot to put up with but always his love of animals is the thing that gets him through each day so thanks to all our friends and supporters and judges for making the day such a success And thanks to all who sponsored us


Yes our stables are very old and run down and some people do criticize me for not doing them up, they say that we should build new ones but this will cost us over £30.000 to do what we have to do in order to upgrade in fact if I had the money I would knock the lot down and start again but that would cost us over £60.000 and I don’t have that much money but if you know someone who has please ask them to help us We need to build a new hay barn This will cost us over £4.000 And at least ten new stables that will cost at least £1000 each let alone mending the 2 old barns and stable unit we have and concreting the stable yards Now what annoys me is it’s so easy to criticize us for not having fancy stables and nice concrete yards! But let’s face it its not only having no money but there are only 2 People here doing the hard work at any one time so we desperately need volunteers to help with tearing down old stables and barns, also we need wood tools nails sheds stables dog kennels etc If you think you can help us or would like a working holiday here in Wales please do get in touch We do need your help urgently as the people who say we are not posh enough are demanding we do the farm up or give up, of course these people don’t want to help us raise money or do any work they are just interfering and think they know it all Best, all I say is to them is that the should shut up or put up or give a donation to get the workmen in to do the rebuilding we need to have done



YES the rebuild will cost us a lot of money so we will have to use a lot of reclaimed timber and we urgently need volunteers Can you help us we need a builder to help with building the stables and to help with reproofing the hay loft as it’s about to fall over If you think you can help us or you know someone who can help please do contact us ALSO we need items for our stalls at shows and car boot sales


Yes with your help we will continue our good work To donate to the sanctuary please make out any cheques to the Mostonbrook sanctuary or put a donation strait in to our bank TSB CARDIGAN BRANCH SORT CODE 776504 ACCOUNT NO 09871960


Could you help by fundraising for us? You can do anything such as hold a BBQ or coffee morning sponsor a donkey or hold a prize bingo or Sunday brunch sponsored walk or dog walk or sponsored ride or Get the kids to do a sponsored silence!!!!!!!

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Posted: Aug 1, 2006 12:28pm
Jul 6, 2006
How many of us in rescue hear these things said when taking on a rescue dog.

Complaints Department
Press 1 if you think we are veterinarians and want free medical advice
Press 2 if you know we are a rescue organization but want to save money and have us give you free, untrained medical advice anyway
Press 3 if you make $200,000 a year but still want us to pay to spay the "stray" in your yard
Press 4 if you have a 10 year old dog and your 15 year old son has suddenly become allergic and you need to find the dog a new home right away
Press 5 if you have 3 dogs, had a baby and want to get rid of your dogs because you are the only person in the world to have a baby and dogs at the same time
Press 6 if your dog is sick and needs a vet but you need the money for your vacation
Press 7 if you just got a brand new puppy and your old dog is having problems adjusting so you want to get rid of the old one right away
Press 8 if your little puppy has grown up and is no longer small and cute and you want to trade him for a new model
Press 9 if you are elderly and want to adopt a cute puppy who is not active and is going to outlive you
Press 10 if your relative has died and you don't want to care for their elderly pet because it doesn't fit your lifestyle
Press 11 if you are moving today and need to place your 150lb eight year old dog
Press 12 if you want an unpaid volunteer to come to your home today and pick up the dog you no longer want
Press 13 if you have been feeding and caring for a "stray" for the last 3 years, are moving and suddenly determine it's not your dog
Press 14 if you are calling at 6am to make sure you wake us up before we go to work so you can drop a dog off on your way to work
Press 15 if you are going to get angry because we are not going to take the dog you have had for 15 years because it is not our responsibility
Press 16 if you are going to threaten to take your ten year old dog to be euthanized because we won't take it
Press 17 if you are going to get angry because the volunteers had the audacity to go on vacation and leave the phone work to a trusted volunteer who is not authorized to take your personal pet
Press 18 if you want one of the perfectly trained housebroken, kid friendly purebred tiny dogs that we have in abundance
Press 19 if you want us to take your dog that has a slight aggression problem, ie has only bitten a few people and killed your neighbor's cats.
Press 20 if you want us to use space that would go to a stray to board your personal dog while you are on vacation, free of charge, of course.
Press 21 if you are lying to make one of our younger volunteers feel bad and take your personal pet off your hands
Press 22 if your two year old male dog is marking all over your house but you just haven't gotten around to having him neutered
Press 23 if you previously had an outdoor dog and are calling because she is pregnant
Press 24 if you have done "everything" to housebreak your dog and have had no success but you don't want to crate the dog because it is cruel
Press 25 if you left your work only phone number and are angry because our volunteers who also work were unable to call you back
Press 26 if you need a puppy immediately and cannot wait because today is your daughter's birthday and you forget when she was born
Press 27 if your new love doesn't like your dog and you are too stupid to get rid of the new friend (who will dump you in the next month anyway) instead of the dog
Press 28 if you went thru all these "presses" and didn't hear enough. This press will connect you to the sounds of tears being shed by one of our volunteers who is holding a discarded old dog, dying of grief because he misses his family.

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Posted: Jul 6, 2006 5:53pm
Jul 6, 2006
Dear Friend

Take action: tell the European Commission what you think about animal experiments

The European Commission are about to review the key law – Directive 86/609 – that governs animal experiments across the whole of Europe. In a rare and exciting opportunity, they’re asking for the public’s views on what the revised legislation should look like by asking them to complete a short online questionnaire.

We need as many supporters as possible to complete this questionnaire to show the strength of feeling that exists against animal experiments. So please try to find time before the deadline of 18 August to fill it out. Your comments could, literally, help save millions of animals from the misery of experimentation.

Click here for the BUAV’s guide to how to complete the questionnaire, and for a link to the questionnaire itself:

If you have any queries, please do get back to me on this email address. Also, once you complete the questionnaire it would be great if you could drop me a quick email to let me know, just so I can have an idea of how many BUAV supporters have taken action.

Finally, do please circulate this email far and wide and get it posted on your animal rights message boards.

Many thanks in advance for your help.

Kind regards

Dave Powell

Campaigns & Parliamentary Officer


The man above is Dave Powell and his address is if anyone wants to contact him.

Please take the time to make your voice heard and circulate the questionnaire as widely as possible
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Posted: Jul 6, 2006 5:46pm
Jun 2, 2006
I was shocked this week to discover that Ocean Spray fund Animal Testing. I drink their cranberry juice everyday for health reasons, and now I will be changing to a different brand until they mend their ways.
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Posted: Jun 2, 2006 10:55am
Apr 3, 2006
It's a year ago today that I lost my dear Grandad, he meant so much to me. He died peacefully in his sleep in a rest home at 3:30am after taking to his bed a week earlier.
Remembering you always
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Posted: Apr 3, 2006 7:19am


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