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May 4, 2012
Focus: Animal Welfare
Action Request: Petition
Location: United States

Similar to pit bull fighting, pigeon racing is a cruel hobby that entertains spectators at the expense of animal lives. Pigeon race organizers train homing pigeons and drive them hundreds of miles away from their homes before releasing them. The bird who flies home fastest wins the race.

In many races, over 60 percent of the birds die due to severe weather, predators, electric line or exhaustion. In one race, which tool place in Queens, NY, only four out of 213 birds survived. Some racers intentionally separate birds from their mates and young to encourage them to fly home faster. Pigeons are caring mates and parents, and this separation causes severe emotional distress. After racing season, the babies are often killed.

In addition to being cruel, the "sport" encourages illegal gambling. Pigeon racing raises an estimated $15 million a year, a major motivator for participants. Please sign the petition to convince Attorney General Eric Holder to take action against pigeon racing.

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Posted: May 4, 2012 7:36am
Jan 9, 2012
Focus: Animal Welfare
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Location: United States

A recent undercover investigation by Mercy for Animals captured footage of sadistic abuse and neglect toward turkeys raised for food in a N.C. Butterball slaughterhouse. Workers were caught on video kicking and dragging turkeys, bashing their heads with metal rods and neglecting birds with large wounds. Thanks to their report, Butterball promised to investigate the plant.

Mercy for Animal's victory is bittersweet, however; activists fear that the FBI may charge the group under the 2006 Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, which prohibits conduct "for the purpose of damaging or interfering with the operations of an animal enterprise." Additionally, five states are considering an "ag-gag" bill that would criminalize undercover photographs and videos at food production plants.

People have the right to know where their food comes from and how animals are treated during production. Investigative reporters are not "terrorists" as indicated by the 2006 act, and their services educate people on the cruelty and sadism present in food production plants. Past exposes and resulting protests and boycotts have convinced companies to discontinue unethical practices that harm animals and compromise human health. Criminalizing undercover photos and videos gives sadistic slaughterhouse workers the freedom to treat animals however they wish while keeping consumers completely in the dark. Please sign the petition to protect investigators' rights to take photos and videos at food production plants.

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Posted: Jan 9, 2012 2:18pm
Dec 27, 2011
Focus: Animal Welfare
Action Request: Petition
Location: United States

In malls nationwide, "Pocket Pals" kiosks owned by CBL & Associates are selling tiny, exotic marsupials called sugar gliders. Because of the kiosks' locations in malls and the species' cute appearance, shoppers purchase the animals on impulse like toys, oblivious to their special, long-term needs.

Sugar gliders are playful, nocturnal mammals native to Australia, where they live communally with up to 30 family members. In the U.S., most sugar gliders will live all by themselves in desolate, unfamiliar cages.

Their natural diet consists of native insects, wattle gum and eucalyptus sap, which U.S. shoppers rarely have access to.

Sugar gliders deserve to live in their native habitat, where they can glide, play with their family members and search for food. Shoppers do not need these pets and typically grow bored with them shortly after purchase. Please sign the petition to convince U.S. Congress to outlaw the sale of sugar gliders at malls.

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Posted: Dec 27, 2011 2:47pm
Dec 8, 2011
Focus: Animal Welfare
Action Request: Petition
Location: United States

In late November 2011, pop star Janet Jackson debuted a line of genuine mink fur coats, jackets, vests, scarves and gloves for clothing company Blackglama. In addition to helping design the collection, Jackson is modeling for Blackglama as part of their "What Becomes a Legend Most" campaign.

Many of the artist's fans are shocked by her decision to wear and promote fur, especially since she has spoken against fur in the past and appears on several celebrity vegetarian lists. In a press statement about the fur line, Jackson said, "The art of fashion is one of my great passions." 

According to Blackglama's website, "... less than 2% of the world's black mink population [is] deemed worthy of the exclusive Blackglama name." Unfortunately, these minks will live their lives in cramped cages before being killed by poison, electrocution, suffocation or gas.

An average of 40 minks must be killed to make one fur coat.
 Please sign the petition to convince Janet Jackson to end her fur line.

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Posted: Dec 8, 2011 7:20am


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