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Oct 8, 2006


Rattlesnake Manifesto CLICK

I have been reading a book called Mutual Aid by Peter Kropotkin, a 1800s Russian sort-of pacifist/revolutionary. He shows how we people, and especially animals thrive by helping each other. He talks about natural commuALism, which was destroyed all over Europe by the annexation of the public lands by the wealthy and the nobles. And also, in his native Russia, communALism was destroyed by commUNism (true irony).

He also describes an admiring attitude of the New World peoples by Europeans sick of the abuses of the wealthy and the nobles: people we would think of as Natives, what they called the Noble Savages.

This to me is really advanced thinking, despite the silliness of the term noble savages. I would very much like to write about this, maybe in a novel about natural people, both Native and European living in the places like Vermont during the 1600-1700s.

I would also like to write about the two rebellions against the early American government: the Whiskey rebellion and Shay's rebellion.

The feeling by Shay and his supporters was that Geo. Washington betrayed the natural desire for freedom by Americans-- the reason people came here from Europe.

The Whiskey rebellion was only partly about distilling and taxation; the real issue was land. Philadelphia lawyers, including Ben Franklin, were drawing lines on the official maps to give vast land tracts to themselves. This is defined as annexation of the public domain by the wealthy. If you lived inside Ben's box, even before he drew the lines, you had to buy the land you lived on from him: annexation is the ultimate theft.

From the Whiskey rebellion we learn that all land is stolen. All land needs to be returned to the public domain. Today, because trade deficits have made the US a debtor to the world, land annexation now extends to giving away our land resources to the foreign capital interests who are robbing us blind through globalism and multiculturalism. This is the new colonialism, same as the old colonialism. This is why our nation needs to unite more than ever.

Also important is the relationship between land and knowledge in the new Information Society, which is the Internet. Public domain software and stored data is often called intellectual property. This misnomer is simply as an expedience to help the wealthy annex the control of knowledge.

This is why it is so important to get involved with the free and open software and Linux movements. Through knowledge annexation, based on land annexation, Microsoft (a wholly illegal monopoly), has gained control of control itself, of the majority of the world's computing and knowledge power. Microsoft, though the Bill Gates foundation, is actually blocking the use of technology to model disease, especially AIDS. Simply because Microsoft software is not up to the task, whereas Linux is, Gates is effectively blocking the modern cure of illness. This is because Linux is in the culture of the public domain: the enemy of the proprietary (property) control. Microsoft holds the world hostage to disease to preserve its control of control.

The yin/yang of America is the struggle between Capital and Synergy. Capital is imported from Europe, as a revival of the Roman empire to manage highly capitalized industry, and war. Capital is also the preservation of the Roman Empire, called the Holy Roman Empire until a century ago, now preserved in many churches.

Synergy was defined by Ruth Benedict (friend of Margaret Mead) as she observed Native tribes struggle to overcome their decimation at the hands of the government. The successful tribes gave social status not so much for success, but for successfully helping people who are not doing so well. Low synergy tribes were centralized (root meaning of the word capital), and thrived on usurious debt, prostitution and whiskey abuse.
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Posted: Oct 8, 2006 7:38am
May 14, 2006
Linux for Newbies

In 1989, I recognized that there should be a global free network for all the people to use to communicate. I was a mechanic at the time, and I distinctly remember the moment; I was spitting out a mouthful of antifreeze while pulling a hose off of a corroded radiator.

I was envisioning, for myself ,the Internet; soon after that I pursed a career in computer communication. Today all of you benefit from the work of the Internet engineers.

But, unfortunately, the computer you use right now is licensed to the most controlling and wealthiest organization in the world: Microsoft.

It may be difficult to conceive of how a computer company can be so controlling and dangerous unless you investigate the entire history of humanity and how information technology has been corrupted to implement control and cruelty from the very beginnings of humanity.

The first machine was built from human parts: it was the Egyptian empire's slavery structure created to build edifices to its elite, so the elite could live forever in the after world. They had no machines as we know them today: they rolled blocks on logs; they killed most of their slaves and workers with the effects of rock mining through silicosis poisoning.

This is a theme through humanity to the present-day blue collar worker. Even unions support the concept that the worker is part of the machine, to be used and broken for support of a system owned wholly by the elite. This concept is called human capital.

The military works in a similar way, molding youth to become cannon fodder. At the center of it all, is the same control structure the they Egyptians built. Here in the US, direct descendants of the Egyptian edifice builders provide loyal support for the president and the war in Iraq; they are the Freemasons and the Shriners.

Knowledge is treated exactly the same as real estate property. The globalist information protection organization, WIPO, defines this for us -- World Information Property Organization. They are committed to the acquisition of all technical knowledge and art into corporate portfolios, just as SONY owns the freedom lyrics of John Lennon.

Free and open information, such as GNU or open source, is referred to as being part of the public domain. The public domain originates with the wild lands that were available to everybody. As an example the elite European families created estates by illegally absorbing the public lands to implement a form of slavery called serfdom.

Colonialists in the America's did much the same, genociding the native tribes directly through murder, isolation, forced migration and disease. All the while, the colonialist information technology, as it was, allowed the expansionists to appear civilized and social through lies as they stole all the free land. Today, the acquisition of protected land through the process of eminent domain, allows municipal governments to destroy the last forests, installing the sub-divisions of suburban sprawl filled with the worst possible houses.

At the center of information control today is Microsoft; we are all paying homage and cash to the modern control structure at this very moment while we attempt to undo the authoritarian control that is destroying our planet.

What is the solution ?? Linux is.

Linux is a free operating system designed purely democratically and made available for the public. It is linked to the GNU philosophy and support organization, which is religiously opposed to the criminal control of computers and communication by the same people who are reducing our planet to the needs of corporate stockholders. While resolving the issues of information technology, the free software movement provides ideas which can be extended to all technology, especially in the areas of energy and transportation. A further extension of the philosophy can help us understand our unnecessary dependence on physical property.

The free and open software philosophies are not communist in any way, they supports free enterprise through sharing, through the high synergy and democratic developers of the public domain.

The very opposite of this high synergy, which is the meaningful distribution of resources, is capitalism. Capital is not money, as much as capitalists want you think it is. Capital purely describes the inefficient centralization of resources, the piling of all wealth in central locations, all of which are controlled by the elite of each nation's dominant cultures.

The term derives from caput in Latin, meaning head. The practice of it derives from the highly damaging slavery-based Roman empire. I barely need to remind you how horrific their animal blood sports were.

Microsoft directly inherits the Roman Empire's diffuse communication and centralization network, as well as its mantel of acquisition and control.

The Linux for Newbies group is an effective support group for helping the Care2 community defeat the centralized control of information and all the destruction and cruelty it represents.

Please Join !!!
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Posted: May 14, 2006 2:08pm


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