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Mar 5, 2010
Tuesday; March 9th @ 6PM PST;  8PM CST;  9PM EST
Call In number for your questions for Ms. Madison @
(646) 929-1344
IVORY MADISON; Founder/CEO of RED ROOM AUTHORS", a Global Online Community for Authors including such notables as; BARACK OBAMA,  DR. MAYA ANGELOU, AMY TAN & SALMAN RUSDIE joins JUDY JOY JONES.
Discussion includes; RED ROOM, writing books, promoting your career & Feminism in Comics! A former management consultant to Fortune 500, IVORY MADISON has combined her love of writing with her business acumen.
Before launching RED ROOM; she founded Red Room Writers Society, helping hundreds of writers complete their books. As a result, IVORY was named Best Writing Coach by SAN FRANCISCO MAGAZINE.
Trained as an Attorney, MS. MADISON was Editor in Chief of her Law Review, interned at the California Supreme Court, and served as a Law Fellow at Americans United for the Separation of Church and State.
I am a proud Red Room Author as well!
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Posted: Mar 5, 2010 2:42pm
Jan 13, 2010

Wrigley Heiress; Ms. Helen Rosburg, CEO Medallion Press who wears Diamonds/Tattoos and of course; Blue Jeans! on Judy Joy Jones Show!

Friday; 1/15/10 @ 10:30am PST;  1:30pm EST

Helen Rosburg; Heiress to Wrigley Fortune & CEO/Founder of Medallion Press; can be seen dressed in Diamonds, Tattoo's & Blue Jeans!
When Helen isn't busy running Medallion Press, she is writing her own books; Romance Novels. Helen calls herself 'The Helpful Hooker'; guiding her husband as they hook up the trailer to go horse and dog shows. Her passions include rescuing animals of all kinds.
Being born an heiress did not protect Helen from adversity in her life, including two bouts with breast cancer, a double mastectomy, heart troubles, a stroke, failed marriages, & problems with her children. The tattoo on her forearm features a hand clenching a rope with the word "ENDURE." Helen's shoulder to elbow tattoo is a lightning storm where raindrops turn into musical notes: "Don't just Survive - SING!
And Ms. Helen Rosburg does indeed continue to Sing for us; the beneficiaries!

Dr. Maya Angelou; Beloved Poet and Best-Selling Author on Judy Joy Jones Show

Dr. Michio Kaku; Theoretical Physicist and NY Times Best-seller; "Physics of the Impossible!"

Gloria Allred; Most Well Know Female Attorney on Earth on Judy Joy Joy Jones Show


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Posted: Jan 13, 2010 7:26pm
Jun 26, 2008
Stacey_zzzz inteviews author Judy Jones
archeives available free of charge 24/7 at:

Dream, Goals and ways to get you where you want to go Because "Angels hear the call when you take the courage to follow your bliss."! This Week my guest is Judy Joy Jones from Blogtalkradio show The Judy Joy Jones Show!! Yes not only is Judy a wonderful show Host, but she is also an Author! See! Sweet and brilliant all at the same time! And you know what she is going to help us do? You got it! She is going to tell us how staying postive can change your life! Just Follow your Bliss!


"Divine Journeys"
Author Judy Jones discusses her book: 'The Bones of the Homeless' and upcoming book;
'When a Saint Calls; Surrender!' about her spiritual journey with Mother Teresa.
Live interview archives available free of charge at:


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Posted: Jun 26, 2008 9:06am
Jun 15, 2008
"The Bones of the Homeless" by Judy Joy Jones

This book will touch your heart and soul in a very deep and powerful way, educational, searching and so needed in a me-me society!

The poetry is urgent, lively, and sometimes haunting- appearing alongside stark black and white photos of Jones' homeless subjects. Jones takes on the plight of the homeless in different voices, echoing the thoughts of people on the streets, unfeeling passersby, and compassionate observers. Terry Messman, editor of Street Spirit, writes: "Her poems speak directly to the souls of the readers and appeal to our hearts for a rebirth of compassion, justice, and love towards the poorest of our brothers and sisters."
Not to be missed!

Available through; Borders, Barnes & Noble

May we join hearts and hands; making homelessness, history.

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Posted: Jun 15, 2008 12:00pm
Jun 1, 2008
Hi Everyone!

Grab a bowl of delicious organic popcorn and enjoy The Judy Joy Jones Show!
It is absolutely free; done only for your inspiration and sheer joy!

This week on Thursday; June 5th at 7-9 PM; pdt (ck timezones!)
we have an extraordionary guest who plays the Glass Armonica!
His latest piece;
"The Seventy-Two Names of God" is beautiful.

And the following day; Friday; June 6th at 10:00 AM - 12:00 pm
is Rickie Lee Jones; two time grammy award winning songwriter/singer!

Plus an extremely important show with guest David Parnell;
FACING THE DRAGON! on Thursday; June 12th 7pm-9pm pdt
David attempted suicide while addicted to Meth and is now
talking to children around the world; helping them choose life,
love, hope and joy; not drugs!

See all show details below............Our world is filled with heavenly
ways to spread the joy all over the earth isn't it?

Oodles of light, candy, flowers, bliss and all the rest your heart desires
to everyone! I Luv you!!


June 5th
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM pdt (check your timezones)
Call in number:

William Zeitler; composes for the glass armonica,
banned in Leipzig because its ethereal sounds
were thought to wake the dead! William's newest mp3
called "The Seventy-Two Names of God", heaven brought to earth
through Zeitler's magic glass armonica.

Call in number:


June 6th
10am-12pm pdt (check your time zone)
Call in number:

Rickie Lee Jones; Two-time Grammy Winning songwriter, musician and producer.Over the course of a three-decade career,
Jones has recorded in various musical styles
including R & B, BLUES, POP, SOUL AND JAZz

New York Times Article Rickie Lee Jones
YouTube "White Girl" Rickie Lee Jones
Don't miss this great Two Time Grammy Award winning songwriter/performer
Call in number:


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm pst (check your time zone)
Call in number:

David Parnell was addicted to methamphetamine before
attempting suicide by shooting himself under the chin
with a SKS assault rifle, literally blowing his face apart.
His injuries were so severe he was written off as deceased
by the sheriff's department while in transit to the hospital.
He's had over 15 surgeries. David is sober after spending
23 years on drugs. Sharing his story world-wide; millions
of children choose to say no to drugs after hearing David speak.

Please share this important show with anyone
you know that might benifit David Parnell's story.
Call in number:

Mary Ann Winkowski whose life TV show 'GHOST WHISPERER' is based on; starring Jennifer Love Hewitt is guest Friday June 13!! 'Ghost Whisperer' is also based on the life of famed psychic; James Van Praagh. Mary Ann is consultant to 'Ghost Whisperers' and will be taking calls as well as discussing her book 'When Ghosts Speak'.
Mary Ann Winkowski whose life TV show 'GHOST WHISPERER' is based on; starring Jennifer Love Hewitt is guest Friday June 13!! 'Ghost Whisperer' is also based on the life of famed psychic; James Van Praagh. Mary Ann is consultant to 'Ghost Whisperers' and will be taking calls as well as discussing her book 'When Ghosts Speak'.

Mary Ann Winkowski whose life TV show 'GHOST WHISPERER' is based on; starring Jennifer Love Hewitt is guest Friday June 13!! 'Ghost Whisperer' is also based on the life of famed psychic; James Van Praagh. Mary Ann is consultant to 'Ghost Whisperers' and will be taking calls as well as discussing her book 'When Ghosts Speak'.
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM pst

Call in number:

"Traveling Angel" Angel-Light Love, "An Instrument of the Divine"
serving as a spiritual healer, teacher, messenger & warrior
will be our guest tonight.
Miracles 'abound' when Angel Light is around!
Call in number:


Publisher of Cervena Barva Press
Saturday; June 28th
7-8:30 PM pst
Gloria Mindock is the Editor and Publisher of Cervena Barva Press
and author of 'Blood Soaked Dresses'. She is also the editor of
Istanbul Literature Review, an online journal based in Turkey.
Gloria has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize and was awarded
a fellowship from the Somerville Arts Council. And in her 'spare time?';
Gloria composes, acts in theater and is a social worker as well as a manuscript editor!

I Luv you!!



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