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Aug 25, 2008

Truffle Collection

You are cordially invited to partake in a new taste experience. Cru Cacao has created these decadent 100% RAW organic vegan truffles for your pure enjoyment. The truffles in this collection include:

English Rose Pink - The beautiful and fragrant roses of Kew Gardens have inspired us to create this royal truffle. Dark chocolate ganache infused with rose oil, Tahitian vanilla, and Bolivian rose salt, adorned with adried pink rose petal.

Tundra – Brrrrr...the temperature plummets as you are transported to the arctic where a cacao butter blizzard has just covered this dark chocolate peppermint ganache truffle with Tahitian vanilla and Himalayan salt.

The Olmec - Named for the first people to cultivate cacao. Dark chocolate ganache with ancho, morita, guallio, and pasillo chilies. With hints of fresh cinnamon and Tahitian vanilla. Strong, sexy and spicy this was the first truffle we created. Adorned with twenty-three carat edible gold leaf.

Francesco - Named after Francesco Redi, the poet, physician, philologist, and chocolatier who invented the renowned jasmine chocolate of the Tuscan Court. Dark chocolate ganache with jasmine oil, Tahitian vanilla, and cinnamon. Adorned with jasmine petals.

Koh Samui - A small beautiful island off the coast of Thailand with white sand beaches and palm trees swaying in the breeze. Dark chocolate ganache infused with curry, algarroba (mesquite) , dusted with mango powder.

George Washington - We here at Cru would never chop down a cherry tree! Dark chocolate ganache with algoroba, maca and Himalayan salt. Decorated with a sweet plump sundried Ranier cherry from Washington State.

Lavande- Lavender oil infused dark chocolate ganache with Bolivian rose salt and Tahitian vanilla. Adorned with dried lavender flowers.

Macaco- Portuguese for monkey. This sweet and playfull truffle is made with dark chocolate banana ganache , topped with a raw jungle pecan.

Pacal Votan- Named in honor of the Cacao Shaman and Mayan Priest King. This is our darkest and most rich chocolate ganache filled truffle with Tahitian vanilla, maca and Himalayan salt, adorned with raw cacao nibs.

Tangerine Dream - A sweet citrus dark chocolate ganache with tangerine oil, orange oil, Tahitian vanilla, dusted with Mineola Tangelo zest. A classic combination revamped.

- The Balinese god of love seduces with dark chocolate ganache bursting with lemon grass, ginger, Balinese long pepper, and a dusting of lime zest.

At Cru Cacao, we handcraft luxurious yet healthy chocolates. We believe that one cannot improve on what Mother Nature has to offer. Our goal is to create the most luscious and delectable Raw vegan chocolates ever to grace the palate, fusing our sensibilities of flavor and purity into each one of our chocolate explorations. Our artisan chocolates are made by hand with attention to each detail along the way. Each truffle is scooped, rolled, dipped, and
adorned with its own unique topping by a skilled chocolatier. Raw organic vegan foods are the future of the culinary arts. We strive to share the gift of health through gourmet food and chocolates, allowing you to nourish your body while simultaneously helping to heal the planet.

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Posted: Aug 25, 2008 8:11am
Jan 29, 2008
Founded by Dereme Church and Blazej Mikulicz, Cru Cacao creates
decadent raw organic vegan chocolates and offers opulent live food
catering. Cru Cacao never uses ingredients that have been heated over
one hundred and eighteen degrees Fahrenheit. Eating raw and living
foods is about reconnecting with the earth. Using high power blenders,
juicers, and dehydrators, we are able to produce a variety of rich
flavors and textures. Our cuisine is about discovering the inherent
complexity of each ingredient and using them to heighten your
pleasure. We prepare and eat only raw and living foods because we are
passionate about the planet we live on, we love to eat flavorful
fruits and vegetables in their natural state, and we love the way it
makes us feel. Sharing the gift of health through gourmet food
inspires us to expand our culinary repertoire. Luxurious and elegant,
our products are made with sustainably grown and fair trade
ingredients. Animal derived ingredients are never used in our products,
therefore our foods contain no cholesterol or unhealthy fats. Using
clear blue agave nectar as a sweetener, our cuisine may be enjoyed by
diabetics. Cru Cacao welcomes you to the future of the culinary arts.
Indulge without guilt as you nourish your body and expand your palate. 1-877-RAW-CHOC
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Posted: Jan 29, 2008 11:34am
Dec 11, 2007
As you probably have guessed ,we have started a new chocolate company.We are in the process of developing our product line. CRU CACAO uses only sustainably farmed  RAW organic ingredients to make our truffles. Keep watching for us ,WE ARE GOING NATIONAL SOON!!!
Peace, Love and Chocolate,
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Posted: Dec 11, 2007 10:18am
Dec 8, 2007
Well,we've been in the raw kitchen for weeks trying to perfect our 1st truffle recipe. Slow ,but delicious going!!!Tonight we are trying our secret weapon out so... look out chocolate lovers, because CRU CACAO is about to seriously raise the bar for vegan raw chocolates! ROCK ON!!!
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Posted: Dec 8, 2007 5:04pm


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