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Sep 4, 2013
Focus: Civil Rights
Action Request: Think About
Location: Illinois, United States

How are  you following the Dreams of MLK, are you protesting are you working towards a Goald, I am my protesting is done by letting those who are locked away in mind and soul know that somebody cares, I am following the dream by posting on social net work about injustice, the hunger, education Big Oil, and the one percent how they have band together making it hard for the Dreams of quality of jobs, education and good living wadges to bring those in the middle class further up the ladder of life and the rest can move up into the middle class.

Yes I Dream for all God's children that we will some day go hand and hand ecqual of life and predjudice and hate will not prevail anymore The Dreams of Marting Luther King live on and after me I hope that this banner will continue untill that dream becomes a reality, impossible you say, no not where I sit for I see the dream and what a beautiful thing to see.

Love will bring all thing to it't natural self.  We were put her to have all of these things for all people.  We know that their will always be the poor and needy but we will always be there to give a helping hand.


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Posted: Sep 4, 2013 6:28pm
Jul 29, 2013

I was and no respected girl my age should wear make-up that end after what seemed to have been hours of reminding me that I was only 13. The next day after school I was surprised with a lipstick whoopee good times was here finally. Before I finish let me explain we are a Black family although I am lighter than my sister and brother Black is just that.

Rember my surprised lipstick, big disappointment insted of it being red (like other girls was wearing) mom gave me my lipstick tube with a smile and said Dear (nick name for me).  This is what somdone your age should be wearing. I gladly took it out of her hand showed it to my sister in a teasing way and off to the mirrow in the bath-room.

Disapointed don't began to explain my disappointment. It was a very pail pink no color what's so ever it looked as if I used vasaline on my lips tears came into my eyes, just as I began to cry mom and my sister peared in on me.

Mom said I think it looks good on you what do you think Gale (sister's nick name). Me too momma my sister chimed lookin back at me putting her finger down in her mouth as a juster of being sick. 

(before anyone say anything lip gloss was not out in those days). I will be continueing my getting old tomorrow.

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Posted: Jul 29, 2013 7:31pm
Jul 29, 2013

I can remember my thirteenth birth day and it all began my mother told me you are becoming a very pretty young lady, wanting everybody to know that I would repeat it.

Some girls my age was dating so naturally i wanted to date too. oh and wear make-up especially lip stick. my sister and got to have our hair done every other week (mom was a terrible hair dresser) this why we went to the salon . 

I wanted more one time after going to get our hair done I got up enough courage to ask mom for make-up bad ideal I thought she would never finish explaining how young 

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Posted: Jul 29, 2013 6:52pm
Jul 7, 2013

I guess you are wondering why My Title is named A simple No, let me began with the facts first.  

I am the one of those people that can not say no to anybody, I do not lie to them I usually drag along or go along with an ideal that I deffently most of the time wish that I could use those two little letters NO especially when it comes to family and friends.

What have I done to correct this bad habit, I've bought books on the subject practiced in front of a mirror saying to word promised myself the next time

I am seventy one years of age and still have a problem with it, There is only one way I will say no and that is when it comes to myself of who I am for instance I believes ones words and promises means something.

I also believes that a handshake should be just as meanfully as a written agreement, my mother taught us this "you are not rich you only have your words which is your bond a written agreement it stands for something it is you and it is all that you have stand by it as if it was something of  value and it is live by it as long as you are being" This is one  of my no's

Just the other day I had a chance to say the word No to someone that is a friend and I must admit I was sad all that day but I also learned something saying no is in the Dicitionary and it should mean something just as yes and anyother word we use.

I have decided that I am using it more now that I have learned that it may make you sad but it also have it's place in life.  Even with your loved one saying yes when one knows that no would have been better for oneself is a much better way to do things, Now you undersstand why my Title states A Simply No. After carefully thinking about the word no I have began to like it and it is my intention to use it more in my life it is never to late to learn something new. 

I will began with my lovingly son who is my first then my middle child, there is something that I also can not bring myself to do we will talk about that another time until then 

No no respectfully to all Smile



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Posted: Jul 7, 2013 1:35pm
Feb 13, 2011
As the Sister of a brother who is diligently looking for employment with the understand that employee are not hireing, he have come agains something that I fee is descrimanating against him because of his age.  

I am sure that he is not the only one who have this problem, other as well.  I say this because of our country is going into what it has named Baby Boomers, but what about those left behind, the one in between 50 through 60 these are the ones left out, unless they have a medical disability they are left to defend for themselves. 

Which I think is a Direct Discrimination of their rights they have been cut off from getting hired by Big Companies Rules that are out dated.  The President and other advocate retraining yet when these people do just that (my brother have trained for many position retrained) they are cut off by rules that they are to old to join certain unions to name to of the biggest one the Electrician Union and the Pluming Union.  There are more, but these come to mind.

Because of their age people are told (after training) that they do not qualify for these position because of their age.  Experience should be the key to optaining a job as well as getting into any Union not age why are there age requirement yet some parts of our Governing forces want to raise the Social Security Age Liminate.  This will not work because Companies have age limination giving them the rights to discsriminate against any one over the age of fifty.  My brother and others want to work yet are denied to do so.  The Federal and State Government who are pushing the reeducation for jobs, had better take another look and decided what to do about those In Be Tween.  

Training phycilities and School, that are receiving Grant Money are charging hugh amount to the student who are not guranteed a job, with out this gurantee these people will be unable to pay and now are thrown int a situation worst than the ones that they was in before the retraining.  If companies that could hire keep descriminating against the ageded there is not point in reeducation if training phycilities and collages are not telling those who are being reeducated and retrained that they will not qualify for certain position although these programs are offered, they are not giving those who apply for these program any way of making a life decesion of their own.  What shoule we as society do just sit back and watch this social injustice play out?  No not now I will be contacting my Governor as well as State Senator, this can not go on please do the same for your Citizen In Between.
Marie Russell-Barker, 
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Posted: Feb 13, 2011 11:40am
Jan 15, 2010

It began way back when the world first began that peace was broken.  First man broke the peach when he decided to give up his spiritual life for a nonspiritual one.

Peace seem to elude us we can not come together on any one thing the only agreement that man can say that he agrees up on is this To Disagree.

We will not accomplish peach unless everyone decides to come together and leave self behind.

In order to do that one must take a good look withing and admit to that in which is the truth and that in which the sinful body want.  To accomplish what man want there is a need for some seriously changing of thoughts and then some seriously changing of minds and of heart.  Growth within begins to shine through and set one above the fray of the world one will began to see things that the ordinary eye can not see.

This is the true way of thinking and acting that Will bring peace to our world also an admittance of Global Changing.  Now we are reacting out of self instead out of spirit.

Marie Russel-Barker

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Posted: Jan 15, 2010 11:39am
Sep 30, 2009

To days society is none forgiving and it seems that we need to take a good look at ourselves.

We make laws that makes no sense we in prison those who break  laws that have no impact of today's world because we are not that society to forget.  If we lock some one up for committing a crime and that person servers his time did that person pay back to you and the law that stated "you for what one has done they must serve five to ten years".  Did that person give out of his or her life the time that was dictated by you the time you request?

Now allow me to ask you this when do one pay back society?  In some state all rights are striped away from any one who has paid their dues from them how do you say on one hand for committing a thief the judge gives you a sentence of ten twenty years.  After one has done that what was by law in which society set up only to find that he or she must serve that same theft over and over again.

No work cannot rent a place to live, but I paid that in which the laws stated I must do, this is a set up to fail they are not expected to succeed they are expected to return to prison.   In most cases this is what happens one must have something to eat or a place to live. 

I read where a person who had been in prison won the lottery and some thought that the person with the ticket should not have the money yet that person payed what ever the price of that ticket cost.  We are selfish   unforgiving and hurtful of others. 

Shouldn't we be rehabilitating these people so that they can migrate back into society and become law a biding citizens.  Shouldn't  Correctional Centers be just that a correctional center instead of jailers with guns and night sticks.  Most of these people are just as bad a those   they are suppose to be correcting.  How does one correct some one if they themselves need some oversight into someones life, without training on how one should treat another person.  I have visited those place and can tell you first hand most of the guards that are there know one thing how to hurt another person.

It us up to each of us to see that our brother sister is safe.  This I agree with but if one sell drugs or sell a gun even having a  gun with out firing it why should this person pay for the rest of his or her life for it.  Why do they go  back to doing the same things because this is the only way they can make on the outside.  Remember they cannot become employed doing the best of times now that the economy the way it is today. I cannot say.

What I do know is some changes need to be done and I will such out to find out what to do.


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Posted: Sep 30, 2009 10:56am


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