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Nov 30, 2011

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Posted: Nov 30, 2011 1:11am
Nov 18, 2011

San Diego, California - An awareness campaign has been launched by the P. Luna Foundation, called “Male Abuse Awareness Week” every December 1st through the 8th.  Scheduled the first week of December, this campaign shines light on the neglected cause of abused males during the holiday season when statistically domestic tensions rise.  All forms of child abuse are considered in this effort.Inspired by the campaign to fight breast cancer, this campaign is meant to;  Encourage people to start talking about this sociallytaboo subject, inspire young males to seek treatment, promote  their web site exclusively for abused males, and raise money to sponsor therapy sessions for young male victims of child abuse.

This year, the P. Luna Foundation is holding their First Annual Educational and Fundraising Event in San Diego, CA on December 5, 2011.  Also this year, they are introducing a Male Abuse Awareness merchandise line with a new and unique mascot character they have created called “Maa Man.”  M.A.A. stands for Male Abuse Awareness and this merchandise is currently being sold at  These products will also be given away as FREE gifts in exchange for donations to the organization at to Founder Petra Luna, “The time is NOW to get widespread media coverage for the problem of abused males.  This topic has been in the taboo closet for too long.”  Richard Gartner, PhD at the William Alanson White Institute also stated, “The media has been of little help deepening the conversation about male sexual victimization.  We can talk about it now, and we must do so, no matter how difficult this talk can be.”  How does this organization and campaign help abused young males?  The effects of child abuse on anyone are devastating and psychologists are just now starting to realize how young males are processing the abuse they have suffered in the past, and how their situation is much different than their female counterparts.  Young males are the last to admit weakness and the last to seek help.  These males that go without therapy to deal with their hurt and anger are at higher risk for going down destructive future paths like drug addiction, sexual addiction, violent crime, and even suicide.  They are also at risk of becoming abusers themselves, and continuing the cycle of abuse in their lives.  Getting the help which the P. Luna Foundation is providing will give these vulnerable young males the tools to deal with their anger and express themselves in a positive manner so that they may have hope for a happier, healthier future.  

The P. Luna Foundation(PLF) is a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization founded by International recording artist Petra Luna in 2007.  In addition to the Male Abuse Awareness Week Campaign, the PLF provides several different ways of serving our online community of abuse survivors.  The PLF is the premiere portal and hub program with three different online directory listings of the world’s top services and resources for the abused.  The PLF also has a vibrant volunteer staff who supplements their therapy and healing by working for their cause.

For more info, see the P. Luna Foundation’s main web site at or contact Petra at 818.300.2052 or  They are located in Southern California at 5334 Lindley Ave. Suite #136, Encino CA 91319 and in Northern California at P.O. Box 523, San Bruno CA 94066 (for all mail).

P.S.  Please, if you're on facebook, please like us here - 

Please don't forget to sign the petition for the guys, to get equity in services, support and emergency shelter -

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Posted: Nov 18, 2011 1:20am
Nov 6, 2011
Name: Male Survivors of Abuse
Type: Tribute (for the living)
To Honor: Individual(s)
Location: , United States

Things have been hectic, busy and very productive, and it's hard to believe it's almost been a whole 'nother year!  The PLF is moving right along with so many things.  Please refer to for more information.

It's time to get the 4th Annual Male Abuse Awareness Week kicked off, December 1-8, 2011.  We have a lot of exciting things going on this year.

We have a counselor from Australia that is willing to give deals on giving our abused guys the support they need through one on one counselling as well as group sessions, to maximize the therapy.  No one should have to make this journey alone.

Please visit for more information regarding donations to go for the cause.  This will help ensure that the cost for each person is low or free.  Many times, as victims of abuse, we don't have the funds available to us to get therapy.  Please consider making your tax deductible donation today, to support this cause to help men become survivors, not continuous victims, of abuse.  For those with less money, you may donate a smaller amount to go towards one of PLF's other awesome missions.

If you don't have any to donate, but would love to give a special and unique gift to donate, please consider buying some cool new merchandise, featuring MAAW Man, to show some love to our male abuse survivors and to help out that way.  There's t-shirts, hand bags, coffee mugs, and more!  All proceeds go right back to helping our guys!  Come check out our store today!

They make great Christmas gifts as well as a gift of life to a guy whose life has been turned upside down.  Place your orders to ensure delivery.

Thank you all for your kind and courageous support!

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Posted: Nov 6, 2011 12:11am
Mar 19, 2011
Focus: Human Rights
Action Request: Donation
Location: United States
The new Annual Report is Posted for 2010. Please go over there and check it out so you are up to date with what the PLF is doing.

For info...... Home Page, where they can get links to purchase the CD or downloads. The CD's page at where they can get all the info and lyrics on the CD.

If they want to just sample and buy the new songs they can go to;

To add the songs to their social networking from;

Also, they can get a CD with any donation made to the PLF over $10.  They can send it via pay pal or to the address posted on the bottom of the web site.

Every cent for the CD's goes directly to the cause to help curb child abuse.

Finally if you are on FB please click that you "like" this page; and please try to let others know about it.
Thanks for all of your hard work & support, 
Lov yall,
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Posted: Mar 19, 2011 2:12am
Dec 7, 2010
The final day for the Male Abuse Awareness week is December 8. Thank you to everyone who has been reading, signing the petition and passing it around. Action is still needed, so please keep signing and passing around this important petition.  Don't forget to visit, more information at  Thanks!

I want to thank Grandma Elizabeth for sharing the story about baby Sean, who died at the hands of his mother, simply for being a boy. For more information, I'd like to direct everyone to YVI's website page dedicated to the Sean's Voice cause:

In this section, you will read about how the mother systematically abused her baby, along with the boy's father, whom would try repeatedly to escape with his children, yet would end up incarcerated because the mother would get hysterical and blame the father for the whole thing. It was the worst case of male abuse by a female, and because the police lacked training to understand the situation, and the myths involved that men can't be abused, she was believed, and who knows what happened when the father wasn't home to protect the child.

If, after reading the story, you're not compelled to sign the petition to ensure that our men get equal safety under the law, please sign the Sean's Voice petition to bring emergency shelter, support and services to our unacknowledged survivors of abuse, our men, who currently have little to nothing for them. Here is the petition:

Please continue to pass the petition around. If you would like to do more, please feel free to email me at - and you don't need to be a public voice, there is plenty to do behind the scenes.

If you haven't already, please check out Michael Skinner Music: You will find a lifting experience, along with comradeship while there. I encourage all to go, especially if you're recovering from abuse, male or female.

Another good website is the Children Without a Voice website, which will give you a lot of information about how abuse of all kinds affects children. Please give them a look:

These are great organizations, and if you could, please at least give encouraging comments to them. Abuse doesn't take a holiday, and often the stress that comes with the holidays make it worse, so please, keep signing the petition. Here is in honor of baby Sean - the Sean's Voice Petition:
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Posted: Dec 7, 2010 12:43am
Dec 4, 2010
In honor of Male Abuse Awareness week, which is hosted annually from December 1-8 each year, I'd like to post some other websites that are available for everyone.

First of course is sponsored by PLF. There are counseling sessions available, and it is all confidential and anonymous. You may have to register for some, but, it's worth taking steps forward.

I'd like to introduce the Surviving Spirit website:

This is a comprehensive website, with many aspects that help people past the abuse issues, and there IS help for those who have other issues also. It is a professional site, with much information. Please check it out, and if you need them, please contact them. It's a great site.

Please also continue to go to YVI's website, and see what interests you. Even if you don't want to talk to legislators, you may still want to pass out the petitions, and we still need you to sign and pass around the Sean's Voice Petition, to push for equity in services for our abused men, who currently have little to nothing. Please read precious baby Sean's story there. While you're at it, please sign your name to the petition:

Last but not least, Namid is the founder of the R.A.P.E. Foundation, which stands for Recovery. Advocacy. Prevention. Education. She is a strong and beautiful woman who cares about others. Please check out the foundation's website:

Namid has books available for self help for people in need of moving through rape, incest, sexual assault, and much more. Her bookstore is here:

Please guys, if you are in need of recovery, and aren't ready to talk to someone, please order her book, The Strength of a Man and go through the workbook too. Men aren't always the social butterflies that women are, where we reach out. This book set can really help you. Here is her myspace profile which have other important websites Namid would like for you to see -

My best wishes, peace out.
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Posted: Dec 4, 2010 11:58pm
Dec 3, 2010
Here are some facts and figures regarding male abuse, and I hope that this will help dissolve some misconceptions.

Please have a look at the Male Survivor Website -

I hope this helps with what is the real truth, and to ensure that we don't discriminate against our abused men, who are currently pretty isolated.

Here is some news for Male Survivor from my friend and talented musician Mike Skinner on the topic of Survivorhood -

The Surviving Spirit Newsletter Nov 2010

Our thanks to Alison Rogers for sharing these insightful resources that help create awareness and education regarding concerns around the holidays for those who struggle with PTSD and depression – this information can also help their family and friends.

PTSD and the Holidays -

State of Grace - An Adult Child Abuse Survivor's Guide to the Holidays –

Sometimes just the simple act of sharing your story with someone can be one of the most powerful tools for healing – it is exciting to be able to share some great resources that can help you in that process. Maybe these sources of inspiration can lead you to some of your own ideas to help not only yourself, but to also help others – just as these kind and caring folks and organizations are doing with their respective works and advocacy.

1] Meghan Caughey has founded a new arts organization called VISIONS: A.R.T.- Art for Resilience and Transformation - VISIONS will inspire persons who have lived experience of mental health challenges to create art that expresses their unique stories, creating opportunities to educate, inform, and transform public perception of what it means to have mental health challenges.

You can learn more at -

Meghan recently received “The Howie the Harp Award” at the Alternatives 2010 Annual Conference - “Promoting Wellness Through Social Justice”. This distinguished award is given each year to someone who best exemplifies social change in using the creative arts. Meghan is someone who I not only think of as a ‘Surviving Spirit”, but also a gentle spirit and she gives so much to so many in her creative advocacy efforts - so a well deserved award. You can learn more about the Alternatives Conference at: and “The Howie the Harp Award”

at: - then click on News and Info.

2] Gayle Bluebird who has been ‘in the trenches’ for so long in helping and inspiring so many was also honored recently with a VOICE Award. The VOICE awards are given annually by SAMHSA [Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration] to honor movies, TV shows, and stars that portray mental illness in a positive light. They also present six consumer advocate awards. This year Gayle was one of them [and justly so], along with a few others you may know; Laverne Miller, Janet Paleo, Moe Armstrong - who received the Lifetime Achievement Award [way to go Moe!!], Fred Freese, Clarence Jordan and Lorrin Gehring [for the youth award].

I am one of those who Gayle has helped to inspire in my own creative advocacy endeavors; she has been a friend, a peer, mentor and so much more. Please visit the NASMHPD [National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors] website to read her bio and her acceptance speech along with pictures of the event – just scroll down to - Recent updates and Information:

3] Ed Pazicky, Coordinator and Webmaster for Altered States of the Arts – “Promoting Recovery Through Art’ is looking for artists to display their creative efforts at the website - Ed is another one of those caring people who helps so many others, just visit the website to see this in action. He’s also posted Gayle Bluebird’s above mentioned award and information – scroll down to Bluebird’s Words. Please contact Ed at -

4] Corinna West is gathering recovery stories and recovery poems to post on her website for Poetry for Personal Power. Corinna’s words sum it up best – “I would love to feature works from people across the country.” Please contact her at:

Corinna West, MS, CPS Creative Director, Human Hand Wordworks

PO Box 172351, Kansas City, KS 66117 816-392-6074

5] Draw That Beast is an online art project. People are welcome to submit original artwork (drawings, paintings, montages, photos) of how depression visually looks to them. Anyone is welcome to join in; it is not an art competition. If you can't draw, then take a photo or compile some pictures together that have some meaning to you. If words fit best, then that is ok too.

Submit by email:
Submit by post:
Draw that Beast,
PO Box 7043, Watson ACT, AUSTRALIA 2602

6] Christopher De Serres has created a powerful medium for the millions of sexual abuse survivors out there who want to tell their stories - many of whom feel isolated and unable to express the deepest pain in our lives. The “My Name Is Project” is there to provide a survivor a way to express it via video sharing. All of the information and resources to help you in this worthwhile endeavor are posted at –

Chris and his wife Ophelia are also the founders of (Wo)Men Speak Out™ - a non-profit organization dedicated to eradicating violence against both genders. They seek to educate both men and women, cultivating healthy relationships and gender equity. Learn more at - Chris also took part in the recent Oprah Winfrey shows about males who were sexually abused as children.

7] Lauren Leigh, mental health activist and founder of “On the Borderline” [and fellow NH resident!!] is looking for your videos about your experiences while living with Borderline Personality Disorder. Please include all of your relevant links in the email – e.g. your You Tube channel, Facebook or Myspace profile, your blog, etc and send to –

To learn more, please visit Lauren’s sites at - and

8] Sharon Wise is now holding first readings for people interested in her hit play, "Meet me on the Moon". She’s looking for two females and one male actor to be a part of this creative effort – so if you are in the Washington, DC area, please contact her at

Skype - 202-460-2753 or by e-mail at -

I have been fortunate to experience Sharon’s powerful dance renditions and her equally impressive art creations, so I can’t wait to see this play.

9] Kate Swift’s book - “This Tangled Web” is one woman’s journey from victim to survivor. It is the untangling of a web created by the pain of childhood sexual abuse. The author brings you to the center of the web through her poetry and art, allowing you to see the journey through her eyes.

10] Chipmunka Publishing’s catalog of mental health books gives a voice to writers with mental illness around the world. They help to raise awareness of mental health and the stigma surrounding mental health problems by encouraging society to listen. They are offering 45 Free E books to download from their website, learn more at - Click on specials and then e books.

I would like to close by sharing this quote from Albert Einstein - “Try not to become a man of success but rather to become a man of value.” I truly believe that all of you who are mentioned in these newsletters and those who graciously receive them exemplify this quote – Thank you for what you do in helping others.

Please keep the Surviving Spirit in mind for your next event when you need a talented and inspirational keynote or workshop presenter. Please visit our Speakers’ Bureau for all of your needs -

You can help the Surviving Spirit in its Mission to help others with your Time, Treasure or Talent. To learn more please visit -

Take care, Mike

ps. Please share this with your friends & if you have received this in error, please let me know.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.

~Martin Luther King, Jr.

A diagnosis is not a destiny.

www.survivingspirit.comHealing the Heart Through the Creative Arts

Speakers’ Bureau - - Hope, Healing, & Help for Trauma, Abuse, & Mental Health through music, resources, & advocacy Facebook - for friends, music, & advocacy!!

Mike Skinner

"BE the change you want to see in the world." Mohandas Gandhi

Please don't forget to sign the Sean's Voice Petition to ensure that our guys who are enduring and suffering abuse issues can get access to emergency shelter, support, and services to overcome and become the survivors we all need to be. Please click this link:

Thank you for your continued support!

Lika & YVI
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Posted: Dec 3, 2010 1:03am
Dec 1, 2010

The P. Luna Foundation, a California 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization is proud to present the

3rd Annual Male Abuse Awareness Week Campaign, December 1st through 8th, 2010!

This is an important awareness campaign to encourage young males who are victims and survivors of abuse to seek help before they grow up to become the abusers. We also provide men of all ages a huge list of help resources and communities. This is how we can all help stop many cases of child abuse, domestic violence, drug addiction and suicide before they start.

Oprah Winfrey embraced this cause last month with a landmark double episode where 200 sexually abused men came forward. Of the 200 men that showed up, 80% had admitted to contemplating suicide because they were not able to come out about their past abuse and seek help. The taboo of this cause has to end!

To learn more about this year’s 2010 campaign, check out this video?

Or, see the Official Male Abuse Awareness Web Site:

The PLF's founder, Petra Luna, and Lisa from Power Of Mind Online Counseling, will be on the Internet talk radio show, "Current Events with Patrick Cook"!

They will be discussing Male Abuse Awareness Week Sunday, December 5th, at 4PM CST and 2PM PST (U. Click here to tune in or download;

Patrick’s blog:

Lisa’s video:

Other MAAWeek activities are being held by foundation volunteers!

A Male Abuse Benefit event in NYC by volunteer Justine;

December 03, 7-9PM, Space on White, 81 White St, Studio 4 New York, NY 10013

A TV appearance in Georgia by volunteer Darrell;

A male survivor will be discussing the MAAWeek campaign, Dec 7th at 8:30 am, on WCAG TV-33.

To see our wildly popular Annual Slide Show Video for 2010, with beautiful ladies supporting the cause;

Thanks ladies!

We also want to thank volunteers Ange and Don for the great graphic images that were created for the 2010 campaign.

THIS IS A REAL PROBLEM THAT NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED for our families, communities and future.

Any helpful donations and/or ideas for the annual campaign are welcome. You can also help by forwarding this email to the people on your email list.

Or, click the “Like” us button on Facebook @


Barbara Ochoa aka Petra Luna

Executive Director, P. Luna Foundation

Leader of the War On Abuse Movement



Please continue to sign the Sean's Voice Petition, sponsored by Youth Voice Initiative, to ensure that our abused men get equity in emergency shelter, support and services to become survivors in the community. Here is the link:

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Posted: Dec 1, 2010 5:16pm
Jun 13, 2010
This isn't a new story, but it's an important one to get out.  A teenager was forced to apologize to her church!!  I find this to be an outrage that even in this day and age, that people are still blaming the victim.

These situations are part of exactly why we need and please sign the federal and the state

Sex abuse can be more traumatic for men.  Please also sign the petition for our unacknowledged survivors of abuse,  It is hard enough being a victim, especially when you have no where else to go.

Thank you for your support.

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Posted: Jun 13, 2010 12:24am
Jun 5, 2010
Focus: Children
Action Request: Petition
Location: Wisconsin, United States
Dear friends and supporters:

I have a new petition up for April's Law Wisconsin. I'd been so intent on having an old fashioned type petition where I'd get to meet the Wisconsin residents face to face to help present it to the state legislature, that I'd forgotten that this is another important option that goes along side of the paper petitions.

I would like to ask each and every one of you to join Youth Voice Initiative in support of passing April's Law Wisconsin. Thank you for your support.

Just a reminder that this is NOT competition for the federal April's Law petition, but hand in hand. I appreciate your support.

Please don't forget to keep signing the petition for our abused men, Sean's Voice, to ensure that no abuse victim is left without support.

Thank you for your continued support, and I appreciate the signatures. Take care, and many blessings to all of you!

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Posted: Jun 5, 2010 11:39pm


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