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Nov 23, 2006

'You must be the change you wish to see in the world' Ghandi

1- What

Tree-Nation is an ecological project with a focused objective:
To plant 8 million trees in the Sahara to fight desertification!

Large-scale plantation of trees will increase the land's productivity and re-generate the soil.

Tree-nation is an online community in which you can buy your own tree and become the guardian of a real and happy tree that we will plant in our park in Niger.

Our objective is two-fold:
Primarily environmental, but also closely linked to the humanitarian aid that it will provide in the long term. The project will benefit local populations in terms of welfare, education and farming practices.

And that is not all...
The benefits of preventing desertification extend beyond trees to other kinds of plant and animal life. Any opportunity to re-introduce and/or help prevent any endangered species will therefore become an integral part of our mission.

2- Why

'Desertification is potentially the most threatening ecosystem change impacting livelihoods of the poor.' (United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification

Desertification is not about advancing deserts, it is about land degradation caused by climate change and human induced factors. That's right, US! By planting your tree, you can help combat this process and regenerate the productivity of the land.

3- Where

We have chosen to plant our large-scale park in Niger, the poorest country in the world according to the HDI index (177/177 developing countries - Africa, and especially its Sub-Saharan part, is the area that is most affected by desertification and poverty, which is why we are concentrating our efforts in this region.

4- How

We will work closely with local communities, nurseries and organisations to ensure that we create the best possible environment for the trees to grow steadily. We believe that the combination of international expertise, privately invested funds and local community knowledge will be key ingredients to a successful project.

5- Who


On our interactive website, as a member of the Tree-Nation community, you will play an active role in the development of the project: contributing suggestions, sharing photos and gathering ideas in the Tree-Blogs. The community will provide a platform through which everyone including, scientific experts, celebrities, politicians and students can debate and resolve global environmental challenges, and even create their own projects.
Tree-Nation as a business hopes to inspire its community members to take on environmental challenges themselves. The community is crucial, as it will determine the growth and development of Tree-Nation and further projects that it pursues. Join now and become part of this new and exciting project.

6- We

We are a young and dynamic company, of diverse cultures and nationalities, located in Barcelona, Spain. We share the same vision that although protecting the environment is a serious issue, we will make it funky and fresh at the same time. Tree-Nation is a company whose fundamental philosophy is to use business enterprise for ecological projects. By planting your tree, you are not only investing in your own future, but also the future of others.

7- Wow

- 8 million trees in the desert

- Mapping technology - Tree-Nation uses mapping technology in a way that has never been done before!
- GPS Spot - Your tree will have a GPS spot allowing you to track it on the internet wherever you are. Tree-Nation wants to show that fighting desertification is not only a good initiative that will reduce the effects of climate change, not to mention improve the lives of thousands of people, but that it can also be rewarding and fun!

Essentially, Tree-Nation is about combining inspiration, enthusiasm and ideas. Share your ideas!

8- Wonder

Now you wonder what is next. Well, we have some big surprises for you. So let's meet in Tree-Nation.

Be the change!


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Posted: Nov 23, 2006 4:01am


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