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Aug 23, 2010
Tuesday 8/24/10 @ 7PM PST, 9PM CST, 10PM EST

(646) 929-1344

ROBERT SCHWARTZ, Author of 'YOUR SOUL'S PLAN-Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life you Planned Before you Were Born' & STACI WELL'S, 'THE PSYCHICS PSYCHIC' are guests tonight!

Did we pick our lives including our Parents before Birth? According to SCHWARTZ, the answer is YES!

ROBERT explains Five Steps to determine what life you planned before you were born: Working with Mediums & Channels, Hypnotic Regression, Astrology, Numerology & Meditation.

STACI WELLS has the honor of being known as 'The Psychics Psychic!' With laser like precision, STACI is able to use her gifts, including Pet Psychic, Numerology, Tarot & Medical Intuitive to help you. ROBERT SCHWARTZ used STACI'S amazing abilities in 'YOUR SOUL'S PLAN'.

RITA GRAHAM, our Co-Hosts Book 'KARMA RISING' to be released in November! MS. GRAHAM, a musical prodigy was protégée of Genius RAY CHARLES who produced her first album at age 20.

"MOTHER TERESA, When A Saint Calls!" by Judy Joy Jones to be Released Shortly!
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Posted: Aug 23, 2010 5:47pm
Jun 19, 2010

Laura Nimr singing song she wrote for Oscar Grant; shot by Bart Police in Oakland, CA on YouTube. The policeman that shot him is presently on trial in LA. Picture of Painting of Laura Nimr by Judy Jones called "Hardhat by Day; Angel by Night!"


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Posted: Jun 19, 2010 8:47pm
May 24, 2010
Tuesday; May 25 @ 6pm PST;  9pm EST

VICTORIA BANKS debut album "WHEN YOU CAN FLY" made her the most nominated female artist of 2009. RANDY TRAVIS Tour Opener; VICTORIA has been labeled a "new sensation", "CANADA'S SECRET WEAPON", and "AN OVERNIGHT SUCCESS". But tell that to VICTORIA, and she throws back her head and laughs. "Wow, 'overnight success?' I feel more like a survivor!"

Described by NASHVILLES MUSIC ROW MAGAZINE as one of "THE BEST SONGWRITERS IN THE BUSINESS," BANKS made BILLBOARD CHART HISTORY by co-writing the highest new artist debut song ever released, JESSICA SIMPSON'S "Come on Over." She also scored the 1 most downloaded song on iTunes with Jessica Simpson's "Remember That"!

May 22, 2010
5/22/10 @ 6pm PST; 9pm EST

JILLIAN LAUREN; author SOME GIRLS; MY LIFE IN A HAREM! barely 18 yrs old; finding herself in the HAREM of Prince Bolkiah; youngest brother of the Sultan of Brunei, joins JUDY JOY JONES & JOEY BOOTS; HOWARD STERN 'WHACKPACKER' & our VIP Co-Host!

JOEY BOOTS; HOWARD STERN WHACKPACKER; will be Calling in Tonight from REHAB; where he's FIGHTING FOR HIS LIFE from ADDICTIONS. JOEY was a recent Guest of JJJS!

JILLIAN LAUREN left her scrappy NYC Apt. for CARPETS LACED WITH GOLD & a Coterie of Backstabbing Beauties in A HAREM OF A PRINCE & is now a NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR!
May 2, 2010

JOEY BOOTS; a HOWARD STERN 'Whack Packer' for past ten years,  is calling in to the show tonight from REHAB where he is fighting for his life; trying to overcome his Addictions. THE STERN SHOW sent him to REHAB in 2007; now he's back. Watching his friends die from overdoses; he is determined to win the fight!

HOWARD STERN said it was no big deal that JOEY BOOTS is a gay man & told BOOTS that 'Coming Out' was a heroic thing for him to do & congratulated him for doing so.

JOEY briefly dated Comic LISA LAMPANELLI before 'Coming Out of the Closet'.
VIP Co-Host WAYLON BACON; Award Winning Filmmaker; past guest of Judy Joy Jones Show

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Posted: May 2, 2010 12:29pm
May 2, 2010
ASTA PHILPOT talks about Loosing his Virginity in a Brothel! Famous CHICKEN RANCH BROTHEL holding fundraiser for his ASTA PHILPOT FOUNDATION.
PHILPOT was born in the Lotus position with severe physical challenges & named after Disabled Spiritual Master; ASHATA BAKRA.
The Chicken Ranch Brothel manager will be calling in during show to talk about the fundraiser they are holding for his Asta Philpot Foundation.
The JUDY JOY JONES SHOW is  'Smitten' with ASTA!   And you will be too.
                     Don't miss this show!  Asta will open your Heart!!!

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Posted: May 2, 2010 12:27pm
Apr 21, 2010
SUMMER WHITFORD'S life in and out of the White House is amazing!

SUMMER brings World Leaders, Fine Wine & Gourmet Food together in peace. Who cares what political party you belong too when enjoying a gourmet meal with a good wine huh!

The food & wine Diva; Author of "JOIN US AT THE EMBASSY"; takes us on a gastronomic tour of the Washington, DC embassies of Afghanistan, Austria, Chile, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Kenya, and Portugal.

Ever wonder know how foreign ambassadors & embassies in entertain and showcase their countries’ food, wine, and culture through entertaining? MS. WHITFORD tells all.

MS. WHITFORDS television credits include Discovery Channel where she was Kitchen Manager and Content Specialist for The Low Cholesterol Gourmet and Editor for World Class Cuisine, syndicated in 72 countries.

SUMMER WHITFORD is the 'book doctor' for a Member of Congress' memoirs! Maybe tonight; live on the air; we an get her to reveal all.
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Posted: Apr 21, 2010 5:22pm
Mar 25, 2010
Friday; March 26th @ 6PM PST;  9PM EST
ALEX GREY; Visionary Artist Extradionaire; the LEONARADO DA VINCI of the Future & Gifted Artist ALLYSON GREY; discuss ALEX'S incredible "X-Ray Art", CHAPEL OF SACRED MIRRORS & CoSM, with Judy Joy Jones.
A Huge VIP WELCOME to ALEX AND ALLYSON GREY after their recent Near Death Accident!
'The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors will bring you face to face with your soul and move you to a new level of enlightment"....Depak Chopra
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Posted: Mar 25, 2010 7:51am
Mar 16, 2010
Judy Joy Jones Show Proudly Presents:
Tuesday; March 16th @ 6PM PST;  8PM CST;  9PM EST
 "I'm a Theoretical Physicist at Caltech, CA. My research interests include Theoretical Aspects of Cosmology, Field Theory, and Gravitation." explains SEAN CARROLL. 
"I want to learn about Fundamental Physics by studying the Structure and Evolution of the universe. I'm especially interested in Inflation, The Arrow of Time, & what happened at or before The Big Bang. I've done a bunch of work on Dark Matter and Dark Energy, Modified Gravity, Topological Defects, Extra Dimensions, & Violations of Fundamental Symmetries."  SEAN continues.
SEAN CARROLL just finished writing a popular-level book on Cosmology and the Arrow of Time: "FROM ETERNITY TO HERE: THE QUEST FOR THE ULTIMATE THEORY OF TIME".   He previously wrote a Graduate Physics Textbook, "SPACETIME & GEOMETRY: AN INTRODUCTION TO GENERAL RELATIVITY" and recorded a set of lectures on Cosmology for The Teaching Co.
SEAN has a Popular Science Blog at Discovery Magazines COSMIC VARIANCE.
Welcome back VIP Co-Host; MS. LUV whose background includes TV; interviewing such notables as; LATOYA JACKSON, STEVEN SEGAL & HARRY BELAFONTE!!
Mar 5, 2010
Tuesday; March 9th @ 6PM PST;  8PM CST;  9PM EST
Call In number for your questions for Ms. Madison @
(646) 929-1344
IVORY MADISON; Founder/CEO of RED ROOM AUTHORS", a Global Online Community for Authors including such notables as; BARACK OBAMA,  DR. MAYA ANGELOU, AMY TAN & SALMAN RUSDIE joins JUDY JOY JONES.
Discussion includes; RED ROOM, writing books, promoting your career & Feminism in Comics! A former management consultant to Fortune 500, IVORY MADISON has combined her love of writing with her business acumen.
Before launching RED ROOM; she founded Red Room Writers Society, helping hundreds of writers complete their books. As a result, IVORY was named Best Writing Coach by SAN FRANCISCO MAGAZINE.
Trained as an Attorney, MS. MADISON was Editor in Chief of her Law Review, interned at the California Supreme Court, and served as a Law Fellow at Americans United for the Separation of Church and State.
I am a proud Red Room Author as well!
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Posted: Mar 5, 2010 2:42pm


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