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Jul 6, 2009
Meet Alexa a female yellow lab x taken in as a stray. Sadly no one ever came to reclaim Alexa as theirs...
By:Freedom Therry Jackson

Can someone foster Willow until she can get a home let me know
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Posted: Jul 6, 2009 6:04pm
Jun 18, 2009

This is a lucky blessed cat his name is SAM his owner loves him very much he is part of her life but that is just one out of millions .. millions of cats are abused tortured and I believe and may be wrong the zoo does get many of our animals ... I pray not.  I know our horse meat goes to feed zoo animals.

Also please read this article it proves how stupid some people are...Cats keep down rats and rodents that cause disease without cats the plegue will come back and believe me I expect it to China kills millions of cats the rats run free and someday a disease will come we can't cure.  Where there is food there are rats...which carry rabies, and many other fatal diseases ..cats keep the pop down do these people think there are no more rats where they are? I hope not if they do it is scary

Please read
Save cats of Hatsushima, Japan Save cats of Hatsushima Island, Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan
Originally cats didn't exist in Hatsushima. The islanders brought them from mainland in order to get rid of rats. When those rats disappeared the islanders decided to get rid of those cats by starving them since they didn't need cats anymore. Known as resort island, however, tourists fed the cats and population grew because they aren't neutered. Then, the islanders began to patrol, made children to draw posters and put them to the places which tourists would see. This succeed and now cats are thin as paper and very ill.
Finding out about this problem, a volunteer group "Shizuoka Doubutsu Aigo InuNeko Hot Line" decided to save the cats. The group suggested about TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return Program) but the City refused. Now the members of group are feeding and trying to move the cats to a shelter little by little.
One islander told them "You should catch them and feed to the animal in zoo. That's what we used to do." Mayor of the island told them "Animal volunteers are cult." Shizuoka Prefecture wrote on the website "Volunteers are telling that we are poisoning the cats." which none of the volunteer member said. Atami City ordered the group to shut down the website because it will be damage to tourism income if the people outside of the city know the truth. Cyber Agent,Inc. cancelled accounts of bloggers who were posting article about Hatsushima without warning.
Unlike the West, Japan is notorious for animal cruelty. But also Japanese government worries about what other nation think about Japan. So, please tell your friends about the truth of Japan. Thank Yo

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Posted: Jun 18, 2009 4:56pm
Jun 18, 2009

The photo is my Galaxey...lived a good life she was treated well and loved so much one of the lucky ones.  My horse died of old age 32...very peaceful.

One of a few who have a life like this...most go to horse slaughter plants where they experience the worse H444 on earth before their terrible death
They are hauled miles away without food or water for Mexico, Canada, almost half do not make it alive the ones that do are killed in spirit they feel betrayed...they keep looking out for their owners hoping just one last time that someone will save them.  It is like the holocaust for them.  As they travel some are on the top row that collaspes.  We have no respect for what helped build countries who went to war for us who pulled our wagons who helped build our nations....our west...we just treat them like nothing.  Now Montana after 2 years we had horse slaughter plants closed in the US now opened one.  The BLM is holding 30,000 horses and claiming they can't feed them...this is coming out of our tax money why we did not tell them to round them up leave them wild where they belong the land they own.  It costs the tax payers over 72, million a year for nothing people living in the streets and they need to round up horses from the wild  then say they can't feed them anymore.  Something is wrong.

It is a holocaust for animals.  WE must stick together help them someday we will need there help again.

For more info please check out all the sites regarding horse rescue.

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Posted: Jun 18, 2009 12:06pm
May 20, 2009

I don't have the photo but he is precious 8 month old stadffordshire terrier mix?
Please let me know on FB     Diane Symons
or my e mail thank you

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Posted: May 20, 2009 6:27am
Aug 30, 2008

Hi everyone

I support the groups that save greyhounds.  These are some addresses that you can write to and get more informtion about them.

As promised a little information about greyhounds in Belgium.
There are two big organizations over here:
Greyhounds Rescue Belgium ( and
Greyhounds In Nood Belgium (

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Posted: Aug 30, 2008 12:12pm
Aug 24, 2008

We don't have a bill I thought we did to help them.   I have been writing everyone including the President.  With high respect for our gov.  We must help get a protection bill.  They are going to kill them.   If they are not killing them now which I think the killers are taking them behind our backs to slaughter for money..using our Tax dollars our gas to ship them to Canada and Mexico no disrespect for those great nations but they have horse slaughter houses.  These are animasl that are being killed in the most horrible way you can imagine..WHY what did they do they helped settle most of our countries...They helped our wonderful Native Americans, our settlers.  Please it is time to pay them back and help them.  Horse meat is not for humans to eat and I know for a fact it goes in dog food.  Also we cann't supply Europe with all our horses.  These killers are blocking off water supply and horses are dying...please help they are making money off of lives.

I received this letter from a wonderful most respected Senator who I will stand by but this is all he knows right now.

Senator Robert P. Casey, Jr. wrote:

Thank you for taking the time to contact me with your concerns about the Bureau of Land Management's (BLM) National Wild Horse and Burro Program. I appreciate hearing from all Pennsylvanians about the issues that matter most to them.

In July 2008, BLM announced plans to enhance its population control strategy for wild horses and burros in the Western United States. Responsible for managing herd levels on federal rangelands, BLM currently houses more than 30,000 wild horses and burros at short-term and long-term holding facilities. This represents a substantial increase over past years, and the Bureau has cited a number of reasons for why it is quickly becoming unable to sustain these levels. BLM maintains that holding costs now account for over 75% of its annual budget, a strain which has prevented the Bureau from taking action on other pressing responsibilities. Energy, transportation and feed prices, all of which affect the cost of caring for these animals, have risen rapidly in recent months. In addition, the rate of horse and burro adoption, which has traditionally helped to keep holding populations in check, has declined dramatically over recent years.

BLM is currently considering an array of options for maintaining wild horse and burro populations at sustainable levels. I understand that one proposal calls for the use of euthanasia in some circumstances, and that you strongly object to this practice. While there is no legislation in the Senate that addresses this issue directly, please be assured that I will continue to monitor BLM’s actions closely. I will work with my colleagues in the Senate to ensure that BLM takes steps to engage the public on this important matter before reaching any final decisions on how to proceed.

Again, thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. Please do not hesitate to contact me in the future about this or any other matter of importance to you.

If you have access to the Internet, I encourage you to visit my web site, I invite you to use this online office as a comprehensive resource to stay up-to-date on my work in Washington, request assistance from my office or share with me your thoughts on the issues that matter most to you and to Pennsylvania.

Bob Casey
United States Senator

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Posted: Aug 24, 2008 7:33am
Apr 22, 2008
Elephants are an extremely important species, both biologically and economically. They’re known as a "keystone" species because of their significant influences on other animals and on African and Asian terrestrial ecosystems.

Economically, elephants contribute enormously to national revenues generated through ecotourism. However, elephant populations have declined dramatically over the last two hundred years. They continue to face many pressures, including forest fragmentation, human population expansion, weak park management, and the ongoing trade -- mostly illegal -- in ivory and ivory products.

Being large mammals with slow growth rates and long gestation periods, elephants are acutely affected by these threats.

IFAW is collaborating with the Bioacoustics Research Program (BRP) at Cornell’s Laboratory of Ornithology on an Elephant Listening Project. This groundbreaking work records elephants' low-frequency "infrasounds," or rumbles, which are inaudibule to human ears.

Through this research, we hope to establish a baseline population for these forest elephants, which have traditionally been difficult to monitor, and thus ensure their continued protection through the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITE.

IFAW also works to save elephants by establishing habitat protection programs, funding anti-poaching patrols, and providing resources for park infrastructure improvements.

Jackie Chan speaks up for bears

Jackie Chan has joined WSPA in our fight to end bear farming, one of the cruelest practices in the world. On these farms in Asia, bears are kept in small cages and bile is extracted from their gallbladders on a daily basis. Chan, a longtime animal welfare advocate and WSPA supporter, filmed a PSA showcasing the intense suffering and deplorable conditions bears on these farms are forced to endure. The PSA is being shown around the world as part of WSPA's global campaign to bring an end to this appalling practice. Read more >>


Protest against the suffering of Spanish bulls

When the bullfighting season began this month in Catalonia, northern Spain, hundreds of people, including staff from WSPA member society ADDA, were on hand to protest the cruel bloodsport. Although a recent poll indicates that 80.7% of Catalans have no interest in bullfighting, the sport continues, taking the lives of over one hundred bulls every year. A joint WSPA and ADDA petition to ban bullfighting in Catalonia, signed by over 500,000 people internationally, will be presented to the Catalan parliament later this year. Read more >>

Experts turn out for farm animal welfare in China

In a step forward for farm animals, world-renowned animal welfare experts traveled to China in March to take part in a landmark conference on farm animal welfare. More than 150 Chinese specialists attended the conference, including scientists, government officials and national media. The conference was hosted by WSPA and other leading international animal welfare organizations and is a significant move towards more humane and sustainable farm animal welfare in China. Read more >>

Support WSPA's work for animals all over the world >>

My Sons Web Site Please Visit Thank You

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Countering Threats with Sound Research
Hearing the Calls of the Wild
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Posted: Apr 22, 2008 11:22am
Apr 21, 2008

She is always by my side.  I love her dearly

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Posted: Apr 21, 2008 7:08pm
Apr 21, 2008
Sadie  a dear friends dog she is adorable so loving loves to play with her bowling ball
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Posted: Apr 21, 2008 7:02pm
Apr 8, 2008
I have been working on letters to congress regarding all our animal issues.  I have been working with the Humane Society there is hope for our animals...the media, newspapers, TV shows, and more will be getting word of what is happening to our animals...the abuse must stop and it must stop now...China has gotten letters that we will not stand for what they are doing to dogs and humane treatment...kill shelters are killing animals as fast as they come in..not giving enough time to find homes.  Please work with me to help them they would do it for us
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Posted: Apr 8, 2008 9:00am


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\\nNorthern California Beach Reading 500 CPM on 12/20/2013 - Fukushima Radiation Is Here. Via @ AGreenRoad. \\r\\nFr om Rense; \\\"The above video was taken today with an Inspector Plus Geiger counter by \\\'Dave\\\', giving readings on a Northern Californ...
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\\nAccording to NIRS; \\\"Marine life in all forms, from endangered manatees and sea turtles to essential microscopic organisms, is being harmed and killed by once-through cooling systems, used to remove waste heat at nuclear power stations. \\n\\nA t...
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\\n\\n\\n\\n\\n3/18/11: \\\"The source term provided to NARAC was: (1) 25% of the total fuel in unit 2 (SFP) released to the atmosphere, (2) 50% of the total spent fuel from unit 3 (SFP) was released to the atmosphere, and (3) 100% of the total spent fuel wa...
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\\nThis meditation uses words, images, and feelings to evoke a lovingkindness and friendliness toward oneself and others. With each recitation of the phrases, we are expressing an intention, planting the seeds of loving wishes over and over in our hear...
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\\n \\n Every nuclear reactor is a military industrial complex stocked up with 1300 weapons of mass destruction that if released for ANY reason, can wipe out all life on the planet, from just ONE nuclear reactor. If a Carrington Event happens, whic...
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\\n \\n \\n http://www.agreenroadproj A nuclear subcontractor ordered workers at Fukushima to cover their dosimeters with lead to lower official levels of radiation would be reported; allowing workers to work longer hours inside the plant. By...