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Mar 6, 2010


I have now refrained from eating meat for about four months. Two months ago I couldn't stand it any longer and went vegan all the way.


I guess for me it all started with some internet research out of mere curiosity: I had seen that some eggs come with a bright, almost artificially yellow yolk, while those that I used to buy mostly had an orangy hue. I was born out in the boonies and now life in the city. I guess that's why this became a topic of interest for me – in my youth I did not see bright yellow yolks, just the darker ones. But anyway. What is important is the consequence.


I delved into the egg business and I was shocked to realize that you can not do that without being forced to concern yourself with factory farming at the same time. And that's where things got groce quite quickly, but I now was on a mission and couldn't close my eyes and turn away, for everytime I saw an egg in my frige I pondered upon it. To keep my conscience quiet, I turned over to buying bio eggs only – which, as you probably know – can easily cost thrice the amount you pay for battery eggs.But I paid.


And from that stage I was gutted to see how everyone at the groceries was preying upon the cheap eggs and kept ignoring the bio version right next to it. As if they had no idea.


At that point in time I bought Jonathan Safran Foer's „Eating Animals.“ Imagine how appalled I was when I realized it was a book about people who eat animals rather than on animals that eat.


The book was a resource fuelling my research. After I knew about eggs, batteries, KFC and other atrocities done to chickens, I resolved to stop buying eggs and for me it was quiet an easy decision to make, as I never actually enjoyed a cooked egg for breakfast – I had to have them scrambled or merged with other ingredients so that they would lose that afterbirthy impression they always made upon me. What once was just a dim and veiled suspicion has by now become an awareness: hens do not lay eggs for us to eat – it's not a product made for human consumption.


I must admit I was still concerned about proper nutrition. For decades I had been indoctrinated by the society I live in that animal protein was an integral part and an important pillar of a healthy diet. And I didn't dare to doubt that, even less so because since I've been into bodybuilding, I've seen what animal protein does to my body: it lets me grow fast and to impressive dimensions. In the meanwhile I am still down at the gym three or four times a week, but I don't grow anymore since I've gone vegan. But if I weigh my knowledge about the conditions in which egg protein is farmed against my personal idea of a nicely defined body, the animals win.


So as I mentioned above, I was outraged to see everyone expecting to get ten eggs for less than €1 not caring about the implications. I wanted to raise awareness and ordered some flyers from PeTA. Now when I was doing my weekly shopping tour I always had a pile of flyers in my jacket and scattered them all over the egg section. PeTA also sent some against dairy and meat, so I spread these as well and there were two new topics of interest for me – meat and dairy.

Meat was an obvious one. Although I was a vegetarian already, Jonathan Safran Foer had me researching on it just once again. This time I learned about kosher beef and if you are still eating meat, here's a suggestion: do this research yourself. See for yourself. See how they stick cows into a barrel, turn them upside down, wash their necks and rip out their throats. No news you think? Then just keep watching this particular video clip and see that particular cow that comes out of the barrel, falls onto the bloody ground in deadly terror, see it struggle to get back on its feet and then see it standing there – the conqueror of the death trap – standing in its own blood without a trachea, neck ripped open, standing, still looking, still thinking. See it turn around and trying to get away. See it stumble. See it fall. And then I want you to goddamn live through the last three minutes of this one cow, out of respect, I want you to sit and watch and always remember: it's just one in millions.


I intended to write a single text about my way to vegan, but right now I feel I can't go on for the moment.

Please, search for the video just mentioned and watch it. Full screen all the way through. Maybe then you will understand.


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Posted: Mar 6, 2010 12:11am


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