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Mar 7, 2008
NASA is looking to build a new 200 acer Commercial facility in these wetlands. May not seem to matter to most in an area this large, but I bet the wildlife inhabitants of Merritt Island don't agree.

Do we really feel NASA needs to go in & destroy vital Wetland areas, habitat that's a National Wildlife Refuge, when they don't even want to say how many more jobs it will produce or how many more launches. Their launch pads are empty most of the year as it is. How many empty cement pads are needed?

NASA had a Notice on the web, but it's been removed for some reason. It's like they don't want us to know. They arranged two town meetings, but when questions were asked about how many new launches they're planning, how many new jobs will be created. All they answered was "We don't know."

I consider the wetlands on this planet very important for the welfare of the planet. What few we have left need protection. The wildlife need protection. For the welfare of the planet we have to take action to protect what is left.

I've started a humble petition which I plan to send to NASA. It simply states that the signers oppose the development of the area. 261 signatures are not enough to make NASA think twice about going in and just building on the site. I need more signatures. I contacted all my friends here on & I've gotten some signatures - - but alas, not enough.

So please consider signing my petition & tell NASA why you care about the wetlands & wildlife in general.

Maybe we can stop their attack on Nature.

Thanks for considering.... a link to my petition can be found here

Thank you for considering....

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Posted: Mar 7, 2008 9:42am
Jan 5, 2008
Dear friends,

I keep seeing petitions for signing
in regards to the Writer's Strike - to support them. I wish to present
a flip side of the story you're NOT being told....

I wish to
start by writing that we believe in the right to strike & unions
etc etc etc, but this flip side needs to be presented. I also wish to
start by writing that the union members of the different production
crew unions involved in Film & TV production have not been given a raise corresponding to cost of living over the last 25 years. But the writers have, along with the rest of the "Above the Line" people.

My husband is a camera operator/steadicam operator working predominately in TV, but also in film. His resume can be seen here.
He's worked in the industry working his way up from gofer to his
present position over well over 35 years. He's earned his way.

He is now Out Of Work
since one month due to the strike. He's one of the lucky ones.... This
is not the first time we've had to deal with this, last time the strike
lasted 22 weeks & it took forever for him to get union work again.
We lived on nothing. Barely making it. Last time, the result was the
exodus out of Hollywood to Canada & beyond. It's taken forever for
him to get back with studios & regular work. Life has not been easy
most of the time.  

I could write a long e-mail on this, but
it gives me serious headaches, & as we all well know - - I already
suffer far too much from those.

So I'll boil it down to this. The already highly paid want more, the greedy are being greedier.

this is how it goes.... Yes, the producers don't want to spread the
money around. But they answer to the studios, who in turn answer to the
network & affiliates, who in turn answer to the shareholders.
That's whoever owns stock in whatever company that's on top.
Shareholders want their dividend. The producers simply have to show
profit. There are producers who put all the money in their own pockets
for sure, but this is a business & it has to show profit & it
has to offset all the losses of other projects as well. Give & take.

highest paid people on a production, either Film or TV, are the Actors,
Producers, Writers & Directors. They're referred to as "Above the
Line". "Below the Line" is everyone else. "Above the Line" can travel
all over the world & work with no problem, "Below the Line" can't.
Not even to Canada, though Canadians seem to have very little problem
working here.

Once the Writers get their way, the rest are going
to want the same increase. Producers & Directors are all about to
start renegotiating their contracts & are also threatening strikes.
Actors just make demands & if good enough - they get what they

So, once the writers get what they want - the rest will
follow. End result - - production costs will go up. Studios are going
to say, we don't want to give you any more money - - so the producers
will now have a smaller budget to work with. We all know how far $
100.00 will take us today, where will it take us a year from now, where
did it take us a year ago? This is no different in Film & TV

So what will happen.... producers are going to have to enforce that the people who are already the lowest paid will get paid less
for the same work. It's that or another exodus out of Hollywood... End
result will probably be the second exodus & yet again reduced work
in an already depressed town.

For every writer there is on a
show, there's at least 50 people in the crew etc etc etc. out of work,
This includes rental houses, vendors, carpenters & many others.
Most shows have a few writers & 100 + people in the crew (not
including the actors). Some studios & shows my husband has worked
on solve issues with writers by also making them producers. That actually means that they're paid for being both writer & producer at the same time.
They get double pay this way. Talk about money going bye-bye.... 
Sometimes to keep an actor happy, they make the actor also a producer
& they get double paid as well.

Fact is that a licensed
plumber makes more money than someone working on a Film or TV crew.
Plumbers get increased pay corresponding to cost of living - Film &
TV crews do not.

So, if you truly believe that the writers, who
already get residuals for a long time, are entitled to more money &
are entitled to put all these other people out of work & lower their pay - - - than please feel free to sign these petitions.

you find it unfair that my husband and so many more people, should be
out of work, loose their homes, get divorced due to stress etc etc due
to the writers wanting more money - - than, please don't sign the petitions. We have no way of know when there will be work again for my husband. Reality is, we could loose our home.

the fact that people "steal" movies in cinemas & sell them, the CDs
are copied illegally, that the Film & TV industry loose billions
due to theft etc etc etc should not mean that the crew (totally apart
from the writers, producers, directors & actors) should have to
make less money & loose work.

So, do the math - for the 12,000 writers on strike, there's probably millions of people out of work in the US. Is this right?

sure I've forgotten some things, but I've been watching this for a
while & I've gone over it again & again. I can no longer keep
quiet. The truth has to be told. Don't believe everything you're being
told - - you're not told the complete story & you're watching


Lil - - who just wants to cry these days
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Posted: Jan 5, 2008 10:18am
Mar 2, 2007
Dear friends,

I'm starting to pull back slightly from Care2 as much of what's happening in my life seems to be reflected upon what's going on here.

1, I'm about to have minor surgery which we hope should kill the pain in my ear since the last 7 going on 8 years. We're also hoping that the surgery will have fall over effect on my headaches as that's the only thing wrong they've fond on me. I have a membrane in my nose that's 4 times larger than normal. It creates pressure & constant pain in my right ear. I'm tired of always having that pain. So for the next few weeks to a month, I will not be here all that much. I also in the mist of this need to take care of our taxes for 2006.

2, I get a lot of petitions to sign, invites to join groups, asked to contribute to animals in need etc etc.

Petitions I'll sign. But I really dislike getting one e-mail with 10 - 15 petitions to sign at once. As much as I realize it's easier. It takes a lot of time to get them all done. But, if done with easy http addresses - OK. Please eliminate extras to read. With my headaches - I just delete at this point I simply do not have the strength to deal with it.

Invites to join groups. NO - I've joined one "the Migraine group" of late. I will not join more. As a matter of fact I'd really like to delete all the ones I seem to be a part of & most of them I can't. I will not be active in any other than the Migraine group at this time. There I may be able to support others as well as get some support.

Contributions to charitable causes. I do most of our contributions in October each year. There are times I do more. I get many where I just look at the information & get sick from looking at the pictures alone. 1, my headaches get worse - please have some consideration for a women who had CHRONIC DAILY HEADACHES, I don't need the added stress. 2, every time I don't donate I feel guilty for not helping. 3, There are times we have to be strong and let a pet/animal go. There are times when being humane means to let them "rest" in peace. I will  not contribute if I feel an animal is better off in another place. You may not agree - but I do believe there are times WE have to be strong for them.

Horse slaughter. I'm totally against horse slaughter. I was recently ATTACKED here on Care2 because of my views on horse meat in Sweden. I want to put it to you all like this. I did not ever see horse meat in a grocery store in Sweden until I went home in 2005 for my mother's 70th birthday. I was home for about 16 days & went to many grocery stores in that time. I only saw horse meat once in a store. I was appalled. The article compared it to higher sales than mutton. I have to tell you, mutton is NOT a normal meat served in Sweden & Swedish cuisine. Nor does the average Swede eat horse meat. It's very interesting that the article did NOT include MOOSE, DEER, ELK & BOAR in the discussion. Since the MAD COW DISEASE scare in Europe, many countries have had to add new meats to their diet. In Sweden you can today far easier locate MOOSE, DEER, ELK & BOAR in the meat departments. I never saw that when I was back home before. This is all in direct result/response from the MAD COW situation.

In the US, each case is almost blown over as nothing. In Europe to this day, it's always on their minds. Try to understand this & put it into relation to the meats supplied in Europe.

To this day I know no one who eats horse meat at home in Sweden. I'm 47 years old & have many friends who would not ever consent to doing so. Do not believe that horse meat is what most Swedes eat. They don't.

There are however a lot of immigrants in Sweden these days. In a country with 12 million inhabitants, 3 million now originate in other countries - - - their food habits are not those of NATURAL BORN SWEDES to SWEDISH PARENTS.

I'm proud of my heritage. Just as proud as any American is of theirs. I get most upset when accused with poor data about my NATIVE SWEDEN.

Sweden's not perfect - but they're far better at protecting the ENVIRONMENT, ENDANGERED SPECIES, HEALTH CARE, WOMEN'S RIGHTS & GLOBAL WARMING.

Please from now on, be a little considerate in who you refer me to in posts etc. I've been blocked by one woman who feels she's entitled to ATTACK me with data that's inaccurate. I've blocked her back & will not do anything towards anything she does from now on.


Please try to understand..............

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Posted: Mar 2, 2007 1:21pm
Jan 2, 2007
Dear Friends & Visitors.....

I tried putting this on my "front" page, but it didn't seem to get the right response & messed the page up. So in an attempt to do this I figured I'd try it in my blog instead...

I suffer from Chronic Debilitating Headaches. NO, not migraines - headaches. I've seen three different neurologists & they all say it's headaches & not migraines.

I've been X-rayed, C T scanned & gone through a few MRI's. Even allergy tested. They can't find anything wrong with me. Still, I suffer from 24 hour headaches, 7 days each week, 52 weeks out of the year. This has been going on for well over 5 years now.

I'm always willing to try new things for my headaches. I've tried Acupuncture (2 different doctors) with no luck.  Along with a Chiropractor who believed it was my neck - no result - and Bio cranial therapy which is a special form of chiropractic adjustment.  I've even eaten for my blood type with no luck.

I've tried: Axert, Maxal, & Imitrex - with the only effect that I got worse.

I've been on: Tofranil, Paxil, Effexor XR, Pamelor, Indocin, Verapamil, Topamax, Elavil, Periactin, Seroquel, Cozaar & now last Inderal.

None have helped, rather caused a lot of other problems. I'm just now kind of coming out of Inderal, which I have to taper down. It's caused me to gain almost 10 lbs in one month, I'd just lost over 20 lbs & was VERY proud thereof. I've NEVER been so sad in my life - for the first time in my life I've spoken of being in a depression, I've been nervous, suffered anxiety attacks etc etc etc. I've been wanting to go into our bedroom & hid - just to cry because I was so sad. I could not make myself go to the grocery store, to go to the mall for presents for Christmas - thank God for the Internet, take care of our pets. Going down to the barn has been causing me anxiety attacks. I've been riding since I was 5. This is insane.

I have been incapable of doing anything for a month. It's been a lousy holiday this year. I was warned that I might become dizzy from Inderal & to take it at night. Not even the pharmacy's paperwork warned me for all my side effects. So I want to tell you all about  there people write in what they've taken a drug for & how it worked for them. That's where I found out about my side effects.

Anyhow, At times I get tired. At times I'm just not capable of being active on care2 like I'd want. So I want to make sure you all know....... I'm glad to sign petitions. I'll do some forwarding of things I have the strength to do, but I don't have the strength to join groups. The little time I have I need to take care of my family, our pets & have some fun with my friends here on care2. I can only take so much pain & sadness.

I wish I could save every dog, cat, horse etc etc etc etc etc I hear about. But I simply can't. I make donations to my favorite charities normally in October/November. Mostly it's to Environmental Groups, but especially to special animal issues. I have a few women & children related charities I'm looking into.  I prefer to make a few larger contributions as opposed to many at $ 10.00 - that makes nothing. So I combine & make a few larger ones.

Anyhow, all I guess I'm trying to say is. Thanks for thinking of me with the groups, but if I join I won't be active at this time.

I'm glad for suggestions, Karenlee just told me about Black Currant tea, which I've just ordered to try. Chamomile tea's never done anything for me though. Yes, I have tried giving up on tea for a month with no change & I don't drink coffee.....

I love you all & hope you understand.......

With Love,    Lil

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Posted: Jan 2, 2007 10:34pm


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