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Feb 5, 2010

X for X-treme

Lost in the rhythm

lost in the time

Brought up by the me me me generation.

Thus paving our destiny for the X-treme...

We ran, we cried.

We created,  we destroyed ourselves, many times over.

And out of all our desparate yearning to finally be acknowledged, we gave you 24-hour customer service, 24-hour world wide web access to all kinds of communication, neccessary to access us.

So where were you, me me me generation? Would it be presumptutious of me to allude to your whereabouts and such?  Perhaps, you were still off on your 'me' journey,  seeking a pathetic validation or two and needing to always belong somewhere. 

You, being more willing to mindlessly take your psychedellic trip with the society-sanctioned industries, who by the way, were more than happy to appease your sense of bellonging and quench your need for validation.

So like, whatever!  Just let the elite few hold your hand and lead you down bullshit lane. 

For there are a few of us Gen Xers who are leading the way to a place where scientific method,  research and truth prevail. 


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Posted: Feb 5, 2010 1:25pm
Feb 5, 2010

Seek the Truth & dismiss the B***s***t for what it is
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Category: Religion and Philosophy
 What if most of what you learned from your parents about God, prophets, religious guidelines and the like was all part of a well thought out, completely fabricated, conglomerate of LIES?!  Would you be a bit angery and resentful?  Well, I was angry, but through the years I've grown more tolerant.  Giving the justification, 'they meant well,' is my way of softening the blow in relation to the built-up of resentment that I kept locked up inside.  But, I am an emotional being!  So, When I feel as if the world has beaten me down into a submission hold, the LAST thing I want to hear is:  you should go to 'church.' 

This 'church' reference in itself is a lie!  This moronic cult I speak of is well financed (worth 50 Billion dollars) and successful in supressing the truth.  And so, this is the gist of a piece of the story which has been successfully supressed for the most part. 

This treasure hunter/cult organizer, JS, supposably found ancient golden plates and claimed that he was visited by an angel of God.  He convinced a few respected men of the town to verify & witness one of his shows.  This show, according to E, JS's first wife, included two peebles and a magicians hat.  He actually convinced these few men that God was helping him translate Egyptian style golden plates into English.  Then, one of the 'verifying' men brought home some of JS's works for his wife to look at.  Upon, reading over JS's interpretation, she hid these few pages and told her husband that if JS could reinterperate this section of the golden plates, then she too would be convinced.  Since JS had the full support of God, this shouldn't be a problem, right?!   After hearing from this 'verifier' that the loaned out part of the translation had been lost, JS reassured the 'verifier' that indeed the text was sacred.  And, upon the following  return of the verifier, JS said that if he didn't bring back the sacred documents of God then God would curse him and his family. JS, called himself a prophet and married girls, some as young 14.  He also commited murders and burned down a 'free thinking' printing press, all in the name of God.

Furthermore, there is a true account of what life was like with a moronic cult leader.  A former wife of JS's successor, BY, managed to escape and tell her story.  Unfortunatly, this book remained out of print for many years.  "Wife No. 19, a life in bondage" By Ann Eliza Young is a more accurate, but hushed part of this cults history. 

Freedom and Happiness comes from my research into dirty secrets and lies told by 'authority figures'; For indeed I am happy that I am an intellegent woman who is free from the bondage of a cult that my parents forced me too participate in.  Though many see me as financially impoverished, I  gleefully sing the words of Janis Joplin,"Freedoms just another word for nothing left to lose..."     ~Lisa

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Posted: Feb 5, 2010 1:21pm


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