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Aug 5, 2013

Facts revealed about Menopause:

Have you recently being hit by menopause and wondering what to do next? Or you are still uncertain wondering if you are being hit by premenopausal symptoms. Irregular periods, frequent and intense hot flashes, mood swings and excess night seating are some symptoms that indicate the start of menopause.


Symptoms of menopause:

Different women experience different menopause symptoms. Some females gain weight during the menopause phase. Others find difficulty in sleeping, some experiences fatigue and decrease in sex drives. All these issues are quite disturbing and can adversely affect your personal life. 

Menopause is a normal stage in every mid-aged woman; estrogen deficiency is main cause for menopause. There are many approaches that help to provide you with relief from the symptoms of menopause. You should try to stick with herbal methods and treatments. The medical procedures like hormone replacement therapy costs you a fortune and can cause side-effects post treatments. Such treatments have certain possible dangers on health of women.

Let us now find out the five best tips for getting relief from the menopause symptoms.

5 Best Tips for Relieving Menopause:

Menopause is a stage that indicates the final stop for getting pregnant. A woman who attain menopause is no longer able to conceive a child. Here are some of the best and safe five ways that will support you through the menopause phase. 

1) Exercises: If you consider walking certain distances for about 20 minutes a day which help to tone your muscles. Menopause is a stage where the most women experience cramps in muscles. It also helps to boost the bone density which gets decreased due to aging. Walking is a gentle exercise that lowers the bad cholesterol levels and raises the good ones. It also prevents the blood pressure from shooting high and help to manage weight during menopause. This will heighten your moods and make you feel more relaxed, calmed and happier. Going out for a walk will help you to get the additional benefit of vitamin D which is essential to improve the immunity system. This also prevents you from getting cancer. Walking is light exercise that makes you more enthusiastic as you do not need to undergo rigorous workout.

2) Consume healthy diet: The internet has lots of misleading information regarding the diet to be taken during menopause. You should be well-informed about which foods to avoid during menopause. Foods which contain hot spices can trigger heavy and intense flashes. Check your main source of nutritional supply from food consumed during the menopause stage. Do little research and follow a sugar control diet that helps to balance your hormones. This also helps to maintain healthy weight and works in reducing the inflammation caused from distress in digestive system.

The baked potatoes, rice, pastas are foods that are metabolized into sugars. These trigger the insulin level in the body and also cause more fat gain.

3) Give yourself Time: Menopausal women are more prone to experience sudden mood swings and tears. This makes women feel anxiety and ultimately can lead them to depression. Women should take out time from their routine work and indulge in performing some hobbies. You should find free time and can dedicate it with your grandchildren. Keep yourself engaged in activities that interest you and fuels your mood positively.

Writing books or attending some special hobby classes will lift up your mood and make you feel enthusiastic about life. You can discuss career and other topics of interest with your children. Never be left alone at home this could make you feel isolated. It will trigger more depression and anxiety which could further cause serious health issues. Indulging yourself in new activities will encourage learning to take care of self. There are many things you can do to keep yourself happy during this stage. Go for massage or get into luxurious bubble bath with candle light. Have a no-kid zone by plugging in your earpiece and enjoy sweet music.

Taking out time doesn’t mean to dedicate full day around these activities; mere 15 minutes is enough. You can mark the tie and prepare a schedule on your calendar. This will surely boost up your mood, rejuvenate the body, revitalize your mind and clams your nerves.

4) Avoid excess caffeine, nicotine and alcohol: Keep track of what you put inside during this phase; excessive caffeine intake can worsens the menopause symptoms. Alcohol and nicotine ate some substances that you should definitely avoid to prevent the intensity of symptoms. Although caffeine helps to uplift your mood but it can exacerbate the flashes and bone loss. Alcohol is an equal culprit that contributes to anxiety and insomnia in women thereby worsens the symptoms of perimenopause. You should avoid first and second hand cigarette to get through this phase peacefully. Caffeine is known to disrupt the mineral absorption and also triggers stress. Alcohol dehydrates your body and makes you feel more depressed. This will magnify the stress and anxiety in menopausal women. After drinking alcohol one may think that she will be able to sleep but this will spike the blood system of the body. It will cause you to wake up in the middle of the night and also contribute to difficulty to sleep again.

Smoking is one of the main factors that triggers early menopause in women. People who are addicted to smoking have reported to get premature menopause; it is phase that occurs even before the age of 45. This is also known to increase the risk of osteoporosis. Smoking weakens the bones and muscles thereby contribute to feeling severe pain in joints. Smokers also experience heart burns and also complain of heart diseases. 

Nicotine has adverse effects on the nervous system and changes the secretion of hormones. They affect the levels of hormones in females and triggers intense flashes and worsen other menopause symptoms. You can try hypnotherapy to get over with cigarette smoking and any other addictions.

5) Choose safe and all natural menopause relief supplements: Nowadays there are many products in the market that claims to support menopause women. Menopause relief supplements which contain natural ingredients are safe to reduce the symptoms. These supplements do not require you any prescription and they are available at affordable costs. They contain fewer side effects compared to the hormone replacement therapy. 

The ingredients present in these supplement work to balance the levels of hormones like estrogen. It boosts up your mood and also increases your libido. Some of the menopause supplements work to improve the bone density and prevent you from experiencing inflammation in your joints.

You should check the ingredients before you decide to buy a menopause supplement. Read the functioning of these ingredients to provide relief from severe symptoms of menopause. 

Concluding the tips to get relief from menopause symptoms, menopause supplements are better way to treat the symptoms. It is effective and viable method to treat the symptoms of menopause. This will help to give you healthy and happier menopause. Read reviews on menopause relief supplements to choose best ones that guide smooth transition through the menopause stage. 

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Posted: Aug 5, 2013 9:04pm
Jul 26, 2013

Thanks for the green stars; this inspires me more to move on with causes.

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Posted: Jul 26, 2013 7:50pm
Jul 18, 2013

Have been wondering how to enrich the beauty without using harsh checmicals? Natural treatments are better way to treat the skin issues and get back moistuized and beautiful skin. There are many home remedies that require to apply the paste prepared from ingredients like honey, lemon juice and rose water. Dont' you think all these are available at no cost from plants, animals that are around us!

Most of us help applying these paste over the face using  our fingers. But we should remember the germs and bacteria which are present on our fingers. So how to apply the paste here's a shocker. Honey bees and snails helps you to have a natural facial!!

Snail Facial Treatment To rejuvenate Your Skin:

Although this is bizzare and fictious but yes the creams or paste prepared organically will now be applied with help of snails. Earlier there was an incident where a women applied a cream which was derived ingredient makde from semen!! This was a great skin care susbtance which hydrated the skin and slowed down the aging process of skin. 
This proved good alternative to the Botox treatments which were used as an anti-aging procedure to regian back youthful look.
The venom of bees have anti-inflamation that provides effects similar to Botox.

Another one is slime of the snial where the snail crawls over your face. It helps in depositing the carbohydrates and proteins on skin. These serums have far benefits and gives you positive benefits to skin.

The only question remains how far are you willing to push the beauty treatments to get beutiful skin.

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Posted: Jul 18, 2013 10:59pm


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