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Nov 12, 2009
Focus: Environment
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Location: United States

Hello Everyone!

I need your input on a non-profir project, that is extremely unique and will revolutionize the way people work, learn, shop and connect...all while making the world a better place.

I just need your feedback on your passions, your concerns, your thoughts on anything and everything that interests you, etc.

What would you change about the issues facing us and what would you do to make the world a better place?

What would your perfect world look like, feel like, smell like, every aspect you can think of.?

I promise that all the feedback I receive I'll use it to directly and massively address YOUR concerns and I'll keep you updated on the use and purpose of the projects I am developing.

Thank you sooo much for your help and I take great joy in helping you to live the life of your dreams.

Thanks and take care until we connect again,

Your friend,

Shaman Phoenix

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Posted: Nov 12, 2009 4:39pm
Jun 17, 2008
Imagine. Imagine a world powered by an engine core. The engine churns and churns. Fire, pressure, heat...building and building. It's hot breath permeating it's way to the surface. We do not have to imagine this precious core engine, for it is our Earths' heart.

Now imagine your cars engine. Churning and turning, heating and cooling itself. Using its water, coolant, oil and trans fluids to keep the damaging temperatures at bay. Now picture your car engine without all those coolants and lubricants. What will happen to your cars engine if you drive it, even for a little while without engine oil, or any cooling liquids? You burn up the engine don't you?
Now, think about our planets engine core. What does it need? Now some may say, "the Earths' core needs nothing and it will take care of itself." Well, I am here to beg to differ, with a somewhat radical if not unconventional (who wants to be conventional anyway) theory.

What if that by we humans removing tons and tons of oil, gas, water, coal, gems, minerals, precious metals, etc...we are altering the very cooling systems of the Earth itself? It's also been noted that the Earth takes in a huge deep breath every year thru it's forests and foliage. What if when we chop and bulldoze the trees we are destroying Mother Earths' lungs?

We must stop thinking of Mother Earth as a source of resources, and must come to the realization that She is just another living breathing being! And not JUST another life form, but the only life form which sustains ALL forms of life.

Just another radical observation of mine for you to ponder...

Shaman Phoenix
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Posted: Jun 17, 2008 6:50pm
Jun 6, 2008
Hello My Friends!

Here is the info everyone's been requesting...enjoy!

(I do not claim to be a great writer, so be easy on me with the spelling and grammar)

Sorry for the earlier post. I forgot to be more specific and tell you to go to the May 5th post, it explained much more than the other. My fault!

Sorry if I ramble, but this is a big project and there is a ton of info...this isn't even everything!

*100% self-sustaining society.
*100% eco-friendly.
*all organic foods.
*no gmos etc...just all-natural as Mother Nature intended!
*everything "cradle to cradle"
*organic, vegan, vegetarian and raw cooking schools.
*beehives to help with colony collapse (in a controlled environment)
*no employees, all volunteers from all over the world.
*culture & indigenous tribe preservation: invite tribal leaders to come and share their knowledge and pass the info down. We will preserve their ways by incorpoating them into our society.
*we will sell the villages period clothing to people all over the world so that when they come to the retreat they'll fit right in! And the proceeds will go to causes.
*All our efforts will be for "the Greater Good" and we will get "Back to Nature" and "Back to BEING".
*we will make our own clothes from our well loved sheep, alpacas, and from organic cotton fields.
*no vehicles, only horses, camels, elephants, etc...wildlife everywhere side by side with humans as equals.
*the retreats will be arranged similar to Epcot in Florida with authentic villages representing different cultures-only ours will be real-working. Examples of villages: Egypt, Morrocco, Italy, Australian Aboriginees(?), "Last Samuri" village type, "Dances with Wolves" type, "Camelot", you get the picture!
*a bio-diesel airport with planes that also have solar panels on the wings (yes, they exist!).
*all-natural spas...FREE TO EVERYONE!
*volunteers will contribute at thier own pace...night owls and early birds work, you'll chose.
*grow organics to give away for donations so it's affordable for everyone and easily accessable. Or they can volunteer their time.
*artisian breads, cheeses, raw milk, pasturization (but comply as long as it's not sold).
*no electric, except where it's a must. most lighting will be with candles we make ourselves. food cooked with fire and heat with fire.
*we will stay in tepees, pacific domes, yurts and safari tents.
*we will have our own supermarkets called "EarthsMart...because it's EarthSmart!" that will be all-natural, organic, and people will be able to pick thier own fruits, veggies, and they can learn how to grow and harvest thier foods. The markets will be set inside pacific domes with waterfalls, birds, bees, flower gardens, etc...they will look, sound, smell and feel like PARADISE!
*we will conduct seminars year round on all environmental/humantarian issues.

We will bring to the world a new society! One with no crime, no pollution, no racism or discrimination...A last place to escape to live truly free! A self-sufficient society with no need or dependency on government or big business. We will bring this society to the world and show them a new way, a better way to live life. A life free of stress and strife, fear and poverty, a new life full of joy and freedom! Won't you join me in my quest to bring these places to the world? We will become the "Knights of EdenQuest" and we will change the world for the better through a better and more natural way of living within nature......Not without it!
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Posted: Jun 6, 2008 9:48am
May 29, 2008
Calling all ENVIRONMENTALISTS! We need your help! We are creating a new global eco-retreat. The retreat is entirely non-profit and volunteer based. It will be an Eden for environmentalists to call home. The concept is extremely unique and will change the way the world lives, works and creates a better world! Help us today to create a better tomorrow!
We will create a new kind of society. One where we won't just survive, but where all will thrive!

"The winds of change aren't coming...they're here, for we the sleepers are awakened!"


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Posted: May 29, 2008 9:16am
May 5, 2008
We want to know what your "Dream World" would be and look like.
We will conduct the survey and then share the responses we receive.
We will keep everyones information confidential and will be using the information for research. We will also use this information to create new
resources that will benefit environmentalists and humanitarians.

If you could design "Your Dream World" what would it be like? What types of transportation would there be? What type of political system would there be? What type of time period would it be more like, the future or the past? Think about your daily life, what would you like to see changed? Why? (please be as specific as possible)

Remember this is "Your World" design it anyway you want it!! Dream big and create the kind of world that you wouldn't just survive in, but one that you'd thrive in ! Have fun!


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Posted: May 5, 2008 8:54am


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