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Apr 10, 2012

This is a picture of Haines. So frightened poor baby!

Spot and Haines were prisoners in a High Kill Shelter in Texas. I first noticed them when I started posting adoptable pets in who ae in danger in this High Kill Shelter..trying to get them homes. There is a whole network of volunteers who devote their time, tears and energy to this task. The end is nowhere in sight but most of us vow not to stop until the shleters are empty and KILL shelters are a thing of the past. It can be done! Easily! Start in your own corner of the world by spaying and neutering your pets.

So there was Spot < Miles > and Haines. Miles is a little Doxie mix and just as scared. Getting more depressed by the day when no one seemed interested in adopting him. Of course that made him even less desirable to folks looking for a pet. Yes, I felt so bad for all of the animals, but these three were just heavy on my heart. I started posting how cute they were and that if I could get Spot to Oregon I would adopt him in a heartbeat. (You would be surprised how many people post that exact sentiment!!) One of the other volunteers said, ya know, if you're serious it can be done. Well, I thought about it and thought about it and finally decided to at least see what I could find out. AS it turns out, I posted a plea on Pilots 4 Paws request board and actually got a phone call that same day! It was a lady who is a pilot. One of the many private fliers who donate transport flights for rescue animals who need a ride to their new homes!! I was flabbergasted! First by who quickly I got a response and secondly at how committed she was to finding a way to make it work. She was taking a little dog back that way but not as far as where Spot was so she was working on that but it didn't seem to be working out the way she was trying to work it out. Actually, I started getting confused when she started talking about Phoenix and then I would still have to get Spot up to Oregon from California even if she did work it out so I started getting nervous and frustrated so I place another ad on uShip and I had a great bid within a few hours! I couldn't believe how fast I got a response and how easily the whole thing was set up!! So there it was! We were actually going to be able to rescue a sweet animal from a high kill shelter and give him a great home and a happy life rather than meeting his end in the shelter.

We were so excited at how easily it was all worked out...well, I say easy now, but actually the whole thing took about four days from beginning to end and I was a nervous wreck the whole time until it was settled firmly.

Then I got to thinking about Miles and Haines and their scared, sad little faces. I started reading their pages again and the comments that had been left on both pages when I read something I hadn't paid attention to before. One of the volunteers who is co-founder of a rescue shelter had commented several times about how she had been going to take Miles but his stray hold wasn't up yet so I messaged her and asked her if that was indeed what she intended to do. I explained to her what was happening and that if she were to take Miles that would allow me to adopt Haines and all three of them could be saved. She agreed to this which was great so now I had to see what my transport company was going to say about this!!

I messaged them on Easter and asked them if they would mind if Haines hitched a ride along with Spot. We could definitely NOT afford to pay another transport fee for another dog so this would be strictly of the freebie nature. smile. They called me back in about an hour and said to make the arrangements and they would bring them both home!

So Spot and Haines will be on their way to Oregon one day this week. The transport gives themselves a little window for pickup and delivery, which is understandable. Can't tell sometimes what you will run into on the road. They sound like a good company with their promise to walk the dogs 4x each day, feed 3x each day and change bedding every 6 hours.

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Posted: Apr 10, 2012 5:56pm


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