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Nov 25, 2010
Beware of the Corporate Mind
By A Truth Soldier

The corporate mind lives in a dream world of the corporate image and illusions. First I will explain what the corporate image is. The image is not at all what the corporation is, but the corporation will not spare any efforts or resources to maintain their public corporate image.. This corporate image is achieved through the use of corporate media such as advertisements, on television, radio and the press. This corporate image is what the corporate mind is built on. Any individual that has ever had any difficulties or injustices done to them by the corporation will have to first come to the realization that one has to see behind the corporate (Mask) image before there will ever be any chance of justice. That will be a very hard deed to achieve indeed. For everyone that works for a corporation has been very carefully trained to have a corporate mind. Many very good people have sought and gained employment at a corporation.Believeing the very beautiful and elaborate corporate image that has been presented to us. But very soon after their employment they discover that the corporate image has very little to do with reality. This is when the corporate mind starts to develop. For the new employee will now do every thing it can to fit in and keep their employment. So they can have that shiny car in front of their new four bedroom house that they got a loan from a corporate bank to pay for it. So this once very sincere and honest person now has to abide by the conspiracy agreement they had to sign to get that corporate job. For those of you who refuse to accept that conspiracies exist, here is the facts. The conspiracy agreement is called a secrecy non disclosure agreement. Unlike Companies that operate openly in the society they exist in and openly contribute for the good of society and will respond openly to any injustices. The corporate secrecy agreement is essentially a crime syndicate agreement. Where you agree to never disclose to anyone the workings and activities of the corporation. A corporation does not openly and honestly participate in and contribute to the democratic society they are operating in, they only seek to suck every profit they can. So if the corporation operates in a free and open society known as a democracy.. The corporation is absolutely anti-democratic, for a democracy can not function when there is any organization with a veil of secrecy present. Corporations only maintain an image of truth, for truth is not allowed to be spoken by any member of a corporation to anyone not a member of their crime syndicate. The corporation does not mind that society or an individuals rights maybe being trampled on or destroyed. The employee with the corporate mind knows that no matter what evil the corporation dose, it will always polish its corporate image no matter the cost. And I mean any cost including crime and death. Truth and justice, which is what a free and open democratic society is based on does not matter to the corporate mind, because the corporate image is everything to the corporate mind.. The corporation will always put the most genuine and innocent people up front. Such as the receptionist.. These up front cover people will know next to nothing about the evils of the corporations they work for until their experience grows and then those that still have a conscience and it catches up to them so they call in sick. Please read my article entitled 'I called in sick" Because these kind and sincere cover people are expendable..anyone is expendable to a corporation. Remember that a corporate structure of business is nothing but an elaborate crime syndicate. That is why corporations are committing crimes against humanity, the individual, the environment and everything else unimaginable. Only A Truth Soldier will ever go beyond the corporate image to discover the true evils of the insane corporate mind. Seeking and speaking the truth of the evils in this world is a very dangerous thing to do. Please read my article "A Truth Soldier" to better understand. So most employees of a corporation, in perticular those on the front lines that deal with the problems caused by the corporate crimes. Walk around quite happy and content and have nothing but contempt for the rest of us. The corporate heads are usually very beautiful in appearance because they are not stressed. They wear the best clothes, Eat the best foods, . They live the most comfortable lives. And care not for you the outsider. If they did care they too would soon call in sick. These corporate minds are very dangerous indeed, for if you are able to break through their very shinny exterior you will see the devil itself cowering inside that dark place..The devil is scared of the light of truth getting in. Our world and society today is in very great peril for since the creation of the first corporation, natural evolution based on truth and sanity has disappeared and is hidden behind that very pretty corporate image. Please read my article "Creation of First Corporation" worst crime in human history. To understand how society evolved from a free and the dream of a fair democracy to where today truth no longer matters, for only the illusion of truth and democracy matter. The word corporation never existed before this first corporation was created. The creators used the word corruption and created corporation, translated is corruporation.. Meaning to cooperate in crime. For, like I said before all corporate structures are nothing but crime syndicates. Beware of the corporate mind, for they do not mind to speak no truth. Today our world is in very great peril in deed for here in my country all governments are now registered corporations...pretending to be governments of the people, for the people and by the people. Instead they are corporations for corporations Please read my "The Last Democracy is DEAD" article. If the future of this planet is not guided by truth then we are all doomed. For truth is absolute and insanity is the absolute opposite. So beware of the corporate mind for they care not to be insane. For they are insane with the pleasures that their selfish corporate minds can achieve. The revolutionary army of Truth Soldiers NEEDS you NOW. It is time for a truth revolution for, "When the seeds of truth are sown. The grassroots truth revolution will blossom from the enlightenment" Telling the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act. I long for the old timers dreams of Truth Justice and Liberty for all. We will never have it if you do not mind to do something about the evil flourishing on this planet because of the creation of the first corruporation. We will never be free if you do not free yourself from the corporate illusions that you have been deliberately trapped in. Be careful how you try to free your mind as if you use violence they will put you in one of their corporate prisons. The answer is for the sanity of truth to reach those poor corporate minds and bring them out of the dark and into the light of truth. God is the light of truth. In God we trust...or it well be your END Your end has been written in stone..PLEASE READ my article "They want you dead is written in stone" Follow A Truth Soldier on and read more at Free Hi-RES images of Gods creations at Be sure to see my picture of "The Sun of God" at Links Unplug the Signal - Turn off Your TV Suggested reading Unplug the Signal: The Truth Will Not Be Televised COMMENTS Jack Topel of What a most illuminating piece of work here and one many of us really know from either experience, intuition and/or getting educated and some tend to ignore causing them to lose "themselves" for a paycheck. The way that money/banking operates has to be transformed if we are to be able to enter an age of enlightenment. But then, this is one of several aspects powerful entities, such as corporations, could never allow or, at least, delay under our current paradigm.
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Posted: Nov 25, 2010 9:03am
Aug 7, 2010

The Web of Deceit

(It is absolutely deadly)

Written by 

A Truth Soldier


Many a good person has been unknowing caught in the web of deceit.

Many a good person has at least once in their lives come to the realization that something is very very wrong with society.

Many good people have tried to wiggle their way through the evil web of deceit, only to be consumed by the evil spider.

The evil web of deceit is woven into the very fabric of society by the insane.

Please understand that to be insane one has to never seek or speak the truth, for truth is absolute and insanity is absolutely the opposite of truth.

So the lying evil web weaver has to keep strengthening and building the web so that it well be able to control and eventually consume its intended prey.

Like the spider a weaver of a web of deceit has to always cover (lies) deceptions with more deceptions.

Eventually the web of deceit becomes so solid that good people stop wiggling and eventually loose their freedom and their very lives.

Like in nature, the only creatures that can survive and avoid the web are those that observe that the web exists and watch what the web does to the unsuspecting creatures that have been caught in it.

So a smart creature will do everything it can to watch for and avoid the web.

Unfortunately the domesticated and civilized human creature no longer pays attention to its survival instincts.

The human creature does not know how to stay free of the web of deceit. For the human creature does not even want to see and watch for the web of deceit.

So that, now the human creature is not even aware that this huge web of deceit has been erected and now obstructs any passage through life that you may choose.

So very intelligent human intellectuals have come to realize that yes in deed this web of deceit does exist.

These Truth soldiers, activists, freedom fighters etc etc, realize that something needs to be done to deconstruct this evil web of deceit. Some call this evil web The New World Order that was spun as a result of the creation of the first corporation. (Please read my article with the same name)

The good people try to alert others of this evil web of deceit and inform good people has to how this web has been so strongly constructed.

But the intellectual soon realizes that the human society has been so will deceived that society absolutely refuses to believe that this evil web of deceit even exists.

The intellectual has the tools and wisdom to see and fully understand the makings of this web of deceit that threatens all of humanity.

But I believe that most intellectuals do not possess the understanding of the reality that this web of deceit is bigger then any individual or organization.

That this web has provided the nourishment to feed many offsprings and that now there is a most unnatural spider existing all over this planet, weaving more and more webs of deceit.

There are now so many webs (Corporations) of deceit in our now unnatural environment that the human creatures now accepts it has natural and a normal course of human evolution.

The human animal refuses to see or understand that something evil and horrible has been woven into the very fabric of life.

Only the intellectual can understand that this is very real.

You see that to be an intellectual. One has to always seeks and speak the truth.

If one only seeks and speaks the truth , then that individual will become an enlightened and very intelligent intellectual.

For only idiots are created by the avoidance of truth.

Unfortunately there is a very unnatural human being that has grown very big and powerful through the ability to create its own food by the creation of money out of thin air.

THis artificial human is very insane indeed from the power that money has given it.

I call this artificial individual, a Corporate Criminal.

I will now explain to you the strategy and way to deconstruct and destroy this evil web of deceit.

As all evil... Evil can only be destroyed by exposing it to the light of truth.

All good humans so far have not figured out or understood the formula to do this.

Have you ever observed a huge spiders web with the spider always sitting in the center.?

Imagine if you were an innocent little butterfly and you happen to come along in your free flight of life and flew into this cleverly hidden and will positioned web of deceit.

What would happen. Like all human creatures caught in the corporate financial web of deceit, you would try to scream for help.

But no other creature would dare try to approach near the web of deceit you now find yourself in.

The more you wiggled the tighter the web would entrap you until you tired and died.

At which point the spider would consume you and grow stronger as a result.

The intellectual human has to understand how to avoid this and how to destroy the web of deceit.

An intelligent person will one day come to realize that all knowledge leads to the determination that all truth is very very simple and only lies and deceptions are complicated.

So for one to deal with a web of deceit one has to always stay on the outside of the web and look for the simplest and undeniable truths to reveal the true nature of the web of deceit.

If you were to approach a spiders web with a stick of truth and were to just touch that spiders web with that stick.

The spider would immediately sense that you are indeed not just a pretty and delicate little butterfly caught in its web.

The spider would immediately sense the strength and weight of your little stick of truth and the spider would run as fast as it can to get off the web.

For you see if you cause the web to collapse while the spider is still in the center of its web of deceit that the web that the spider has so cleverly constructed would collapse around the spider.

The spider would therefore die of its own making..

So now the lesson to be understood here is to never enter into the web of deceit but instead stay on the outside of it.

Whereas you will be called The Village idiot, if you try to speak the truth to the other human creatures around you.

But you being a natural and good intellectual human who wants to do something about this clear and present danger to all the pretty butterflies around you.

You do not want to watch as the butterflies are killed and consumed.

So you then became what some call a Truth Soldier or Activist.

The clever weavers of the web of deceit are not to concerned about you. as their web of deceit is so strong and  has worked so well and for so long.

So you the good human creature with a conscience feels lost and helpless.

You can not get the blissfully happy little butterflies to even listen to your warnings.

So one day you go back and watch the spiders web at work. Pondering what to do to stop this web of deceit.

Until one day you realize the web of deceit is held up by only a few but very strong strings that have been attached to the very fabric of what society accepts as the foundation truth of existence.

That being societies perceptions of undeniable basic truths.

So you see the web of deceit always starts off from a very solid foundation of truth.

The weavers of deceit are very clever indeed. For they will use the foundations of truth to build their web of deceit from.

So what do you, The Village Idiot do?

You look at the very foundation strings of that web of deceit and you find the most undeniable simple sticks of truth to sever those foundation strings from the web of deceit.

So you stay on the outside of the web and you start hitting the strings that holds the web firmly attached to the very solid fabric of society.

If your successful, you will end up with the fabric blanket of truth that society has been using for so long to keep comfortable.

That Fabric will now be very dirty and full of old spiders webs.

So then society will realize its time to clean the blanket and the rest of civilizations home of these pesky and dirty spiders once and for all.

So I now call on all Truth Soldiers to start walking with your sticks of truth and start severing all those webs of deceit everywhere you find them.

Eventually society will be tired of living in a dirty place and every one will walk around with their little sticks of truth.

This is why along time ago the British had tally sticks for their currency.

It was to prevent the very situation we now dreadfully find ourselves  in.

These webs of deceit have been able to be created because the spiders have their luxurious home lairs to live in and create their offsprings.

You will find these big nursing spiders in very dark places where the light of truth does not enter.

These places are known as the secret societies and their dens.

Such as Skull & Bones, The illuminatti, The Free masons.

It is time for society to clean house and criminalize all secret societies and their conspiratorial members should be imprisoned.

The mother den of all secret societies is the privately and secretly owned Federal Reserve Corporation. The very first ever created Corruporation.

"When the seeds of truth are sown.

The grassroots truth revolution

Will blossom from the enlightenment." 

Follow A Truth Soldier on

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Posted: Aug 7, 2010 3:24pm
Jul 31, 2010
Devastation: You Can Smell the Oil From a Helicopter and Birds are F Posted by: "CM Boisvert"   conniemarieus Sat Jul 31, 2010 7:47 am (PDT)

http://groups. group/NewWorldOr derWhistleBlower s

--- On Sat, 7/31/10, Grannie's <GrannieFox@gmail. com> wrote:

Devastation: You Can Smell the Oil From a Helicopter and Birds are Frying!   
The environmental devastation is now becoming more apparent, as is the human health hazard, courtesy of BP’s reckless use of toxic dispersants. Don’t go near the Gulf of Mexico without reading this first!

Devastation: You Can Smell the Oil From a Helicopter and Birds are Frying!
Posted By Dr. Mercola | July 31 2010 | 2,219 views

See All Mercola Videos

This collection of videos offers a disturbing picture of what might be going on 'behind the scenes' in the Gulf of Mexico, and raises a number of questions:

Why is the press being restricted from seeing and reporting the news?
Is BP covering up the extent of the damage?
Why is the public not being warned of the toxic dangers?
Worse yet, ominous reports are indicating that the oil spill unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico may lead to results much, much worse than you might have imagined.
Some scientists believe that 251 million years ago, an undersea methane bubble caused massive explosions, poisoned the atmosphere and destroyed more than 96 percent of all life on Earth. Their theory is fifty-five million years later, another methane bubble ruptured, causing more mass extinctions.
Now, some scientists are increasingly concerned the same series of catastrophic events may be happening again -- with no way to stop it. Some claim BP's Deepwater Horizon drilling operation may have triggered a chain of events that will culminate with the first mass extinction of life on Earth in many millions of years.
The drilling might just have set the stage for the eventual premature release of a methane mega-bubble.
According to

"The warning signs of an impending planetary catastrophe -- of such great magnitude that the human mind has difficulty grasping it -- would be the appearance of large fissures or rifts splitting open the ocean floor, a rise in the elevation of the seabed, and the massive venting of methane and other gases into the surrounding water ...
All three warning signs are documented to be occurring in the Gulf.", incidentally, is not some crackpot site. It is a well-respected information hub that bills itself as a "knowledge co-operative where our writers are also our editors who read and rate every article on the site."
  Atlantic Wire July 6, 2010 July 16, 2010 

  Helium July 2010 

  The Register July 12, 2010 

  CNN July 18, 2010 

  St. Petersburg Times July 21, 2010 


Dr. Mercola's Comments:


According to the a BP press release, dated July 26, integrity testing on the MC252 exploratory well has been underway since July 15 and it's still holding. The well is capped and the pressure inside the well is slowly rising. This rise in pressure is important, as if it does not increase, it could be a sign of a leak elsewhere, as discussed in a July 20 article by Bloomberg. 

Meanwhile, the first relief well had reached a depth of nearly 18,000 feet on July 18 th. Relief well activities were temporarily suspended on July 23 due to Tropical Storm Bonnie, but resumed on the 24th.
According to BP:

"Although uncertainty remains, the first half of August remains the current estimate of the most likely date by which the first relief well will be completed and kill operations performed."
Is Oil Still Flowing in the Gulf of Mexico?

I'm sure you, like I, drew a big sigh of relief upon hearing the news that the oil gusher had finally been capped after 87 days of unimpeded flow. But plenty of questions and suspicions about the veracity of BP's claims still remain.
Just days later, oil started appearing some distance from the blown-out well. BP was quick to claim that it has nothing to do with their well…
Matt Simmons, founder of the Ocean Energy Institute, strongly disagrees.
In the first MSNBC video above, he goes on the record in a July 15 interview claiming that BP is covering up a massive open hole in the bottom of the ocean that is spewing 120,000 barrels of oil a day, miles away from the well head.
And that might not be the only, or even the biggest, problem we could still be facing in the Gulf.
Has Ruptured Well Unleashed Yet Another Unstoppable Mega Disaster?

As discussed in the article above, scientists are becoming increasingly concerned about the possibility of a massive methane gas deposit beneath the ocean floor. Methane is the main component of natural gas, which is highly combustible when mixed with air. Richard C. Hoagland also warns about this distressing possibility in a Coast to Coast interview that aired in June.
The ramifications of a methane deposit explosion are so staggering it can only be described as a planetary catastrophe en par with what some believed to be previous extinction events, as illustrated in the History Channel video, Mega Disasters, above.
And, according to a July 21 article in the St. Petersburg Times, methane readings in the area are definitely on the rise:

"Two years before the Deepwater Horizon explosion, scientists from SRI International took readings on the levels of methane in the Gulf of Mexico less than 10 miles from the rig. Last year, they went back and did it again.
Now, after the rig blew up and gushed oil for more than 80 days, SRI's scientists from St. Petersburg have returned to the same area just northwest of the disaster and taken fresh readings.
They found levels of methane — a particularly potent greenhouse gas — are now 100 times higher than normal, SRI scientists said. They can't say for sure it's from BP, said SRI director Larry Langebrake, but "it is a sign that says there are things going on here that need to be researched."
Scientists from Texas A&M found even higher levels of methane when they recently tested water within 5 miles of the Deepwater Horizon.
They found methane concentrations  100,000 times higher than normal.
But even if the worst-case-scenario doesn't happen, raised methane levels can still cause significant environmental damage.
Methane is consumed by naturally occurring microbes in the ocean, and higher methane levels mean an increased microbe population. But these microbes also consume oxygen, which will expand the size of current dead zones in the Gulf and help to create new ones. No marine life can exist due to lack of oxygen in these dead zones..
Damage Already Incurred Will Take Many DECADES to Clean Up

It is probably obvious to all that the story is far from over just because the oil flow has decreased. After all, HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of gallons of oil has poured into the Gulf. The Exxon Valdez disaster was "only" 12 million gallons of oil.
The second MSNBC video above offers a sobering report of the extent of the destruction already caused. A rare view from a helicopter makes the disaster painfully evident – rare since draconian measures have recently been implemented to limit media access and reporting on the disaster.
In the CNN video above, Anderson Cooper reports on the troubling new rule that prevents anyone, including reporters and photographers, from coming within 65 feet of any response vessel or booms anywhere on the water or on beaches.
Violators face fines of up to $40,000 and class D felony charges.
It is easy to speculate on conspiracy explanations as it just doesn't make any rational sense to restrict American media from showing the full extent of the damage. Is the US government in collusion with BP?   

Meanwhile, "BP has been offering signing bonuses and lucrative pay to prominent scientists from public universities around the Gulf Coast to aid its defense against spill litigation,"  claims, who also reports that "BP PLC attempted to hire the entire marine sciences department at one Alabama University, according to scientists involved in discussions with the company's lawyers."
No doubt BP will need all the legal defense it can get its hands on.
Earlier this month, the Atlantic Wire reported on BP's numerous shortcomings and wildly exaggerated claims on how much they'd be able to clean up, showing how their cleanup efforts "have fallen drastically short of its own predictions. "
There's no doubt in my mind this disaster will take DECADES to clean up, if it's at all possible.
Will BP really be around for the long haul?
Remember, at first, BP denied there was a leak at all. Only when that fact became painfully obvious did they fess up to it, estimating the leak at 5,000 barrels (210,000 gallons) of oil a day. As of June 20, experts estimated the ruptured well was spewing out a staggering4. 2 million gallons of oil daily!
That level of low-balling must be a record in and of itself.
BP says it will make it right…
Time will tell if "making it right" is even within human capacity anymore.
The environmental disaster has since been significantly magnified by the reckless use of dispersants that are 4.5 times more toxic than the oil itself! These chemicals now pose a dire and direct threat not only to marine life, but to any human who comes too close to the waters of the Gulf.
To get more in-depth information about these dispersants and their environmental impact, please see this recent article.
Gulf Water Poses Direct Threat to Human Health, Toxicologist Warns

BP is using two dispersants: Corexit 9500 and Corexit 9527A.
Corexit products were removed from a list of approved treatments for oil spills in the U.K. more than a decade ago after the agents were linked with human health problems including:

Blood disorders
People living near the Gulf of Mexico and those who have come in contact with its waters are now exhibiting these symptoms, according to toxicologist, Dr. Ricki Ott, in the video above.
She warns that the oil/dispersant mix can literally burn through your skin, through the subcutaneous layer, causing deep scarring. The dispersants break down your skin barrier, allowing the mix to penetrate deeply – far deeper than the oil could by itself.
"This is a huge problem," Dr. Ott says. She goes on to say that people are describing it as invisible jelly fish.
The other concern is that it's not just skin issues. It's also a respiratory irritant, so people are experiencing respiratory problems, as well as central nervous system problems, such as:

Burning eyes and sore throat
Ear bleed
White spots in the back of the throat
Immune suppression
Dr. Ott is convinced that these ailments are linked to the oil and dispersant mix in the water and air in the area.
I agree, and strongly caution you to STAY OUT of the Gulf of Mexico. In my opinion, it's simply not safe to swim there.
The MSDS for Corexit 9527A lists the human health hazard as "acute," stating that:

"Excessive exposure may cause central nervous system effects, nausea, vomiting, anesthetic or narcotic effects."
According to Carys Mitchelmore, a researcher at the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, the detergent-like brew of solvents, surfactants and other compounds are known to cause a variety of health problems in animals, including:

Reduced growth
Reproductive problems
Cardiac dysfunction
Immune suppression
Altered behavior
Carcinogenic, mutagenic, and teratogenic effects
Remember also that children are far more prone to experiencing health problems from this type of toxic exposure than adults. So please, keep your children safe. Do not allow your children to swim or play on the Gulf coast beaches.
In addition, if you can smell the crude oil, even if you're miles inland, then you know you are being exposed to UNSAFE levels of toxins. Dr. Ott goes so far as to recommend all residents along the Gulf to acquire vapor organic respirators and keep them on hand at all times.
Take Action to Stop the Use of Toxic Dispersants

No matter where you live, you can still join the movement to stop the use of these dispersants by signing this petition.
This issue does NOT ONLY affect the Gulf States, or just the U.S.—it has global ramifications  that grow with each passing day. I urge you to take action now, without delay, pressing your representatives to hold BP accountable.

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Posted: Jul 31, 2010 7:38pm
Feb 9, 2010


The Green Switch

by Daniel J Towsey


The full title of this article is ‘The Green Switch or The Vacation Switch’.


Please understand that these Green Switches are actually mechanical and not electronic switches.


Just like most of the wall mounted electrical switches in your house are.


This is a short and simple article about conserving electricity and reducing the damage to the natural

environment as a result of huge amounts of wasted electricity.


Do you have electronic devices in your home or business? Such as Televisions, Computer monitors,

Home sound systems with bass boxes,? The list is endless.


I am sure you do...We all do in this digital world.


Did you know that electronic devices continue to use allot of electricity even when you turn them off?


Yes they do....This usually is the case with devices that are operated with remote controls.


It is said that it is necessary for the devices to stay on standby so the remotes will work.


I can understand this. But why is is it not mandatory for all devices to have a Green Switch that

offers the option to completely turn off all electrical use.


Why can remotes not have a Green Switch too... So that you can completely turn off the devices with the remote...


All that would be required for this to be, is the small inconvenience of you having to activate a

Green Switch on the device to return the device back to standby mode..


Some engineers would say that this would not be possible as turning off all power to electronic devices would mean that you would have to reset all your clocks and custom settings every time you turn the devices back on.


Again this is not true...


All that would be needed is to install a small rechargeable CMOS (watch battery) in the device.

Just like they already do for all computers.


The CMOS batteries retain all custom settings..


I think this would be a very small inconvenience and a huge savings in electrical costs and a s

aving of our natural environment.


Just image all the billions of devices in this world that are on twenty four hour

standby and how much energy is wasted...


This article should be of great interest to those that are concerned about global warming...


Now I would like to mention other electronic devices that waste allot of electricity...


These are smaller devices like radios, printers and such.


How many devices do you have always plugged in in your home that have a square plastic box with two or three prongs sticking out of it and a long very thin wire running from it to your device?


These are called transformers. Transformer use allot of electricity. You’ll notice that the transformers are usual always warm to the touch.Even when the device is not in use.


At present the only way to save energy with these devices is to unplug the transformer.


But again this is not necessary. It is a very easy thing to do to run an extra

wire in with the thin wire that goes to the device.


This extra wire could make it possible to install a Green Switch on all small devices.


This Green Switch would be connected to the transformer and the transformer would have a mechanical switch installed in it that would be controlled by the Green Switch on the device.


This would turn the transformers off completely.


In the meantime, I hope that this information will motivate you to just unplug

the transformers when you are not using the devices...


I hope that my ‘Green Switch’ idea will one day become the standard in this world...


I think that for effect the Green Switch on the device should have a little green

light always on when the device is in the standby by mode...


This little green light will continuously remind you that you have an option to

save turn the little green light off...











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Feb 9, 2010

 The Gray Plane,
That No One Saw

  By Daniel J Towsey

  May 7th, 2007

pics of gray plane


It absolutely amazes me how people can not see the obvious.

Yet it is right in front of their eyes.


Everyone is looking for a smoking gun, when, all along it has been staring everyone right in the face.


I realized this long ago. So therefore, I feel that it is time again for me to write another ‘TRUTH Article’.


We’ve all seen it probably hundreds of times.


So now that I am going to point out the obvious. You well be able to see it for yourself for the first time.


What I am talking about is the second plane to hit the world trade center.


Have another look at it. What do you see? It’s not my imagination. It is clearly a gray unmarked windowless airplane. Only the military has these.


I dare you to show me an airplane with commercial markings and windows.


Just the other day here in Canada I caught the end of a special on 911, on television.


I do not know what the name of the show was. But that does not matter. What matters is that They played a zoomed in slow motion shot of the plane as it flew into the wtc, Where you can clearly see that it is a slightly dark gray, very shinny windowless plane. It was a shot from the sunny side, so the plane was very clear to see.


What this proves, is that there are plenty of very clear videos of the second plane Available from the corporate media. And they have chosen not to show them.


I watched a live video on that day of people’s reaction on the ground. These people were saying that it did not look like any commercial aircraft they have ever seen. Some witnesses said that it had a military like emblem in the front.


Remember this.


In any just court of justice. When a person on the stand gives testimony. If during that testimony it is proven that just one thing they said is shown to be a lie. Then their whole testimony is erased from the record. And the person usually gets charged with perjury. And goes to jail. So this applies to the official story on 911 too.



I fear not evil doers; I fear those that do nothing about it.


Telling the truth in times of deception is a revolutionary act.


We need a truth revolution. Are you going to join it?


First you need to start doing your own thinking and doing your own research. Do not trust anything you hear from the corporate media. Pick a topic. Pick a topic that you question. When you have done sufficient research. You can then contribute your knowledge of truth to the pot. Then tell your friends, neighbors or anyone you can.


Just understand that this ‘truth revolution’ can not have a leader or a structure. For they well destroy it. If everyone starts spreading the truth their way. The wave of humanity will win.


The only weapon against deceit and lies is ‘truth’. If you value your freedoms, realize that there is no freedom without truth.


Liars and deceivers are mentally ill. Only truth will make a person, country, or this planet will again.



Direct Link to My Writings folder at “TheTruthSoldiersClub”

Direct link to 911 folder at TheTruthSoldiersClub

Direct link to 911 Documentaries folder at “TheTruthSoldiersClub”


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Sep 5, 2009

The Butterfly

By Daniel J Towsey

 A beautiful woman is a delicate butterfly.

 You can spend your whole life traveling through your existence and never let your eyes recognize one of creations most precious beauties.

 You may see one flutter by and never realize the beauty that your eyes are beholding.

 If you take a moment to appreciate and take in the beauty, you’ll notice that this is very hard to do.

 As the butterfly’s fluttering free spirit

is never predictable.

 A butterfly is not meant to be captured.

  It is to be loved for its delicate beauty.

 A beautiful butterfly’s wings can never be touched as this will remove it delicate powder and will surely guarantee it’s eventual slow death.

 Butterfly’s wings are coated

with a most delicate fine powder.

 As a child I looked in awe as my mother

 put on her delicate scented powder

 If you damage this powder the butterfly will not be able to continue on it’s natural flight of life.

 If you are fortunate enough to ever have a butterfly

Delicately land in the palm of your blossomed hand.

 Give it gentle support and bless god

for having given you some beauty to behold

 This world has many different butterfly’s

for your eyes to behold.

 For there are limitless unique different butterflies

 If you look, you’ll see that every woman is

a delicate butterfly

 Then after for the rest of your life

 you will be on the look out for a butterfly and will always appreciate the beauty passing by you.

 And when you do.

  You will find the most delicate smile of appreciation beaming back at you from that most delicate beautiful woman

 That smile will enrich you and you will one day be

the flower that a butterfly will land on

 to spread your pollen of life.

 But this can never be if you do not see gods

beautiful delicate creations

 Woman is a Man’s Butterfly

Man is a Woman’s flower of life


Inspired by the Heart to Heart

love of Matty & Lauren



Please see some butterflies I have been fortunate to

Capture with my camera

Look in the Dreamgirls folder at



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Posted: Sep 5, 2009 9:52am


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