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Feb 1, 2011

Sponsor me! Look for my name, and I will be updating as this is under construction! Thank You in advance.......

AIDS Walk Las Vegas 2011 April 17, 2011 What's Your COLOR for this year's AIDS Walk Las Vegas?

We are launching a new campaign to challenge Walkers and Teams fundraising efforts. This year's t-shirt challenge will award an array of vibrant, bright colored t-shirts for each level of fundraising reached. We are starting with a $50 level all the way to the top $5,000 level!
Please check event information for more details.

Raise the bar and wear your COLOR proudly!

Welcome to the Donation Page of
Kathryn Grimaldi

Thank you for your involvement!

Enter Donation Amount Here:
*Currency shown: US Dollar


My Fundraising Goal:
$3,500.00Money Raised to Date:
If you are unable to donate online, please print out adonation form.WHAT'S YOUR COLOR?

Thank you for supporting the 2011 AIDS Walk Las Vegas. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

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AFAN´s Mission ::

Aid for AIDS of Nevada 

(AFAN) provides support and advocacyfor adults and children living 

with and affected by HIV/AIDS 

in southern Nevada.  AFAN works to reduce HIV infection 

through prevention education to eliminate fearprejudice and 

the stigma associated with the disease.


History ::

Founded in 1984, Aid for AIDS of Nevada (AFAN) is the oldest and 

largest AIDS service organization in the state of Nevada. Nearly two 

thousand men, women and children infected with HIV are 

registered as clients with our agency. AFAN provides direct client 

service programs, food programs, prevention and education 

programs, and community outreach. It is the mission of our client 

service programs to enhance the physical health and psychosocial 

wellness of the individuals we serve, while promoting their dignity 

and improving the quality of their lives.

AFAN is committed to a system that nurtures personal growth and 

dignity of persons served, which is emphasized during orientation, 

ongoing staff trainings and the culture of our organization.

Voted Best Non-Profit As Chosen By Loyal QVegas Readers

AIDS Walk Las Vegas 2011 April 17, 2011 What's Your COLOR for this year's AIDS Walk Las Vegas?

We are launching a new campaign to challenge Walkers and Teams fundraising efforts. This year's t-shirt challenge will award an array of vibrant, bright colored t-shirts for each level of fundraising reached. We are starting with a $50 level all the way to the top $5,000 level!
Please check event information for more details.

Raise the bar and wear your COLOR proudly!

Why We Still Walk


AIDS Walk Las Vegas 2011 is April 17th.  This year will be the 21st Annual AIDS Walk.  Twenty years of recognizing a disease that has grown to be a worldwide pandemic.  Individual Walkers and Walk Team numbers have grown significantly, sponsorships by local businesses and organizations continue to increase, and public awareness rises with every walk.


And we still walk.  Contracting HIV at one time was considered a death sentence.  But through research, new treatments are developed that not only save thousands of lives, but ensure their greatly improved quality.  With nutritional supplementation, lifestyle changes, consistent monitoring and proper healthcare, HIV/AIDS is now considered a ?chronic disease? which represents incredible strides in disease management. Unfortunately, the infection rate is still rising. Each day, someone becomes infected every 15 seconds.    In the next 10 years, 45 million adults and children will die of AIDS.  In the next 20, 75 million will die.  In Clark County, an estimated 8000 cases of HIV/AIDS have been reported. We walk because our job is far from over.  Until humanity recognizes worldwide that we have to educate both children and adults about high risk behavior, how to protect ourselves, and how to take personal responsibility for our well being, we must continue to raise awareness.


Yes, we still walk.  We do so because our lives and the lives of people we love have been forever touched by HIV/AIDS.  We still walk because HIV/AIDS is non-discriminatory.  It is blind to age, race, religion, gender, heritage, level of intelligence, financial status, or your living condition. It is an equal opportunity infection that knows no boundaries. 


We must walk to protect our youth, the world's most precious commodity.  At least half of all new HIV infections in the United States are among people under 25, according to the CDC.  And the majority of those infections are transmitted through sexual behavior.  Education and outreach are imperative to effect a dramatic reduction in this statistic.  Every effort has to be made to safeguard our children and young adults through commitment, determination, and compassion.  We walk in defense of  cherished generations.


We proudly walk because it's our opportunity to stand up and be counted. Humanity is threatened by the HIV pandemic.  All of us, at some point in time, will likely have our lives forever changed by this disease.  Las Vegas and Southern Nevada is at greater risk of the spread of HIV simply based upon the tremendous growth in population.  As the numbers of new residents rises, so does the per capita rate of HIV infection potential. Nevada has more HIV/AIDS cases per capita than any other western state, including California.


We walk with dignity in memory of those whom we have lost over the years, those remarkable individuals who have forever impacted our lives, minds, and hearts.


Yes, we walk with purpose, determination and compassion.  We walk in a show of solidarity, and of support for our families, friends, colleagues and individuals we have never met, who need our understanding and kindness, as much as our vital services.  Through the financial support of the AIDS Walk, we are able to provide life enhancing and health supportive programs for our community.


We will walk until that point in time, when AFAN is no longer effective; our services no longer needed and our purpose no longer essential to the solution.  



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Help Files

About Friends Asking Friends™

About Our Organization

Mission Statement:

Aid for AIDS of Nevada (AFAN) provides support and advocacy for adults and children living with and affected by HIV/AIDS in southern Nevada. AFAN works to reduce HIV infection through prevention education to eliminate fear, prejudice and the stigma associated with the disease.

Services and Programs

Client Services:
AFAN’s Client Services department provides support to clients with a need for assistance in managing and living with HIV/AIDS. This includes: case management; social work; emergency financial assistance; public benefits assistance; referrals for substance abuse, legal services, counseling, support groups, housing, physicians and other needs.

Case Management:
Case Management consists of Case Managers who are the first AFAN representatives to meet new clients. Case Managers assess the eligibility of new clients for services provided by AFAN, as well as other AIDS service organizations and community based support systems. They provide tangible information about resources and opportunities available to HIV+ individuals and families, including legal assistance, transportation aid, housing support and emergency financial assistance. The primary function of Case Management is to lend guidance and support to our clients in navigating the social services system. They are at the heart of AFAN’s Client Services structure.

Housing Program:
The Housing Program is directed through Housing Coordinators, who assess both immediate and long term housing needs of AFAN clientele. Included in the client’s housing assessment are related areas of concern, such as mental health level, potential substance abuses, family members (immediate and extended), overall health, level of disability, financial status. Emergency utility payment assistance is also available. Additionally, social workers, primary care givers, nurses, and mental health therapists, among others, will collaborate on assessment teams, thereby ensuring the most appropriate level of assistance and guidance for each client.

Transportation Program:
The Transportation Coordinator identifies opportunities to assist AFAN clients with a variety of programs to lend assistance where it is needed. For instance, through the referrals of nurses and social workers, Taxi service is available for those clients who, based upon significant medical reasons, cannot utilize the bus system. Working closely with Citizens’ Area Transit, many clients access monthly passes for reduced bus fares. Many clients qualify for CAT Paratransit services where AFAN provides co-payments allowing use of this form of public transportation, which often reduces the need for taxi services. We also make referrals to other service organizations offering means of transportation for those needing special assistance.

Food Program:
AFAN provides regular access to food vouchers to help clients purchase food items. In addition, we offer nutritional supplements and vitamins.

Nutritional Services:
Dependent upon their needs, vitamins and Boost are prescribed to aid in improving general health and wellbeing. For our diabetic clients, Choice is prescribed. Both Choice and Boost improve calorie intake and provide nutrients critical to improved nutrition.

Education Program:
AFAN employs a dedicated staff of well trained HIV Prevention Specialists who coordinate participation in health fairs, facilitate prevention education workshops and outreach interventions. The various education programs target all segments of the community, are age appropriate and culturally diverse.

Outreach & Prevention:
AFAN’s Outreach Team reduces the incidence of HIV disease, both primary and secondary, through a combined effort with the Clark County Health District HIV Prevention Program and selected community based organizations including Westcare, Rape Crisis Center and Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth. The team focuses outreach services, activities, and interventions to high-risk priority populations who would not ordinarily access services.

Project UpFront:
Project UpFront is an interactive group of HIV+ speakers who disperse prevention messages throughout the community. Some Project UpFront activities include: Lunch & Learn, The Living Quilt, Art Expression, Faces of Courage, Art From the Heart, Massage Therapy and body works.

I will be joining the Penn and Teller Team and am volunteering at the *Awards Tent * this year! 

"Everyone Walks...Even Penn & Teller!"

Remember, Penn and Teller match ALL donations for their team and this is THE BIGGEST fundraiser for AFAN of the Year...... Everything Counts!

Welcome to the Donation Page of
Kathryn Grimaldi

Thank you for your involvement!

Enter Donation Amount Here:
*Currency shown: US Dollar


My Fundraising Goal:
$3,500.00Money Raised to Date:
If you are unable to donate online, please print out a donation form.WHAT'S YOUR COLOR?

Thank you for supporting the 2011 AIDS Walk Las Vegas. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

Thank You, all donations are accepted and appreciated!



Our Donors ::

Penn & Teller

              MGM Mirage

                Hard Rock Hotel

                        CDI Studios

                          MAC Aids Fund


                   Credit One Bank

                             Barrick North America

                              The Apothecary Shops

                              Good Neighbor Pharmacy

AFAN Executive Director ::

Jennifer Morss


Jennifer Morss

Jennifer Morss’s career in HIV began in 1999 with a television special on HIV/AIDS. It was while watching that show, Jennifer learned of individuals with HIV, dying alone in hospital beds without any friends and family around them. In essence, they had been ostracized by their entire support system. At that moment, she decided to become involved and affect change in the treatment of HIV-positive individuals by working to decrease HIV-related stigma and discrimination. After completing the American Red Cross HIV educators training, Jennifer became a volunteer HIV Prevention Educator and worked diligently in detention and drug recovery facilities. While she loved working as a volunteer, she still had not met anyone who was HIV-positive, nor was there the feeling that the work was ultimately diminishing existing stigma for these individuals.

In 2001, Jennifer moved to Nevada and began working at AFAN as the Project UpFront coordinator, AFAN’s HIV-positive speaker’s bureau, and has since held a range of positions within the organizations, such as Director of Programs, Director of Operations, and Associate Director. Her first month working at AFAN was life changing. The staff and clients welcomed her with open arms and she was quickly invited into their community and the war against HIV. It wasn’t until her work with AFAN that Jennifer realized HIV/AIDS had become her life’s purpose and she quickly became a strong advocate for the HIV community of Southern Nevada. The amazing, talented, and courageous individuals of the Project UpFront program taught her many things about appreciating life and taking time to enjoy the journey—life lessons that impact her to this day. Formal education, in the form of a Psychology BA degree has prepared her for the position of Executive Director, but who Jennifer is today, and what she is capable of, is truly because of the influence of this group of people. When she lost her first friend to “AIDS related complications,” it further solidified her resolve to work within this community. With every life challenged or lost, Jennifer’s passion is only amplified. 

Over the past 6 years, during her time at AFAN, she speaks of the honor of working with true experts of the field, who have chosen not only to make the difference, but also to empower our community to make a difference. This team of individuals came together to accomplish great things for the HIV community: increased private fund raising; increased corporate sponsorships; enhanced efficient programmatic infrastructure; increased federal, state, and local government grants; and yes, Jennifer’s life goal, decreasing HIV-related stigma and discrimination. The success of AFAN in providing highly effective, vital services is due solely to the continued dedication and unwavering commitment of the AFAN staff, volunteers, community partners, and Board of Trustees. Jennifer feels privileged to work with and for this community and is ecstatic for the opportunity to continue her service to all of you, as the Executive Director.

Passion for this organization, this cause, and this fight is close to Jennifer’s heart and an unwavering part of her life. Her husband Kevin and two-year old daughter Madilynn are often seen at fundraising and community events, showing their support of the vital work within AFAN’s mission. While Jennifer is looking forward to the day AFAN’s services are no longer needed, she is committed to leading this organization successfully and remaining in this community until that day. As long as HIV-positive individuals need assistance, AFAN will remain a central means for providing their essential support and services.

Together We Make A Difference!




AFAN Annual Report ::

For additional financial information, please contact our office at 702.382.2326.

Download PDF

Past Annual Reports: (Right Click then select “Save Target As” to download.)



What is Aid for AIDS of Nevada? 
Established in 1984, Aid for AIDS of Nevada (AFAN) is an independent, nonprofit AIDS service organization. AFAN is the oldest and largest AIDS service organization in Nevada.

What Services are provided by AFAN?Online with over 1,100 retailers and a percentage of your purchase will come back to AFAN
  • Client Services
    • Case Management
    • Transportation
    • Housing
    • AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP)
    • Health Insurance Continuation
    • Medication Adherence
  • Food Program
    • Food Vouchers
    • Nutritional Supplements
    • Nutritional Counseling
  • Education & Prevention
    • Outreach & Prevention
    • Healthy Relationships
    • Project UpFront
      • Lunch & Learns
      • Living Quilt
      • Art Experience
How many people does AFAN serve? 
AFAN serves approximately 2800 people per year. Our client base consists of individuals, families and children and includes all genders, races and ages.

Who is Eligible for Services? 
Southern Nevada and Mojave County residents with a diagnosis of HIV/AIDS who provide the following:
  • Proof of diagnosis (Positive Western Blot)
  • Proof of Nevada residency
  • Proof of income (wage stub, SSD/SSI award letter, VA benefits, TANF, CCSS )
  • Copy of photo identification card

Eligibility for individual programs will differ based on grant funding. For a complete eligibility screening, please make an appointment with a member of the Case Management team.

How is AFAN funded?

  • Community Support
  • Fundraising & Special Events
  • Federal, County, City and Foundation Grants

Your Help is Appreciated!

Designate AFAN to receive your United Way pledge.
Attend our two events; AIDS Walk Las Vegas and Black & White Party.
Volunteer opportunities are available.
Designate AFAN to receive your MGM Voice Foundation Employee Giving pledges



Find a Cure

Click Here to Shop Online and raise money!




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Posted: Feb 1, 2011 6:27am
Feb 12, 2007


Las Vegas Shelter Closes..Animals Need Help

February 12, 2007 : 12:00 AM
By Cathy Scott, Best Friends Animal Society

LAS VEGAS -- The Lied Animal Shelter, a regional facility in Las Vegas, has closed its doors in an unprecedented move after a deadly outbreak of epidemic proportions of parvo, distemper and feline panleukopenia.

The shelter needs help in the way of donated blankets and towels. Officials are regrouping to see what other needs they have, including a foster program and the possible need for volunteer veterinary technicians. To volunteer to foster dogs and cats still arriving daily at the shelter that have not been exposed to disease, contact information is at the bottom of this story.

Because Lied is contracted by Clark County and the cities of Las Vegas and North Las Vegas, animal control officers are continuing to drop off strays, but no owner turn-ins are being accepted.

Before it shut down, more than 200 animals a day were received at the shelter, which is privately run. Its clinic provides low-cost vaccinations and spays and neuters to the public, all of which have temporarily halted. Adoptions are on hold as well, as is pet licensing, which the shelter also handles.

Because of the rampant spread of disease, hundreds of dogs and cats in the lost-and-found areas of the shelter at North Mojave Road have in recent days been put down. To make room for the continuing daily intake of dogs and cats, adoptable animals could also be put down, according to Diane Orgill, executive director of the shelter.

Incoming dogs are temporarily being housed in bungalows not attached to the shelter, and cats are being housed inside shelter rooms not contaminated.

The shelter, which originally opened in 1978 to serve the cities of Las Vegas and North Las Vegas, has been overcrowded since it began in July 2005 taking in dogs and cats from the unincorporated area of Clark County.

Breed specific rescue groups were contacted the evening before the shelter closed, advising them of dogs to pick up.

One rescuer, Oli Lewis, the southern Nevada representative for the St. Bernard Rescue Foundation, arrived the next day to rescue three St. Bernards.

“To walk past all those dogs on the way to getting my Saints out of there killed me,” she said. “I wish I could have taken more.”

Because some dogs and cats were dying inside the shelter, officials called the Humane Society of the United States for evaluation.

The move to shut down and also do mass euthanasias was a last resort, Diane said. That decision was made after a team put together by HSUS made the recommendations to shelter officials three days ago. Veterinarians from the University of California, Davis, accompanied by HSUS inspectors to the shelter.

“(The euthanizations) are being done to stop the spread of disease,” Diane said in a telephone interview. It’s a difficult time and not something employees wanted to happen, she noted.

A three-day plan of action, put together by HSUS, was immediately put into effect, which meant the euthanasia of any dogs and cats showing symptoms, she said. Employees, since the shelter shut down, have been assigned rooms where they are bleaching, cleaning, drying, re-cleaning and sealing the concrete floors.

A short-term plan includes, in part, ensuring kennels are kept clean to prevent the spread of disease in the future.

To offer to foster a dog or cat not exposed to the diseases, contact the facility at 702-384-3333, Ext. 4. To volunteer your time or services, contact the shelter’s volunteer coordinator, Terri Magnani, at 702-384-333, Ext. 6. To donate to the shelter, go online to

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February 12, 2007 at 2:44 PM
posted by: cathyscott
Gloria: My understanding is Lied has a minimum of 35 percent euthanasia rate, which goes up as the population increases. There's a foster program in place, but the numbers are fairly low. Rescue groups take dogs and cats out on a regular basis, but that, too, is not a large number (Best Friends has been one of those groups, rescuing small dogs from there over the last couple of years).

The shelter, on any given day, houses a total of 3,000 animals. It's been reported that as many as 1,800 dogs and cats have been euthanized since late last week. --CS
February 12, 2007 at 1:57 PM
posted by: Gloria
Cathy ~ Thank you for your professional reporting of such a painful story. My heart goes out to the animals and the staff.

Do you know if there are any statistics available about the number of animals who were being placed into homes or sent to other rescues out of the 200+ animals who were being brought into the shelter each day (before this tragedy happened)?

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Posted: Feb 12, 2007 6:41pm


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