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Nov 9, 2008
Judy Joy Jones Show with Dr. Judith Orloff

Friday; November 14th
7pm pst;  9pm cst;  10pm est

Judith Orloff MD, psychiatrist & intuition expert, author of the new book 'Emotional Freedom: Liberate Yourself From Negative Emotions and Transform Your Life!' Her other bestsellers are Positive Energy, Intuitive Healing, and Second Sight. Dr. Orloff synthesizes the pearls of traditional medicine with cutting edge knowledge of intuition, energy and spirituality. She passionately believes the future of medicine involves integrating all this wisdom to achieve emotional freedom and total wellness. She is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at UCLA and has been featured on The Today Show, CNN, Oprah Magazine and USA Today.
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Posted: Nov 9, 2008 3:13pm
Oct 26, 2008
Sunday; October 26th
6:30 pm pst;  8:30 cst;  9:30 pm est
Mark Skelton, Hollywood Filmmaker
Mark Skelton; Filmmaker/Founder of Positive Picture Group, will discuss his latest film project; the true story of the life of Peace Pilgrim. When Mark was 20 years old, he purchased a one-way around the world ticket. Covering more than 40 countries in five years; this amazing adventure led Mark at age 25 to becoming the Arts & Entertainment executive on London's biggest selling newspaper, The Evening Standard. Mark's new world of film premieres and art exhibitions ignited a latent passion for telling stories on film. At age 30, Mark started his own production company; co-producing a two-part documentary, "For the Love of Skype", with Al Gore's Current TV Network. Mark has recently co-founded the film company, Positive Pictures Group and is currently producing the feature length true story of Peace Pilgrim; a non-demoninational saint.
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Posted: Oct 26, 2008 12:23pm
Mar 29, 2008

Hi Everyone!
Could you have the 'untouchable/unspeakable hidden disease of our time; Lymes? The disease many doctors refuse to acknowledge produces chronic fatigue flu like symtoms and is affecting millions of people.
Saturday; 3/29 @ 8:00pm pst; our guest; Rev. Judith Ain will talk about becoming ill with Lymes while walking around the world for peace. Don't miss this informative show with
Judith who gave up a scholarship in physics at Stanford University; wanting to use her life promoting peace instead of building weapons of destruction.
You can listen over your telephone by calling:
(347) 326-9915 (long distance fees will apply) or free of charge over the internet by clicking on above link.
Wed. 4/2 @ 8 pm pst; Ray Charles bass player; Curtis Ohlson is our guest..His story about traveling the world with this musical giant is not to be missed!
Sharin' with everyone ya know keeps us all in the flow. And a special 'shoutout' to Blogtalkradio who is making certain we all have a voice!

Luvin'  light and much bliss,
Judy Joy Jones Show

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Posted: Mar 29, 2008 7:11am
Jun 23, 2006
Did you know there's a great spiritual wealth of info on over to the free show/Ipod download and check out Dannion Brinkley's interview. He's "been there and done that" and has quite a lot of great stuff to say.
Support the show today - subscribe or donate. Free speech isn't free in Bushworld -

5/18/06 - Meria With Dannion Brinkley - The Secrets of Light
Show opens with "Get Together" by the Youngbloods; Meet Dannion Brinkley author of "Saved By the Light", "At Peace In the Light" and his latest book "The Secrets of the Light, Spiritual Strategies to Empower Your Life Here and In the Hereafter" (see book list); Dannion had 3 near death experiences from getting hit by lightning, to open heart surgery and brain surgery. What he saw on the other side is amazing. Is this life all there is?
Dannion has been a hospice volunteer for 28 years, and started the Twilight Brigade - see his site; We are spiritual beings in human form; Guidelines for death; what matters in the end of life?; Your panoramic life reviews; You come back and connect back to yourself, not just the 5% you are here; What holds the universe in place?; the four-fold path to power; fear of death creates control in our lives; We choose to be here; why are you here?; dignity, direction and purpose; parallel universes and realities; purpose of power 
places;  crop circles; orbs; We MUST take the planet back!

There is NO worldwide terrorist organization; the military industrial complex; democracy vs. religion; Embrace conversation; the net as a living consciousness; Israel's "Hamas"; 9/11/01; What did Dannion see on 9/1/01?; Chips; 84 films confiscated on 9/11; drug laws unconstitutional; we have no constitution; We frighten governments; Are we getting ET help? 2008-2009 will a hybrid human be found?; Create your own purpose and live it; 60,000 vets die every 30 days; the price of oil and gas will drive Americans to revolt and so much more.

From New World Order globalists to our endangered environment to emerging spirituality, The Meria Heller Show shines the light of truth on our troubled planet.  Listen to a FREE recent show here: (Windows Media Player required).  For just $20.00 per month, you can hear the live show and interact with Meria using Yahoo Messenger, browse through the thousand-plus shows in the archives, AND you'll receive Meria's exclusive breaking news e-mail updates.  Find a subscription option to fit your budget here:

© 2005 Meria Heller. All Rights Reserved. Feel free to forward this entire message with copyright included, for nonprofit use only.

The Meria Heller Show - The Mouth That Roars!
"Meria is the best weapon of mass instruction we have." - Greg Palast
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Posted: Jun 23, 2006 3:30pm
Jun 19, 2006

Hello Everyone,
I participated in this prayer ceremony in July 2004 and signed their earth

They are asking everyone on earth to participate in the same covenant reading (see
details in email below)
on July 22, 2006.

It remains one of the most powerful prayers I have ever been part of in my
entire life ..After reading about how it came to pass,  my heart opened completely
as I gave my soul in total submission to that which I know as God.

Eutonnah, who helped write this prayer has passed on but as mentioned in
their email below, is guiding us the very joining hearts for this
most sacred ceremony.

Please share with anyone you are guided too.

Peace will prevail on earth, it is only a matter of time, I know this with
every fiber in my being.


----- Original Message -----
From: "koch" <>
Sent: Monday, June 19, 2006 4:03 PM
Subject: Update Avebury Meditation Ceremony, July 22nd (Koch&Kyborg,Germany)
 an urgent call for spiritual help for a most
crucial endeavour for the sake of Mother Earth packed in a
few email lines. Please read and,if you like, forward it.
To My Relations:

I am Joachim Koch from Berlin, Germany.

Together with my companion, Hans-Juergen Kyborg, we have
organized larger prayer ceremonies at ancient sites in
Europe for the sake of Mother Earth in 2002 and 2004.

Please see:

At that time in the past, we had asked you for your kind
spiritual help. Many of you responded and offered their
support. You organized little or larger gatherings or you
stayed at home to tune in our ceremony at the special time
we had chosen.

From the beginning we thought it would be a pivotal task
to invite the First Nations of the Americas, the
Aboriginal Nations of Polynesia, the Aboriginal People of
Australia as well as other First Nations in other
continents to be our fellow combatants in this struggle
for our home planet. We knew that it would not be an easy
task to motivate the First Nations to support an endeavour
initiated by light skinned Europeans.

Not a few refused to help us bearing in mind what happened
to their ancestors and what is happening to themselves

We understand and we do respect this.

But there also were not a few of the First Nations who
supported us greatly in the past.

Please see:
(Please type in both lines of the URL to be able to read
how many and who of the First Nations have supported our

This great alliance was the basis for our success and so,
with much joy in my heart, we now have solid scientific
proof that our focussed spiritual power was/is able to
influence the so-called physical reality.

Please see:

The implications of our/your work is beyond current
anticipation at the moment. One thing is for sure: we
produce effects.

Another two years are gone and because of this all we
urgently ask you for your support for our ceremony in July.

Let us march together for Mother Earth and Father Sky into
a better future. To reach that goal, would you sit down in
meditation or dance, drum, sing or play the flute together
with us for one hour of your time on July 22nd at 11:00pm
British Summer Time?

For converting this into your time please see:

(Pease use Europe/London and then your location/time zone)

We ourselves will be inside the henge of Avebury,
Wiltshire, UK, at one of the most sacred European sites.

Please look here;

If you have a sacred site or any favourite place which you
like best - please go there. If you wish to stay at home -
please do so! Important for Mother Earth is that you tune
in at the very hour.

For more details about the time frame of the meditation
please see:

At 11:00 pm British Summer Time, right before the
meditation ceremony begins, "The First 'Peoples Covenant
with the Living Earth'" should be read aloud (don't be
afraid of your own strong voice!), not matter if you are
alone or in a group. You can find the text here:

It was created in 2004 by Eutonnah who was in parts of
Cherokee, Osage and Delaware descent. She is with her
ancestors now and will help us from there. The text of the
Covenant of 2004 will be used again this year updated only
by the time and date.

You all know about the prophecies of the Hopi Elders. With
the power we demonstrably have, we can alter the future.
In love for our Mother Earth we intrepidly are devoted to
reach that goal.

So let us raise our heads, face the Wind and the Sun and
let us march along for Mother Earth - together! You don't
have to be afraid - you are not alone. We are not alone.

If you resonate with the words above and would like to
spread them - please do so. If you have a newsgroup, if
you have an email list, if you know native people - please
spread the news, be a herald for Mother Earth.

Please respond in peace.

In Brotherhood I am,

Joachim Koch
Berlin, Germany

New information about "Project Avebury 2006"!
Meditation details and timetable on:
01:03:11 20.06.2006

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Posted: Jun 19, 2006 6:54pm
Feb 22, 2006
Hi Everyone!

DANNION BRINKLEY'S interview is up and running on "ON THE ROAD WITH JUDY!" 

Dannion wrote the bestseller 'SAVED BY THE LIGHT' made into a movie, after he was struck by lightening and declared clinically dead, wheeled into the morgue and 28 minutes later, came back to life!

Click on link below to read it!!!

Blessings, light and much Bliss!
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Posted: Feb 22, 2006 9:47am


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