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Dec 17, 2008

Empathy Action Group (CLICK)

I am forcing the change in the Empathy group; I have not done all the perpetration work that I hoped, but I can wait no longer.

Our group has passed its second anniversary, and has experienced radical growth; we have fleshed out what is probably the most important issue of all feeling beings: empathy. I think the most important lesson from our learning is to focus on emotional communication as the tool of positive change, and leave behind most of the thought, because thought is not necessarily feeling.

It has been a great two years. I have reactivated nearly all of the threads and the discussions are some of the most valuable in the world.

Empathy Action is Action Research guided by Empathy, or more accurately, Emotional Communication. Following the model developed in the Katrina group (CLICK), we will try to find a few important and deep rooted and focused causes. With Empathy, these efforts should reach out to all the people of America and the world because they focus on all their personal benefits. And because we have demonstrated empathy, they can feel confidence in what we are asking for; even those who themselves lack empathy; who have no functioning emotional communication neurons.

  • Animal related causes
  • Wide group interaction -- with whole nations, continents and even the world
  • Information Society support: highly technical
  • Energy as part of the world economy, and important to polar bears * Nuturition, housing, and the other basics
  • Psychological and theraputic reality: showing people that they need to feel the effects they have on others

The empathy model, my next area of writing is here at the Wikiversity (CLICK)

The framework is good, a good start. There is a discussion page there, and sub-set pages can be created to contain the action projects.

Ultimately Empathy Action needs to be framed as Emotional Communication as that is what empathy really is, as empathy is about the connections between us, even the connections we feel within ourselves.

Empathy Model

The action aspect will be based on the success of the Katrina support group now known as "Katrina, Remembered" and the writing I developed from our success for my degree in Information Technology that looked closely at the action research model. There are links on the group page, and I will create a library of all our writing after I work on the Empathy Model page.

The basic idea is to focus the efforts of the group along the lines of the psycho- and sociological model we have been developing here in this group. With a few but important and wide-reaching causes developed based on highly accurate information aimed, almost as a weapon, a the policy makers of the world on behalf of the greater good.

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Posted: Dec 17, 2008 4:04pm
May 30, 2007
America has always had diversity, by the 1960s America had become the most diverse country in the world, and had enacted laws specifically to assure equality.

Of course all that failed, and the reasons for its failure are well understood: drugs, corruption, continued overseas war.

Diversity is back, but now it is not just the liberal mantra, but conservative mantra as well: the neo-conservatives, or, alternately, the neo-liberals.

This is, according to both conservative and liberal writing, a good time.  Conservatives are losing control of the government after the apparently retarded behaviors of the sitting president (2007), but they are satisfied as their opposition loyally celebrates their market victories.  After the devastating crash of the best thing that ever happened, the new economy, which pulled down the world economy, the centralized numbers of capital markets have recently climbed to new highs and continue to climb.

Probably the best source for this joy is NPR, both praised and vilified as the social half of the government, its "market report" celebrates the climbing market figures, and celebrates the debts of America to the rest of its trade partners, notably China and India as an evening of the world wealth.  Figures surrounding the American people's debt to China are easy to find, but America's debt to India is unknown to the American people, as the government refuses to release debt figures for services, such as technology economy that was given to India. Also important and deliberately hidden is another huge debt: the drug debt to Mexico.  Along with the financial debt is of course the damage of the narcotics themselves.

Even those who profit from globalism and America's mountainous and increasing debts, especially China, openly laugh at the naivety of NPR commentators as these commentators speculate during interviews about all the wealth American will receive as soon as China and India "turn around" and start buying services from America.

But can this be real?  Is it possible for news services to be unaware of America's mounting and potentially ruinous debts as well as the endemic poverty, and more important --repression, of these countries who are specifically being benefited by globalism a business and therefore conservative empire, and are being protected by the liberal faction, specifically under the banner of diversity?

I think foremost NPR listeners are suspect, either of pathological naivety, or, more likely, duplicity.  They want to their investments to make them rich, but they also want to feel good about themselves, to give themselves credit for being good humans by becoming wealthy by spreading the America's wealth.  When they are brought to the reality that

NPR is mostly vilified by conservatives for being pro-environmental, but the brand of economic growth promoted by editorial influences at NPR --the spreading of capital to poorer nations-- can only cause increases in pollution, the most important of which is the carbon dioxide that is melting the polar ice caps-- what is called global warming.  The use if the word "global" in global warming is a misnomer, just as I am trying to show in this writing that the word diversity is a misnomer.  We do not live on a globe, we live on a planet --on a world.  This is world warming, not a globe; as a globe is a spherical map, the kind representative of colonialism as it continues through to our time as globalism, or globalization.

The Multicultural Culture is the culture of globalism. Every nation has a dominant culture and several dominated cultures.  Within the dominate culture is an elite, usually groups of families who have been able to empower themselves to the point of dominating their own and all the other cultures.  

In the US, the dominant culture is White, and the elite of the dominate culture is the military and the enforcement branches of government.  There are few if any liberals in these areas of government. Because of the lack of criticism to extreme conservatism in these areas, I think that it can be assumed that there is extensive influence from conservative extremist organizations such of the KKK in both the military and enforcement.

This knowledge, I imagine, may influence people to think that foreign influences can only be good, and diversity, whatever that may mean, is the proper route.

What is true, if you believe that all things are equal in the world, and that we humans behave as a human race, is that this structural arrangement exists throughout the world.  In the more socialized countries of Northern Europe the centrist control by control extremists is moderated.  But in poverty stricken countries, most of whom have the necessary resources to raise themselves, the style of repression promoted by the KKK has shown itself again and again; with the genocides of Rwanda are the strongest examples.

Far more extreme and less recognized are the repressive practices in China, India, and Latin America.  While repression is everywhere and needs to be addressed universally, or unilaterally, I am trying to show with this writing the duplicity in our nation that ultimately promotes repression -- even by people labeled as died-in-the-wool liberals.  What I think is that special attention to the potential duplicities of people whose social labels start with the snippet "liber" such as liberals, trade liberalists.  Also needing scrutiny is the link between all this "liberation" and the destruction of the environment on a planetary level.  How much of liberalism, especially environmental liberalism, is simply a smoke screen for global enterprise.

The most glaring examples of duplicity are found in the wealthy who work to help the poor, specifically celebrities.  Lewis Mumford, who carefully mapped the roles of control and authority as part of repression for the benefit of industrial owners calls this phenomena "false charity."  

It would seem that someone sympathetic to the poor world live a moderate lifestyle, as an example to the other wealthy if not for reasons of sympathy for the poor.  A quick survey of wealthy and active liberals show that is not the case.

The best examples of celebrity fighters for the poor are Bono, of the popular rock band U2, and Angelina Jolie, who gives us an electrifying sexuality and violence experience on the big screen, and tastefully too!

Questions about the validity of Bono's and Jolie's generosity had been growing in my mind as I began to see indicators possibly linking both of them to Mumford's concept of "false charity."  I chose Bono for this discussion, as Jolite seems difficult to understand because of her seemingly strange behaviors.

Recently I had a discussion with a neighbor of mine in New York City, a middle class Irish immigrant initially about empathy, my favorite discussion topic, but the discussion quickly moved towards globalism-- and Bono.  Specifically she started to tell me about the benefits of capitalism; this coming from a woman I believe to be highly liberal surprised me.  She attached for me the economic benefits of globalization (her word) and the kindnesses that Bono's organizations provide for the poor.  She sees the shipping of the jobs of middle class Americans to to India, for instance, as being equivalent to generosity of Bono's support organizations.  I tried to show her how the "spreading of America's wealth" in such a way that nations emulate the American economy are only going to contribute to the melting of the polar ice, something which she agrees is bad, because the American economy is so dependent on the wasteful use of energy.  When I tried to show these connections between economic empowerment and the environment, she became hostile, and I felt that she was forming in her mind a false perception that I am a racist, effectively, because I oppose capitalization and globalization.  She did show irritation at my criticism of capitalization, and when I felt I was reaching an important point in understanding this connection, she cut me off saying she had other things to do.

In effect, her support for Bono got my attention as she is also such a strong supporter of capitalism and globalization, and that she linked the generosity of Bono's organizations and the globalist "spreading" of American middle class wealth, and the resources of the American poor to the other nations.  When I pointed out to her increasing Black poverty in America, an example of poverty easily seen by this woman, she said "many Black people are successful."  I felt from that statement she was deriding me as being biased against Blacks; this would be an absurd to anyone who knows me as my love of Black American culture has shaped my life.

Bono is having with a neighbor of his, the 1980s rock star Billy Squire, according to a recent article in the New York Times.  Bono is upset that the smoke from Squire's fireplace has drifted into Bono's apartment; there is a multimillion dollar lawsuit in the works.  Bono claims that Billy Squire's woodsmoke is toxic poison; that Squire is slowly killing Bono and his family.  The mention of fireplace in New York City may seem odd, but in the apartments of the very, very rich, there are often fireplaces.

I like to live a natural life in the woods in my cabin, I have had experience with wood smoke.  Being in New England it should not be surprising that it has a wood stove.  I occasionally breath wood smoke escaping through the stove's door; not for a millisecond have I thought that this smoke would kill me.  Bono should know that the majority of the people he supports with his organizations breath wood smoke as they use wood as cooking fuel; he should know that they don't suffer from cancer, presumably the result he expecting from Squire's woodsmoke, but from the effects of isolation: starvation and disease.

Knowing this it is hard for me to take Bono seriously as an international sponsor and representative of the world's suffering.  It is possible that Bono fits the model of duplicity described by Mumford, and being daily proven by the people who are generally described by words starting with "liber-" all who whom support "global diversity," often violently.  While Bono is more closely associated with fighting poverty than promoting diversity, I believe that the two causes are closely related, and that Bono represents these causes more than any other person.  The confusion of both meanings of words, and even the meaning of the world's economies can be easily confused, and that ultimately people who think they are helping the poor be empowered are only helping the elite cultures of the world spread poverty and exploit the enviroment.  It is afterall the purpose of every corporation to lower the costs of their resources, both material and human, and get what they can for their products.  Approaches like Bonos may ulitimately cause pain because it apparently works in parallel with the goals capital globalization.

My suspicions about the use of the word "diversity" started when I was watching TV a few years ago, and heard a federal Forest Ranger being interviewed on Hoover Dam, describe the destruction of local fish species by the building, and their replacement with other, and more numerous species of fish. Because there had been a diversification, there were more and more varied other species. I remembered this since it was so hypocritical as to be completely stupid, but I believe that most people listening to that explanation will buy into its logic. What about the species that got destroyed? What about the local environment? People who normally support the environment will buy into this, and then help destroy the local habitat.

My assumption at the time was that the word diversity was being re-worked to really mean the destruction of the local environment, by replacing life within it with other species. This means that life as we know it around us, is killed and then replaced with other life. That life includes us as people; through the diversity process we get replaced by others.

Now that American (and an Irish immigrant) liberals have seemingly rubber-stamped the neo-conservative "new world order" of globalization, there is no reason for globalists to hide their tactics or reasoning. Now their strongest asset, their lack of conscience and with it their skills at lying, blossom in a renaissance of fraud, a carnival of lies, greed, social repression, and environmental destruction.  The term "diverse," which has only recently been linked to culture and the environment in meaning, leads as in fraud as a concept, almost as a evil person might.

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Posted: May 30, 2007 10:27am
Oct 29, 2006
Focus: Civil Rights
Action Request: Protest
Location: New York, United States
Protest the Murder of our friend Brad Will!
No Massacre! No Police!

Mexican Consulate in New York City
27 E. 39th St between Park and Madison
Monday, October 30th 2006 at 9 am
Directions: 6 train to 33rd. 4, 5, or 6 to 42nd St. 7 Train to 5th
B, D, F, or V to 42nd.
Bring Red Markers and wear a white tee shirt that can be drawn on.

Last Friday, October, 27, 2006, our friend Brad Will was brutally
by government-backed paramilitary forces in Oaxaca, Mexico, while
as a journalist for the global Indymedia network. Now, Brad's death is
being used as a pretext by the Mexican government and media to send in
federal police forces to massacre the people of Oaxaca.

In solidarity with the people of Oaxaca, we demand that:

1. All armed forces acting on behalf of the government against the
people of Oaxaca be removed immediately

2. The illegitimate governor Ruiz be removed immediately;

3. The federal government negotiate directly with the people on the
barricades in Oaxaca;

4. Guilty parties on all levels be identified and held accountable
for the assassinations of Brad Will and the other civilian victims
in Oaxaca.

We make these demands in support of the Oaxacan people’s efforts to
establish an
autonomous popular government that recognizes local traditions and




Denunciar el asesinato de nuestro amigo, Brad Will!

No a la Masacre! No a la Policia!

Consulado Mexicano en la Ciudad de Nueva York
Lunes, 30 de Octubre, 2006 a las 9 de la manana.

Direcciones: toma el tren 6 a la Calle 33. 4,5, o 6 a la Calle 42. tren
a la 5 Avenida. B,D,F, o V a la Calle 42.

Traiga marcadores rojos y una camiseta blanca para dibujar en ella.

El pasado viernes 27 de Octubre de 2006, en Santa Lucía del Camino,
Oaxaca, México, fue asesinado nuestro amigo Brad Will por fuerzas
paramilitares apoyadas por el gobierno del estado de Oaxaca. Brad
trabajando como periodista para la red internacional de Indymedia.

La prensa y el gobierno están usando la muerte de Brad como pretexto
enviar más fuerzas estatales a la zona.

Exigimos que las fuerzas del gobierno no tomen como pretexto su muerte,
para escalar la opresión y la violencia contra el pueblo de Oaxaca.
Exigimos, en solidaridad con el pueblo de Oaxaca:
1.La expulsión inmediata de todas las fuerzas armadas, trabajando de
del gobierno.
2.La expulsión inmediata del gobernador ilegitimo, Ulises Ruiz Ortiz.
3.Que el gobierno federal empiece negociaciones directas con la gente
las barricadas en Oaxaca.
4.Que los culpables, a todo nivel, sean identificados como
por el asesinato de Brad Will y de otras víctimas civiles oaxaqueñas.

Hacemos estas demandas en solidaridad con el esfuerzo del pueblo de
para establecer un gobierno autónomo y popular que reconozca y respete
valores y tradiciones locales.

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Posted: Oct 29, 2006 6:19pm


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