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Apr 14, 2009

As I was concerned about my upcoming surgery, the world interviened in a huge way.  In the past few weeks we have had more than the usual share of illness, sadness & death.

My Godmother died early on Palm Sunday as she was making her cuppa tea. That was just the way that fiesty, lovable 91 year old lady would have wished. She & my Mom are the end of their family generation of women who raised my cousins and I in a family setting while the 'men were at war or recovering" ... Truely the end of an era, where women came to a safe space to raise their children and support one another.

The week before, my Mother had been in the hospital for a still undiagnosed bleed. Hopefully she is going to keep going as all the chaos continues.

Dad is in the hospital, and has been since a week ago, with cardiac issues. This morning he was taken off the ventilator after his triple bypass yesterday.  He has a long healing ahead, but he made it through his first 18 hours post-op, and it is looking good that he may fully recover IF he listens to the MD and follows his diet and exercise regime.

I have been running a fever for over a week, so I am going back to my primary care MD in a bit for blood work as she is concerned that my port-a-cath became infected last week during a proceedure in oncology.

Wow, way too much medical stuff ... I have a short attention span when I am awake, so that I am happy to just play games or listen to music all day.  Family is here, but with my illness I am housebound again so it is realy twice as frustrating not to be able to help and/or visit.

I just wanted to let everyone know that I miss all of you, but being online, chating or dealing with anything that requires thought is just beyond me right now.

OH, my surgery.... the oncologist & surgeon agreed that we did not to go in right now for a "lung nodule" that has not grown in 14 months ... whew ... so i am still in the wait and see mode of having CT scans on a regular basis, but i am not as fearful of surgery as I was.

 There is no adequate way to thank the many kind people from Care2 that have helped me find immune support foods & suppliments as well as herbals as well as Reikii and distance healing ~   Bless you all and thank you all for the many kindnesses you have shown me. 

 Finally, to Christian, thank you once again for comiing down to help prepare myself. the house and the kitties for the surgery that we found out 2 days later was not happening.  I do not know how I would have endured the past two years without your consistant friendship and support as you give of yourself as well as coordinate surprises & support from other Care2 friends.

Hopefully, life will become a little more normal as Dad recovers, slowly from his surgery. Then if we can get Mom & I back to "our" normal the three legged stool that we have going here will become more stable, and much more active as we all support the activity part of our health recommendations !

Again, thank you to all of you who have helped and continue to help keep myself and my family from collapsing when we hit lifes' speedbumps.





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Posted: Apr 14, 2009 8:42am
Jan 26, 2009

If you notice that I am missing from your group, please know that I am cutting way back right now due to upcoming surgery.

Many of you know I have had 2 cancer surgeries & chemo, and have been slowly regaining my health and range of motion from the surgeries.

We have also been monitoring a chemo resistant area of my "good" lung. Thursday's CT scan shows some changes, so I have to do some positive things for my body and mind to prepare for another surgery. I am working with some wonderful people from here on diet and nutrition as well as reconnecting with my  body/mind teachers to update my tape library on positive imagry, relaxation and healthy living in general.

I also want to take this time to thank all of you who have contacted me over this weekend to offer your support, prayers, energy, and other wonderful "gifts of the heart." I am blessed to have so many wonderful friends who understand that I need to hibernate, destress and take a proactive part in preparing for this given my reactions to anesthesia.

When the surgery, nursing home stay and such is over, and they let me near my computer again, I will rejoin some groups as I am able. For now, I am only keeping active in a few, small, private places as I prepare & wait, and wait some more.

Thank you all for the love you have shown me, and the support you continue to give. Care2 friends are the best !!





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Posted: Jan 26, 2009 8:38am
Jan 7, 2009
Is This Going to be another crisis for Obama to deal with?
  As I read this news today,  I was horrified by the potential human suffering that this could cause during the Eastern Orthodox Christmas celebrations today.  The potential for unrest, political posturing as well as possibly another "conflict" as a result. Please note this story, and comment on what you think of this horrible development.


Russian Gas Through Ukraine to Europe Halted
World  (tags: politics, ethics, europe, russia, gas crisis )

- 25 seconds ago -
KIEV, Ukraine - Ukrainian officials said Wednesday that Russia had cut off all gas supplies through pipelines crossing Ukrainian territory, the latest move in a devastating pricing dispute between the two neighbors that has already left a number of countr
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Posted: Jan 7, 2009 7:33am
Aug 7, 2008
I just submitted a news story about the Why I Love New York film finalists. You think NY is only the city? This will show you MORE

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Posted: Aug 7, 2008 10:53am
Sep 1, 2007
 Now,  the next challenges are coming up.. 

I am 2 weeks post op from my lung cancer surgery, and doing much better than anyone could have expected given my fibromyalgia & myologic encephalitis. Now back to square one... the breast cancer that started all the testing 2 months ago. According to the oncologist, if we had not found this lung tumor when we did, all the allopathic, alternative &/or complimentary medicine in the world could not have provided me a cure (only a miracle).

We think my bilateral mastectomy will be the 19th of Sept; then the 2nd of October I meet with the oncologist again, and since we will have all the pathology reports by then, we set up my chemo schedule.

There are 2 proceedures that are primarily for lung cancer (the more agressive of the two) but that also work very well for the breast. Rather than "4 courses ~ each course being a 3 week period of time" I will probably require 6. So, my New Year's gift to myself will be the gift of finishing chemo & health!

Please, my ability to get online is going to be erratic at best, please keep me in your prayers as I walk this journey with the cancers, you dear friends & thanks be to God that I have my kitties !! Hopefully I will be able to get online often enough once we start the chemo to read of your wonderful personal joys, the sucessful saving of all creatures great and small & the individuals & groups caring for each other during the upcoming holiday season. Please, give lots of hugs, tell your friends how dear they are to you now, before an accident or illness sweeps them away.

May your birthday, anniversary, graduation & holiday celebrations be joyous and full of love !! I wish you JOY & much love.

Gayle & the furkids

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Posted: Sep 1, 2007 8:01am
Jul 29, 2007

online for just a few minutes. I am back into "what next" shock mode....

My pulmenologist called me  today to talk about the fact that she presented my case at the interdisiplinary grand rounds this morning. My surgeon, the oncology team and the head of cardio-thoracic surgery were all there. Bottom line, as the biopsy shows an adenocarcinoma of the lung the plan is to remove this first. While I am healing from that, I will be receiving chemo for the breast cancers. A second surgery to remove both breasts will be asap depending upon my healing rate from the lung surgery.
I do not know the schedule yet as the thoracic surgeon is trying to move his schedule around to get to me ASAP because of the invasive nature of this carcinoma.
Yes, I am in shock, but I trust this team of physicians after talking to all of them except the thoracic surgeon who I will meet Tuesday, at one of his offices an hour away so that I can get in before Aug. 23... His nurse said I may be having surgery on my birthday, the 13th.
Please continue praying and sending positive thoughts my way as I will need all of them I can get right now.
Hugs to all,
Gayle and the furkids
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Posted: Jul 29, 2007 1:35pm
Jul 23, 2007
It is just after 6 pm the night of the biopsy. I was almost on my way to the hospital 12 hours ago....
The biopsy was bad for a number of reasons, the first being the pain. Because the tumor is between and behind 2 ribs, It took some "looking" with the needle trochar to get in place. I was lying face down inside the CT scanner as they pushed, hunted and took pictures to see where they were. It took a few trys, but the pulmonologist finally got everything into position.
Then we waited for the pathology lab to get up there to decide when there was enough tissue to evaluate.  The last words he said was "it is going to be difficult to distinguish lung from breast given the nature of the tissue, but we will run some special stains to see if we can distinguish it better...."  NOT my favorite words at that point.
When they let me sit up, I had a "crushing pain" in my chest on the right front side, just opposite the area they were pushing on, leading us all to think we had just bruised my rib in front; However, it was a pneumothorax.  So, at the moment, I am still on excessivly high levels of oxygen (afer over an hour in the proceedure room on 15 liters/hour of O2) to see if we can get the lung to convert itself rather than put in a chest tube to reinflate my upper lobe tomorrow ... OUCH.
So, please pray for this to move back into realignment before I have to go back tomorrow for more x-rays otherwise they will do the chest tube proceedure then, have me wait about an hour and then another set of x-rays.... I am really tired, sore and NOT looking forward to tomorrow.
and hoping for the best as I snuggle in with the furkids
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Posted: Jul 23, 2007 3:57pm
Jul 21, 2007
Monday I am scheduled for a CT guided lung biopsy at 8 AM EDT.  I would really appreciate prayers that this proves to be a "compatable or metastic" tumor related to the cancer in my breasts. That would make it easier to find chemotherapy for my body to use to remove all the tumors!

Luckily, a friend from my church is driving both Mom and I to the hospital. That way, Mom's irritated hip and knee will have a rest from all the driving we have been doing. The not so great news is that the oncology team that specializes in these more difficult cases does not have an opening until August 3rd.  That will give me a bit of time to get some much needed paperwork and other things done before chemo starts. The latest thinking is that we work with diet, nutrition & chemo prior to any surgeries.  

Thank you all that have been sending cards, prayers and other forms of love & healing energies. 

Hugs of friendship to all,

Thanks to Red for the Blinkie !!!
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Posted: Jul 21, 2007 1:19pm
Jul 5, 2007
Hi all...

Just stopping by to say that I have missed all of my Care2 friends while  I have been racing around from the tests @ RPH Gutheri medical center and to MD consultations ~  breast cancer on top of my other autoimmune issues is turning out to be very, very challenging in the options available.  The plastic surgeon's do not recommend, and will not do any reconstruction, the only option would be implants and that has its own set of problems. 

The radiology oncologist says NO. I am not a candidate for radiation treatment because of the autoimmune issues

Yesterday my neighbors came and got me in the rain, fed me and coddled me like a total invalid (and I must admit, I was feeling that way as that was my only day off from testing in 2 weeks!). The big surprise... my neighbor's daughter was back from her honeymoon and his family was all there ... his Mom & I graduated from HS together and this was the first time I had seen her since the infamous reunion last August!  What fun to see her again and really get time to catch up.

The storms finally chased us inside, me to a nap with the kitties, and then the horrific firework noises ~~ poor Mr. Tabby & One Eyed Jack went nutz, Bandita just sat there looking disgusted that someone would interrupt her cat sleep  


Today is the tell all day with the surgeon, and he will give me the results of my tests and tell me what he feels is the best option for my future.  Please continue the prayers as well as any Reiki or other healing modalities, I really appreciate them all.

UPDATE: 2:20 PM EST....
I have "a 4 mm mass in the other breast, but more worrysome is the spot on your right lung."

I cannot even say anything other than I have a PET scan scheduled for this Wednesday, another appointment with the surgeon for Thursday and more pulminary tests with a consult on Monday the 19th.

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Posted: Jul 5, 2007 6:37am
Jun 29, 2007
I got my biopsy results fully explained by the breast treatment team at one of the local cancer centers ~   invasive ductile carcinoma. 

I am asking for reikii, prayers for strength to make informed decisions as I stretch my energy envelope while undergoing a massive number of pre-surgical testing and consultations.

The tests started today after a long consultation yesterday with the breast cancer surgical & support team at Robert Packard's Gutheri Clinic. My testing schedule is insane, but since it is a 40 minute drive to the center, the grouping makes sense. Thankfully, they have valet parking as my Mother could not accompany me if they did not as the parking lots are spawling and difficult for a healthy, younger person, much less a lady in her 80's with neuropathy issues.

Today started with prep for the CT scan for metastises today followed by much needed small meal and then a consult with endocrinologist regarding a number of issues that could affect surgical risks. I am glad to be home with the kitties right now.

Monday I have a lot of fasting blood work and then learn about plastic surgery reconstruction options.
Tuesday is loooong ... 7:30 AM injection of nuclear medicine; 8:15 consult with radiological oncologist; 10:15 nuclear MRI of both breasts to look for 'missed areas of concern'.... finally a bone scan of entire body !! NOT a bone density, but to look for issues that will be important in deciding my chemo/radiation therapy options....

Finally, Thursday I meet with the surgical team again to evaluate the options available to me, anesthesia included as I have malignant hypothermia that caused me to :code: on the table last 2 surgeries I had.

I will try to come into the C2 Community as I am able, even if it is only to read blog comments and do my daily clicks. Hopefully, once I know what direction I am choosing to go, life will become less stressful!

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Posted: Jun 29, 2007 11:44am


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