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Nov 6, 2009

we moved our shop to etsy and took the pledge for handmade items ...
at the time being you find Healing Gemstone Jewelry and Scandinavian Sacred Land Smudge

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Posted: Nov 6, 2009 3:33am
Aug 2, 2009


in case you are interested in having it , here is the link :
Created with coloured Mother of Pearl, TigerEye wand and four Lapislazuli beads...
in the middle you find a silver spiral symbolizing the Spiral of Life ..
This necklace is a healing tool at the same time as you may use the TigerEye wand for acupressure.

Healing Properties of the beads used : Mother of Pearl : Protection; Know mother's love. This stone is a great protective stone.

Lapislazuli : A stone of royalty. Assists on to develop the power of mind, intuition, wisdom and memory. Releases and heals emotional wounds. Cleanses the system and makes it free of impurities. Opens the heart to love and beauty. Focuses the mind, helps one to see and understand different perspectives. Gets us in touch with the Earth. The peacefulness and warmth calms the emotions. Provides courage. Strengthens energetic boundaries.

It is claimed that tigers eye will counteract  the onset of psychosomatic illness and will also give a feeling of self-confidence.It is especially good for clear thinking and helps one to see a problem objectively when confused or emotionally affected. It releases tension and develops will-power.Helps people gain insight into their own faults.

Tree of Life - Necklace / Quartz and Chinese Jade --

if you are interested to have it , go:

In the Spirit of Oneness with all that is.
The snake symbolizes the Kundalini/ Your Life Force Energy
The small glass leaves make this a very special necklace ...

Healing Properties of the gemstones : Jade encourages practicality, wisdom, mental peace and tolerance of others. Relaxation and rejuvenation. It promotes wisdom and mental peace, calms fears, and increases a person’s ability to love. Helps to heal the mental, physical and spiritual ailments. Contains all colors to help balance, energize and expand all elements to make us whole and fulfilled. Helps each of us to find our own inner light.
Clear Quartz deepens your connection to spirit.
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Posted: Aug 2, 2009 5:19am
Jun 23, 2009

 Happy To announce :
We now have a variety of Scandinavian Sacred Land Smudge

as well as a wonderful German Item - Raeucherstoevchen - to burn herbs , resins and more in the most gentle way

Experience the silence and vastness of the Northern Forests
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Posted: Jun 23, 2009 6:44am
Jun 19, 2009
Focus: Indigenous Rights
Action Request: Visit - in person
Location: Arkansas, United States

Dear Ones ,

I send this letter from Magdala to you in request for support in whatever ways you are capable...

prayers are needed , as much as they can get,

and if you know someone in that area ( Arkansas-Harrison and surrounding), please get the word round , so that

we can help practically with this as well.

Please help...

Love Always,



Beautiful Ones

The temple of the feminine and the Great Mother is under attack and I need your help.

Here is the situation:

   As soon as the temple 12+1 was finish, the temple of the feminine,  in the place where the waters comes out in ARK, we were cleaning outside of the temple when this woman in horse and dog appeared, (never seen her before) she had a gun in her hand and treating to kill me.  My reaction  came out from my heart, I stand up to her, and I told her out loud, this is a sacred land! If you want to shoot me, Shoot!!! I am ready! But you are not welcome in here! The woman begin to shout, nerves and crazy like, still pointing at me, when I repeat again, Shoot! I am ready! This temple is sacred! In that moment my wolf went after her dog and that created a distraction in the woman, so I told her again “ if you are going to shoot, shoot! I am ready, if you are not going to shoot, get out of here! The woman, crying and cursing, left…..

But… she has friends… politician and money powerful friends, who hate what I do in here in the spiritual work with women and men, he hates that I am a woman and not white, a man that owns a lot of properties where he cut the old trees and take them into a big saw mill.  he came shouting to me and one of my sisters, angry, rude, cursing,…etc… he convinced the judge, the Newton county judge his name is John Griffin,  with lies that this was a county road, and that everyone is welcome to come in into our ceremonial grounds, the road that enters into my property where the ceremonial places and the temples resides.. Where now, we have many people passing shouting f….. Indians! Shooting to the temples, passing with alcohol, drunk, saying all kinds of things …about the work that I do with the women…. (sisters took pictures)

   John Griffin came before, and told me, you are right, your paper work that shows the road that you made, as well as the maps, are right, is just that you have a powerful enemy…. I thought truly that the judge will be honest and not allow that injustice of the man and lover to happened, but I was wrong, he did declare this road a county road (a road that does not go to no place) based on a lie, saying that they “the county have always maintain this road” which is not true, and the evidence is everywhere, that the same judge saw, even the ditch where my phone was put underground still is open, it was a friend that opened that ditch, the Judge even add, at the bottom of his letter “call the sheriff if you have any problem”… which he knows about the woman with the gun and all the people passing shouting, cursing and shooting to the temples, that was a bad sarcasm, for the sheriff already knows what is going on, and nobody did anything, because this man is involve in it… In this town the KKK is very strong….

   I have try to appeal the judge decision, but the lawyers are 175 an hour, that I do not have, or, they do not want to fight a case of Magdala Ramirez versus Newton County….they are afraid to do it, …  I only have until July 2 to appeal.

   All this looks like the story wants to be repeated, in the ancient temples of the feminine, where the women became the holy spirit, and the  woman that wasn’t accepted in the temple, brought her friends to destroy those temples and  massacre the women.  It is not that time anymore, For the Great Mother is talking out loud, and cannot be silence, cannot be hidden anymore, The great mother is standing and bringing the teachings of the new world just unfolding… everywhere!

Many ceremonies we have made asking for protection…

    I am calling to all the light workers to help, I have no idea how to do this,  no idea who is the Senator of ark, of Newton County, to whom to speak, to whom to defend the ways of the mother, or how to do this, we need a lot of prayings…

 … the only thing that I am sure, is that mama will never stop singing, the ceremonies will go on,  and I will stand up and say it again to the people  “This land is sacred, in here many people have found their sacredness, and the voice of the mother, I am woman and I am sacred!

 …They really do not know what they are doing…

In lakesh

I am your other you


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Posted: Jun 19, 2009 2:37am
May 9, 2009

The Teachers that guided my Path

Album: My Most Inspiring Spiritual Teachers
The Teachers that guided my Path

by 4 new, 3329 total400 totalDagmar Ceki (455)
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Posted: May 9, 2009 4:47am
Apr 5, 2009

We are happy to announce that a special project of EarthLife Institute Europe was just born in March 2009 .
Marita Léonie Niedenfuehr opened her Atelier/ Atelje for woodwork ...

Very timely at spring she is ready to show her colourful woodwork to the world.
It is joyful and speaks to the Inner Child.

She does custom made items, too.
contact her at
to discuss your wishes and order.

As pictures speak more than words , here is a collection of the work :

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Posted: Apr 5, 2009 1:05am
Feb 5, 2009

 Hi EveryOne,
I want to give you a quick tip about someone who
could honestly change your business and your

Have you heard of Kendall SummerHawk, aka, the
"Horse Whisperer" for business?

Kendall is a leader in the new wave of "money and
soul" business consciousness that is sweeping
like wild fire through the business world.

It's for business owners like you and me -- people who
want to do good AND do well!

You see, Kendall's figured out a step-by-step system
to turn your wisdom and experience  (what Kendall
calls your "Soul's Divine Mission") into
lucrative information products, high-ticket
programs and packages your clients will clamor
for.  She's even figured out how to "brand your
brilliance" using the ancient power of archetypes
so you can become a niche expert in your field,
authentically, powerfully and easily!

Her system works brilliantly for any service
business (I know because I've seen it work for

It's all part of her  "Branding Authenticity
Multiple Streams of Income"  business model that's
already helped hundreds of entrepreneurs create
"marketing, money AND soul" success.

( In a hurry? Here's your link to check out Kendall's
"2008 Brand Authenticity Multiple Streams of Inc-ome,
Marketing, Mo-ney and Soul" program.)

Just in case you're wondering, I've met Kendall
and she is the real deal!

She walks her talk, and has created a high
6-figure business (she brought in *OVER
$564,145.23* last year working LESS than full
time!) doing what she loves. Kendall is an
inspiring role model for how to create your
"money and soul" business. She is authentic and
generous with the information, systems, ideas
and what she calls, "loving, kick-in-the-pants" style
of coaching she delivers.

Kendall's Brand Authenticity program always sells
out and she's only offering it ONE TIME this
year, so I strongly encourage you to hop on over
to the information page and check out what she's

Here's the link:

She's put together a NEW, exciting
program that includes all the information you
need to  turn your wisdom into lucrative,
multiple streams of income using her Profit Pyramid
business  blueprint.

Kendall is also an expert in breaking through money
barriers so every month you get a new money exercise
and personal coaching so you make more and keep more!

She's also included monthly Master Mind coaching
so you're guaranteed to get the PERSONAL
coaching  you need to get in action and stay in
action. It's  just you, your Master Mind coach
and 4 other like-minded soul-preneurs in your
Master Mind  each month so your accountability
and personal  attention is built in, month after

You also get coaching, mentoring and training
LIVE with Kendall each month in two different
calls. These calls are phenomenal and I highly
recommend them to you!

The BEST part is, you also get a FR^EE ticket to
her 3-day workshop, this May 1, 2, 3, 2008 in
beautiful Tucson, Arizona  where you get personal
coaching and training live with Kendall.

BUT...I recommend checking out this program FAST
because the bonuses are disappearing quickly, the
seats are being snapped up and this is the ONLY
time Brand Authenticity is offered for at least
another year, maybe longer.

Here's that link again to check out Kendall's "2008
Brand Authenticity Multiple Streams of Inc-ome,
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Yes, you'll see it's a long info page but that's
because it has 17 testimonials from other
business owners who have created their own Brand
Authenticity success using Kendall's program.

I know you'll want to check this out so click on
that link right now.

Warmly, Dagmar

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Posted: Feb 5, 2009 10:13am
Jan 28, 2009

Something new has been created and born.

I have developed the I.G.N.I.T.E.  Method (Intention-Growth-Nurturing-Initiation-Transformation-Empowerment )
This method will be consumating all we have done so far in the EarthLife Distance Trainingat the EarthLife Institute . It will consumate all tradions, religions, methods I used in the training so far .
It will befree from ideological backgrounds and free from male ways.

Those in training with me : You will find back all we have done and understood so far, yet the termology will be free from tendencies of putting something/someone into boxes .
It will help everyone who uses it , to instantly shift perspective and work from inside out, without any „belief system" involved - only the belief that there is an Unlimited Self in everyone , that we have to re_member and „let out".

The name I.G.N.I.T.E.  Method stands for the power of re-igniting our lifeforce/fire, our inner knowing and step right in .
It stands for much more -   you will find out yourself

This method consists of mainly 4 pillows :
* Method/s to easily coonect and keep constant contact to Universal Authentic Self
* Balance Female/Male , rewire brain, use your talents...
* Symbols and more to understand Oneness and Diversity,
* Energy coaching for trauma / blocks

 there will be a core training with two main branches(4-6 months) :

* one branch is for those who only want to use the method for their personal benefit. With them I will proceed as we used with the Training up to now. You will receive max. 1 paper and assignments during one week and one support email per week.
payment is 10-20 dollars a month.

* Second: those who want to go out and have the authorization to use this method publicly or become an affiliate of the EarthLife Institute . This requires the full training which will last 4-6 months and requires additionally one phone call a month and one gathering in an intensive training ( for people outside europe or too far away ,relax : we will find alternatives ) Your training will be much more intense so that when you are done , you and I know you can work with other people , too. You will get as much feed back and support as you need .
It request a payment of 40-100 dollar ( you decide) a month , and a commitment to show up for the calls and the assignemnts .

After the core training there will be opportunities to go deeper into special ways to use the method ( being with dying, parents training, team training , working with animals and so on and so forth)
A new beginning is IGNITEd , let us all enjoy ..... I am you , Dagmar

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Posted: Jan 28, 2009 12:52pm
Jan 5, 2009

I was called to speak out loudly about this by the Mother:

For eons - at least it feels like eons - we are used to do spiritual work that way : we work through our issues , we become aware of more issues, then we try to work them and what happens, we are so irritated about : have i worked this issue properly , am I "right" now, is there a hidden issue behind the issue behind the issue .....

this leeds to a state of mind where we need people who confirm who we are , how "far" we have come. This again opens the way for having a need for lineages, traditions , religions - in short: people that have the authority to give you confirmation so that you feel better .

I guess many of you have been on this path for quiet a while... it leaves you in the awareness of your faults, of not being perfect and never will be unless you are enlightened. do you feel good on this path ? does it empower your True Self ? how long have you been on that path , still not feeling whole ?

Guess what : you never will while on that path.... it is male ways, it is about working from the outside in, like peeling an onion ... and the result is similar : the more you get to the core the sharper you feel the onion juice in your eyes , the more tears run down and you no longer see the world truely. I promise : doing the issues way is multiplying issues until the end of this earthwalk. In the end you might say : oh, gush, this was my karma - but actually it was your decision to walk the onion path of tears.

Female way is to nurture .To come from the inside out. We are Life . We are perfect and beautiful and we are creating this world. So, not peeling through your issues is the answer , but LOVE . Start loving yourself , do not focus on your issues. Focus on your beauty. On the beauty of the soul you are . On your talents , your creativity. What will be the outcome ,what do you feel .... ? What we nurture grows and strives and becomes whole bcause it always was. Issues are just an expression of lack of self-love and connection , they all will disappear evantually while loving ourselves.

AND : this is not the way of "Love and Light", it is not imposing harmony while things go wrong,not ignoring shadows that are still there in the 3rd dimensional world. It is coming back to be-live in yourself , to re-member who you really are and to re-connect to the source. And then stand strong and BE love.

First it might be a challenge to go new ways , as we tend to develope feelings of lonlyness.

But : yes, we are AllOne and holding the hand of the mother. this is the earthways, how wonderful !

Why not decide for Love, for the mother's way right now . Why not gifting you in this new year with the re- live of seeing your beauty right away and nurture this.

I love you all.

In Lakech

I am You,


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Posted: Jan 5, 2009 8:40am
Jan 3, 2009

by Pema Chodron from When Things Fall Apart:Heart Advice for Difficult Times

The Practice of Tonglen

Each of us has a "soft spot": the place in our experience where we feel vulnerable and tender.

This soft spot is inherent in appreciation and love, and it is equally inherent in pain. Often, when we feel that soft spot, it's quickly followed by a feeling of fear and an involuntary, habitual tendency to close down. This is the tendency of all living things: to avoid pain and cling to pleasure. In practice, however, covering up the soft spot means shutting down against out life experience.

Then we tend to narrow down into a solid feeling of self against other. One very powerful and effective way to work with tendency to push away pain and hold onto pleasure is the practice of tonglen. Tonglen is a Tibetan word that literally means "sending and taking."

The practice originated in India and came to Tibet in the eleventh century. In tonglen practice, when we see or feel suffering, we breathe in with the notion of completely feeling it, accepting it, and owning it. Then we breathe out, radiating compassion, lovingkindness, freshness; anything that encourages relaxation and openness.

In this practice, it's not uncommon to find yourself blocked, because you come face to face with your own fear, resistance, or whatever your personal stuckness happens to be at that moment. At that point, you can change the focus and do tonglen for yourself , and for millions of others just like you, at that very moment, who are feeling exactly the same misery.

I particularly like to encourage tonglen, on the spot. For example, you're walking down the street and you see the pain of another human being.

On-the-spot tonglen means that you just don't rush by; you actually breathe in with the wish that this person can be free of suffering, and send them out some kind of good heart or well-being. If seeing that other person's pain brings up fear or anger or confusion, which often happens, just start doing tonglen for yourself and all the other people who are stuck in the very same way. When you do tonglen on the spot, you simply breathe in and breathe out, taking in pain and sending out spaciousness and relief. When you tonglen as a formal practice, it has four stages:

1) First,rest your mind briefly in a state of openness or stillness.

2) Second, work with texture. Breathe in a feeling of hot, dark, and heavy, and breathe out a feeling of cool, bright, and light. Breathe in and radiate completely, through all the pores of your body, until it feels synchronized with your in-and out-breathe.

3) Third, work with any painful personal situation that is real to you. Traditionally, you begin by doing tonglen for someone you care about. However, if your stuck, do the practice for your pain and simultaneously for all those just like you who feel that kind of suffering.

4) Finally, make the taking in and the sending out larger. Whether your doing tonglen for someone you love or for someone you see on television, do it for all the others in the same boat. You could even do tonglen for people you consider your enemies--those who have hurt you or others. Do tonglen for them, thinking of them as having the same confusion and stuckness as your find or yourself.

This is to say that tonglen can extend indefinitely. As you do the practice, gradually, over time, your compassion naturally expands-- and so does your realization that things are not as solid as you thought. As you do this practice, at your own pace, you'll be surprised to find yourself more and more able to be there for others, even in what seemed like impossible situations.

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Posted: Jan 3, 2009 1:49pm


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