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Dec 23, 2008

As the cost of living increases, people everywhere are rethinking their needs for affordable ways to live. Many homes become huge financial burdens. A beautiful Earth Sheltered Home can be affordable to build and to maintain, while working in sync with the environment. Now that's "Green." The whole building process supports of the natural environment. That's sustainable living.

Society has been looking for sustainability! Well, I present to you the solution! It is in our best interests and the interest of future generations that we as individuals have the awareness to choose a better way of living. We live in the most exciting time in the earths history! Technology is making what was thought impossible a reality. With science fighting global warming around the clock we find ourselves on the edge of a revolution. This is what's known as the energy revolution! The world has given to us for thousands of years and now humanity returns the favour.

                                                    The energy revolution is here!

Earth Sheltered Living offers the solution we have all long awaited. With an increase in population and energy ahead of us, this alternative lifestyle presents itself at exactly the right time.

Earth Sheltered Living solves many of the building, environmental ecology, human habitat, and medical health problems we face today with wood or steel frame construction. Concrete is composed of sand, gravel, portland (a natural product), and water. Concrete structures have existed for many thousands of years, whereas wood-frame houses are relatively new (300 years). Concrete is not flammable, is not food for any insect, is not chemically dangerous, and will protect us in many ways. Besides being very strong, concrete structures are not affected by time deterioration, as wood or steel structures are, and takes less time to build, conserving financial resources. The environmental issues caused by wood-based construction are enormous. Timber harvesting (besides ruining the landscape) results in erosion, increased wildfire danger, and wildlife endangerment, not to mention the years it takes nature to recompose itself in its ecological framework.

Then, there is the human factor. We are endangering our own existence. Many of today's medical problems today are created from the toxic materials in our building systems (residential, commercial, and industrial). We have allergies, sinus problems, learning disabilities, mental disorders, arthritis pain, cancers, even THINKING issues, and all are exacerbated by the building materials we use today.

The implementation of Earth Sheltered Living would shift the concept of Green construction. This movement would transform the environment, leading to a sustainable future.

I encourage you to sign my petition!

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Posted: Dec 23, 2008 8:35pm


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