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Mar 25, 2010
Friday; March 26th @ 6PM PST;  9PM EST
ALEX GREY; Visionary Artist Extradionaire; the LEONARADO DA VINCI of the Future & Gifted Artist ALLYSON GREY; discuss ALEX'S incredible "X-Ray Art", CHAPEL OF SACRED MIRRORS & CoSM, with Judy Joy Jones.
A Huge VIP WELCOME to ALEX AND ALLYSON GREY after their recent Near Death Accident!
'The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors will bring you face to face with your soul and move you to a new level of enlightment"....Depak Chopra
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Posted: Mar 25, 2010 7:51am
Mar 16, 2010
Judy Joy Jones Show Proudly Presents:
Tuesday; March 16th @ 6PM PST;  8PM CST;  9PM EST
 "I'm a Theoretical Physicist at Caltech, CA. My research interests include Theoretical Aspects of Cosmology, Field Theory, and Gravitation." explains SEAN CARROLL. 
"I want to learn about Fundamental Physics by studying the Structure and Evolution of the universe. I'm especially interested in Inflation, The Arrow of Time, & what happened at or before The Big Bang. I've done a bunch of work on Dark Matter and Dark Energy, Modified Gravity, Topological Defects, Extra Dimensions, & Violations of Fundamental Symmetries."  SEAN continues.
SEAN CARROLL just finished writing a popular-level book on Cosmology and the Arrow of Time: "FROM ETERNITY TO HERE: THE QUEST FOR THE ULTIMATE THEORY OF TIME".   He previously wrote a Graduate Physics Textbook, "SPACETIME & GEOMETRY: AN INTRODUCTION TO GENERAL RELATIVITY" and recorded a set of lectures on Cosmology for The Teaching Co.
SEAN has a Popular Science Blog at Discovery Magazines COSMIC VARIANCE.
Welcome back VIP Co-Host; MS. LUV whose background includes TV; interviewing such notables as; LATOYA JACKSON, STEVEN SEGAL & HARRY BELAFONTE!!
Mar 3, 2010
Friday; March 5th @ 6PM PST;  8PM CST;  9PM EST

PATCH ADAMS, Physician, Clown, Social Activist; whose life was made into a Motion Picture starring ROBIN WILLIAMS, guests on JUDY JOY JONES SHOW! Gesundheit Institute; founded by PATCH, embraces the importance of care, creativity, and fun!
GESUNDHEIT has provided free medical care to thousands of patients since 1971. Each year PATCH organizes a group of volunteers to travel to various countries where they dress as clowns, to bring hope and joy to orphans, patients, and other people.
It often falls to 'The Court Jester' to speak the truth that those in power need to hear which is just what PATCH ADAMS does!
"MS. LUV!" our Gorgeous Co-Host's background includes TV; interviewing such notables as; LATOYA JACKSON, STEVEN SEGAL & HARRY BELAFONTE!
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Posted: Mar 3, 2010 11:15am


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