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Jan 4, 2009

The Problem

  The internal combustion engine, although compact and powerful, is one of the most inefficient motors ever invented. There have been many attempts to boost their efficiency with very little improvement. The reason for such small positive gains is not due to the lack of interest, but the wrong approach. The most significant problem with the internal combustion engine is the amount of energy lost as HEAT.  Generally speaking, the heat generated by the fuel burning process is viewed as waste.  A typical combustion engine is around 35% efficient at best.  That means for the majority of its operating life, it is wasting 65% or more of its available energy, most of it in the form of heat

The Solution

At the ThermoHybrid Lab we understand that Heat = Energy.  If waste heat could be effectively utilized to improve the performance of engines, their efficiency could be greatly increased, and in vehicles, the miles per gallon of fuel, could be improved.  In our prototype vehicle, we have developed an electro-mechanical solution that converts waste heat from the engine into Hydrogen fuel.  It is a working prototype of a “bolt-on” device to improve the efficiency of almost any internal combustion engine vehicle.  The existing engine would not need modification, and in less than a day, the Thermo-Conversion adapter will provide a method of generating cleaner burning fuel created from waste heat of the engine..

Our goal

The cost of fuel may continue to fluctuate, but the sources are diminishing.  Our goal is to find the best way to improve fuel usage, by developing engine efficiency improvements in a manor that works for all kinds of engines, in all kinds of vehicles.  Through this process, we hope to lessen the need for fossil fuels, reduce carbon pollution, and provide a simple solution to improving vehicle performance.

ThermoHybrid Lab is currently considering sponsorship opportunities for this forward-thinking technology that has shown the promise of an effective way to improve engine performance, increase vehicle mileage and lessen the overall cost of operation.  If you are interested in discussing our Project further, please email us at:

for more information visit;

thanks-Marcos Cruz

Album: the thermohybrid project.
I have file for a patent and built a prototype for one of my energy solutions. The Thermohybrid concept it might sound complex, yet it is a very simple solution to the inefficient way we consume petroleum base fuels. We are planing to release a market ready product some time 2009. For more information on how to become one of the team, visit

by Marcos Cruz (12)
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Posted: Jan 4, 2009 5:21pm


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