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Jun 2, 2009
Saturday; June 6th @ 4pm PST;  7pm EST

Call in no. for questions for Mellen Thomas is:
(646) 929-1344

You can listen to the show live over your phone and/or as well!!

Judy Joy Jones Show with Mellen-Thomas; fresh from Coast to Coast radio show;  who died of terminal brain cancer and survived to tell about it. He was discovered by P.M.H. Atwater. While in Hospice Care Mellen died; without vital signs for an hour and a half before he returned to his body. Mellen is one of the most studied near-death cases in the world. He has taken part in more research and think tanks than any other near-death experiencer. Since his near-death experience Mellen-Thomas has devoted himself to scientific research projects. Since hisnear-death experience; he's been able to access the "light" every day; sharing all he has learned with the audience!
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Posted: Jun 2, 2009 9:56am
Jun 23, 2006
Did you know there's a great spiritual wealth of info on over to the free show/Ipod download and check out Dannion Brinkley's interview. He's "been there and done that" and has quite a lot of great stuff to say.
Support the show today - subscribe or donate. Free speech isn't free in Bushworld -

5/18/06 - Meria With Dannion Brinkley - The Secrets of Light
Show opens with "Get Together" by the Youngbloods; Meet Dannion Brinkley author of "Saved By the Light", "At Peace In the Light" and his latest book "The Secrets of the Light, Spiritual Strategies to Empower Your Life Here and In the Hereafter" (see book list); Dannion had 3 near death experiences from getting hit by lightning, to open heart surgery and brain surgery. What he saw on the other side is amazing. Is this life all there is?
Dannion has been a hospice volunteer for 28 years, and started the Twilight Brigade - see his site; We are spiritual beings in human form; Guidelines for death; what matters in the end of life?; Your panoramic life reviews; You come back and connect back to yourself, not just the 5% you are here; What holds the universe in place?; the four-fold path to power; fear of death creates control in our lives; We choose to be here; why are you here?; dignity, direction and purpose; parallel universes and realities; purpose of power 
places;  crop circles; orbs; We MUST take the planet back!

There is NO worldwide terrorist organization; the military industrial complex; democracy vs. religion; Embrace conversation; the net as a living consciousness; Israel's "Hamas"; 9/11/01; What did Dannion see on 9/1/01?; Chips; 84 films confiscated on 9/11; drug laws unconstitutional; we have no constitution; We frighten governments; Are we getting ET help? 2008-2009 will a hybrid human be found?; Create your own purpose and live it; 60,000 vets die every 30 days; the price of oil and gas will drive Americans to revolt and so much more.

From New World Order globalists to our endangered environment to emerging spirituality, The Meria Heller Show shines the light of truth on our troubled planet.  Listen to a FREE recent show here: (Windows Media Player required).  For just $20.00 per month, you can hear the live show and interact with Meria using Yahoo Messenger, browse through the thousand-plus shows in the archives, AND you'll receive Meria's exclusive breaking news e-mail updates.  Find a subscription option to fit your budget here:

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The Meria Heller Show - The Mouth That Roars!
"Meria is the best weapon of mass instruction we have." - Greg Palast
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Posted: Jun 23, 2006 3:30pm


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