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Mar 16, 2010
Judy Joy Jones Show Proudly Presents:
Tuesday; March 16th @ 6PM PST;  8PM CST;  9PM EST
 "I'm a Theoretical Physicist at Caltech, CA. My research interests include Theoretical Aspects of Cosmology, Field Theory, and Gravitation." explains SEAN CARROLL. 
"I want to learn about Fundamental Physics by studying the Structure and Evolution of the universe. I'm especially interested in Inflation, The Arrow of Time, & what happened at or before The Big Bang. I've done a bunch of work on Dark Matter and Dark Energy, Modified Gravity, Topological Defects, Extra Dimensions, & Violations of Fundamental Symmetries."  SEAN continues.
SEAN CARROLL just finished writing a popular-level book on Cosmology and the Arrow of Time: "FROM ETERNITY TO HERE: THE QUEST FOR THE ULTIMATE THEORY OF TIME".   He previously wrote a Graduate Physics Textbook, "SPACETIME & GEOMETRY: AN INTRODUCTION TO GENERAL RELATIVITY" and recorded a set of lectures on Cosmology for The Teaching Co.
SEAN has a Popular Science Blog at Discovery Magazines COSMIC VARIANCE.
Welcome back VIP Co-Host; MS. LUV whose background includes TV; interviewing such notables as; LATOYA JACKSON, STEVEN SEGAL & HARRY BELAFONTE!!
Feb 21, 2010
"The greatest scientific development in the history of mankind is now underway and leading to discoveries that will change our world and reality in ways difficult to comprehend.  We invite you to join us in the largest effort to network time control information  from around the world".  .......Dr. David Lewis Anderson
Dr. Anderson discusses our Upcoming TIME WARS!

Monday; 2/22 @ 6PM PST; 9PM EST

DAVID LEWIS ANDERSON, Reclusive Scientist/Inventor who discovered TIME-WARPED FIELD TECHNOLOGY guest on Judy Joy Jones Show!  DR. ANDERSON holds multiple patents relating to Time Technology and also for Time Reactor Designs.
DAVID provided one of the first comprehensive overviews of the Historical Views of Time, Time Control, and Time Travel in the documentary "TIME TRAVEL - JOURNEYS INTO TIME".  His ideas were later applied for the development of high performance Time Reactor Systems for energy production and time technology research at ANDERSON MULTINATIONAL.
DAVID; guest on ART BELL SHOW in 2002, disappeared making his next appearance on COAST TO COAST 8 yrs later! Tonight, we will discuss what TIME TRAVEL experiments were taking place during the past 8 yrs including possible upcoming TIME WARS.
As time technology becomes further developed, moral and ethical issues arise. Benefits of the technology include historical studies of the past, but on the negative side, we could experience "TIME WARS," with deliberate destruction of parts of the time line. ANDERSON advocates for more transparency and disclosure of the technology, so the public can have input on how it's used.
Dr. Anderson acts as an Ambassador for Youth for the United Nations and is the CEO of the World Genesis Foundation, who's mission is to  "Leave no child without hope for the future." His vision is captured in his quote; 
 "The potential possibilities of any young mind may simply be the most fascinating, stimulating and powerful concept in our universe." Dr. David Lewis Anderson
REBECCA ROUDMAN; Cellist with Santa Rosa & Oakland East Bay Symphonies our VIP Co-Host!
Feb 14, 2010

2/16/2010 6:00 PM PST; 9:00PM EST
Call In and Talk to Dr. Bell during the live show at: (646) 929-1344 

Does it take a Rocket Scientist to solve our problems? DR. FRED BELL; NASA ROCKET SCIENTIST, nephew of Telephone Inventor ALEXANDER GRAHAM BELL; and a FLYING SAUCER CONTACTEE, will answer that question for us!

Fred's father; also a scientist, worked with HENRY FORD SR. & brought THE LONDON BRIDGE over from England; putting it in the middle of an Arizona desert. Later he built a city with a pond around it, today called HAVASU CITY.

As a result of his strange genetic gene pool, Dr. Bell is a much sought after guest on popular; COAST TO COAST and often called an 'ECLECTIC ECCENTRIC'!

As a Flying Saucer Abductee; DR. BELL states, "THE PLEIADEAN STAR BEINGS are giving us technology that can take us deep into the stars in a matter of minutes - or permit us to know not only whether a pregnant human female is carrying a boy or girl, but who the soul is and from where it originates!

Fred's latest book is called 'INSIDE TRACK".
Feb 8, 2010

Wednesday; 2/10/2010 @ 6PM PST;  9PM EST

NOAH ALPER; Founder of NOAH'S NEW YORK BAGELS which sold for $100 Million as well as Founder of mega-successful Natural Foods Chain; BREAD & CIRCUS, now owned by WHOLE FOODS is JUDY JOY JONES SHOW Special Guest!
A 'Serial Entrepreneur'; NOAH ALPER is the author of "BUSINESS MENSCH"; consultant to aspiring entrepreneurs, advisor to business school students, and a dynamic motivational speaker.
ALPER'S early life includes time in a Mental Hospital & a business flop when he tried to sell Israeli products to Christians! NOAH ALPER; A MENSCH WITH CHUTZPAH!
Jan 30, 2010
Tuesday; 2/2/2010  6:30 PM PST;  8:30 PM CST;  9:30 PM EST

Scientific Researcher, Healer, Author & Popular Lecturer; Dr. Emoto describes the ability of water to absorb, hold, and retransmit human emotions. Music, visual images, words, and photographs have an impact on the crystal structures of water.
"PSALTERY DANCE #4 by Amazingly Gifted Composer CELESTE RAY will be performed and presented to DR. MASARU EMOTO on the show as our appreciation for inspiring each of us to "Reach for our HIGHEST Stars"!  CELESTE RAY'S Psaltery No. 4 was Inspired by Children's Spirits, Fluid as Water.
MS. CHRISTINA BLODGETT; Director of Customer Service for BTR is our Special VIP Co-Host.

If you haven't already; please check out our last two shows with Ms. Diandra Newlin; Spectacularly Beautiful Rising Young Starlet @
Diana Nyad; Worlds Greatest Long Distance Swimmer @

Joining Hearts and Hands; We Gleefully Dance towards our new Galactic Homes!!
Jan 19, 2010

Judy Joy Jones Show Welcomes Diana Nayad; Worlds Greatest Long Distance Swimmer & Bonnie Stoll; Racquetball Champion

Friday; 1/22/10  1:30 PM PST & 4:30 PM EST

Call-in Number: (646) 929-1344

Diana Nyad; Greatest Long-Distance Swimmer in World-102.5 miles & partner Bonnie Stoll who was Worlds #3 Racquetball Champion, join Judy Joy Jones to discuss BravaBody; coaching others to get fit!
Diana was inducted into the Swimmers Hall of Fame and in her book; "Other Shores", talks about her father patting her on the fanny when she was 10 years old; ordering her to make him a salad. Diana obeyed and then dumped it in his lap!  Her early feminist roots and the saying  'A Diamond is a Lump of Coal that Stuck with It!' would lead Nyad to claim the world's long distance swim championship & being inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame.
Nyad wrote in an elementary school essay she would live to be 70 yrs old and must sleep little and practice daily, as her 70 years would go by only too quickly! Film-Maker Woody Allen said Diana was the most disciplined person he had ever met.
 "I am simply not given to understatement. My world view is dramatic. Every minute seems like the most important of my life. I don't expect the reader to identify with my extremity; I only ask him to accept it.".... Diana Nyad  'Other Shores'.

    Call-in Number: (646) 929-1344

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Posted: Jan 19, 2010 8:47am
Jun 6, 2009 Tuesday; 6/09/09 @ 7pm PST;  10pm EST Call in and ask Kate Clinton any questions you have!!!
(646) 929-1344
Judy Joy Jones Show with Kate Clinton; political humorist blogger for Huffington Post, The Progressive& NYC Up and Out.

 "Kate Clinton has held the mirror reflecting every issue facing us for 25 years. We've laughed, cried, & been changed by Ms. Clinton," said Kate Kendell, Executive Director of the National Center for Lesbian Rights.

She has written for The New York Times, Women's Review Of Books, The Advocate and The Progressive among others. Kate served as a writer on The Rosie O'Donnell Show, on Good Morning America, Nightline, Entertainment Tonight,Oxygen, MSNBC, CNN, and C-Span.

 Kate hosted In The Life, and The World According To Us. Kate's one woman show, Talking A Blue Streak, was broadcast on here TV! Kate Clinton has worked through economic booms and busts, Disneyfication and Walmartization, gay movements & eight presidential inaugurals.
Offering Listeners Excellence in Art, Literature, Science, & Music
The Judy Joy Jones Show
'Pick up a mirror, look deeply into it and realize you are truly the greatest gift that was or ever will be.  And that face you see in the mirror, I love unconditionally!  .....Judy Joy Jones
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Posted: Jun 6, 2009 6:57am


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