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Aug 26, 2010

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Posted: Aug 26, 2010 7:55am
Aug 23, 2010
    In the Elementary level, introducing to the various animals and plants are very important. It because in the Elementary level as a base of knowledge when the students go to higher level of education. Introducing them without going to the far place is a wise thing, because it doesn't spend much time and much money. The teacher could facilitate them to observe the animals such as insects, reptiles, avian around the school yard. The topics that may be possible to this observation are recognizing the animals' diet, the way they reproduce, and the way they survive their life, as well as their symbiosis with other creatures.
    State Elementary school Mojorejo 01 is one of schools which have a wide yard and the former teachers planted the yard with various plants. The function of trees is not only as the ornament; in order the school appears more beautiful, but also make the atmosphere of the school is cool and fresh. It because trees absorb carbon dioxide produced by the students during the school day and vehicles on the road, as the position of this school is near the busy road.
    The main purpose of this article is to show the students how to observe their environment, how to get the benefit from the environment and how to treat environment wisely. At last but not least this article wants to show the recent issue about the global warming and the way how to reduce it in the simple way.
    In this moment I would like to say thank you to God as by His guide this article can be published, my husband, Ridlo, who give me total support, the head master and the teachers of SDN Mojorejo 01 especially Mrs. Sulis Andriani and Mrs. Eko Lufi Destiowati, who have give me constructive criticism and cooperation. Hopefully this article gives benefit to all readers.


    Below are several pollination moments on some flowers around the school yard. On picture 1, ants help pollination on Euphorbia. Picture 2 and picture 3, butterflies are taking nectar from flowers with their probosys. Then their feet touch pollen and pistil, and this help pollination on those flowers. Picture 4, praying mantis eats leave of flower; it also helps the pollination process on the flower. In these moments there is a mutual symbiosis in which both animals and plants get the benefit. The animals take nectar from flower as their food and help the flowers to pollinate; it is the pioneer process in plants multiplying or reproducing their generation. 

    Every living creature needs to reproduce its generation. The main purpose is to defend the number of its population and help to keep natural balance. There are two types of mating; those are internal fertilization and external fertilization. In internal mating, the animal has outer fertilization organ therefore the fertilization process happen inside the body of animal. Mean while in external fertilization, animal has no outer fertilization organ, therefore the fertilization process takes place out of the animal body.
    Below are the internal fertilization processes which happen on butterflies and snails. The characteristics of male butterfly are smaller and the color is brighter. Mean while for the female butterfly, it has bigger body than the male one and the color is more faded (picture 1). Even though snails are hermaphrodite animal (have both male and female organ in one body), however the maturity of sperm and ovum in one body is different, that is why it still need other (picture 2).  Both fertilizations of butterflies and snails are happen around the school yard.


    Besides reproduction, another thing that the creatures should have to survive their existence on the earth is the ability to defense. There are three types of defense system; they are: using the body organ, producing chemical substance, and attitude.
    On the picture 1, the chameleon uses its sticky and long tongue to catch the prey. Its preys usually are small insects such as mosquitoes or grasshopper. It also has another type of self defense that is the ability to change the complexion base on the environment when it is in a danger position; this ability is called mimicry. On picture 2, the butterfly uses its specific organ to get the food; that is mouth. It has the long mouth just like a tusk. The function of the long mouth in butterfly is to get the nectar from flower. The butterfly's long mouth is called probosys.
    On pictures 3 and 4 those animals produce a certain chemical substance to defense their life. Frog produce poisonous urine and caterpillar produce poison on its fur. The effect when there is a contact with the poison is like burnt and irritation on skin.
    The recent issue and the warmest topic to be discussed on the surface of the earth is a global warming. The global warming may be caused the effect of uncontrollable logging on tropic forest; using exaggerated chemical substances on farming; changing the function of absorbing land to be farming area or houses. Mean while the effect of global warming is so frightening such as rising the amount of carbon dioxide as the earth's ability to absorb this gas reduce dramatically then this will rise earth temperature, rising sea wave, famine, diseases, etc..
    Due to the scary effects of the global warming, therefore State Elementary School Mojorejo 01 tries to make a "green" program. This program hopefully could reduce the effect of global warming especially on its environment. In this program under Mrs. Eko Lufi guidance; students are trained to plant various plants and to care of them, for example: watering, fertilizing, reproducing, and making aesthetic plants formation.

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Posted: Aug 23, 2010 2:56am


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