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Mar 5, 2011
America, why have you forsake me? I watch down from above and protect you, all of you for you are my children. As any parent may do, I am proud of you at times, other times I am sad, but right now I am very angry. I do not ask that much of you except to worship me, your Lord your God with all thy heart, mind, body and soul. I have afforded you all the means to do so...yet you have forgotten me, worse even, you are denying me-Your Lord You God! I put my only begotten son on earth in the flesh and had him take all the wrath for your sins that you may live an eternal life with me in the Kingdom of Heaven. I love you, I am your Father, so why have you forsaken me? Sure your earthly parents may have given you food, clothing and shelter, but it was I who gave them the means to do so. They may have given you a college education, but it was I that gave them the means to do so. They may have done what you consider the most ultimate sacrifice by giving birth to you, but it was I that placed you in your mother's womb, it was I that made way for your entry to this earth and I who have protected your every step made upon this earth! IT WAS I WHO CREATED YOU! So, again I ask why have you forsaken me? You will not let the small children pray to me at school, this is their communication with their father, how dare you deny these small one's communication with their Father? Did you not read the gospel of Matthew 5:19-20, "anyone who break one of the least of these commandments ***and teaches others to do the same***will be called least in the Kingdom of heaven, but whoever practices and teaches these commandments will be called great in the Kingdom of heaven. For I tell you that unless your righteousness surpasses that of the Pharisees and teachers of the law, you will **certainly not enter the kingdom of heaven**." So, by taking my name out of your pedge at school, taking prayer out of school, taking my name out of your so-called justice system you are taching the weaker to not worship and honor my name and for that you will certainly NEVER enter the kingdom of heaven! Repent now, and put my name at the top of all that you do, teach the young ones to pray to me, worship me, and only then will you have the chance to enter the Kingdom of heaven my children.

This is of course not actual words of God, but I wrote this poem as a reminder that what we are doing in taking God's name out of everything is breaking the most high of commandments and we will be teaching the young to do so as well, and if we do this we will surely never enter the kingdom of heaven!
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Posted: Mar 5, 2011 6:40am


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