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Jan 11, 2008
Focus: Animal Welfare
Action Request: Poll
Location: United States
less than two days left and still urgently needing more voters! If we win this money will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund! Please vote! You can vote every 30 seconds If you are working at your PC, you can have the voting page open in a seperate window and vote while waiting for a page to load...

Please post on groups, crosspost, forward, whatever you can to get some more support for WWF!

Here is the link to my news item (please note)

Here is direct link to voting page:

Here is link to World Wildlife Fund:

vote, vote and keep voting!!! WE CAN DO THIS!

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Posted: Jan 11, 2008 8:35am
May 27, 2006
Focus: Animal Welfare
Action Request: Other
Location: United Kingdom
        Veggie Day! 27th May

‘Care for The Planet’ Event Day. This is my own idea, a special day to learn how factory farming is cruel and harms the environment. A day for all of us to take action against the cruelty of factory farming!

Hundreds to thousands of animals (mainly cows, pigs, chickens or turkeys ) are confined together, using very little space, with little or no access to sunlight, fresh air or natural movement. In some facilities, the number of animals produced yearly is in the millions.

The use of antibiotics, chemicals and/or hormones to promote faster growth and ward off disease that would otherwise run rampant in factory farm conditions. The unnecessary use of antibiotics is contributing to today's problems with antibiotic resistance.

Crowding, drugging, and performing surgery on animals. Chickens are debeaked hours after birth, commonly by slicing off the beak with a hot blade. Confining hens and pigs in barren environments leads to physical problems such as osteoporosis and joint pain, and also boredom and frustration, as shown by repetitive or self-destructive behaviour.

A Viva! investigation of U.S. farms has revealed shocking facts about how pigs are treated

...showing the worst of factory farming. Very graphic
Undercover video at Honey pot farm, showing the cruel cramped conditions.

Choose Life, Go Veggie! Warning, this video shows very cruel treatment of animals. 

Pigs raised for meat are overcrowded in barren pens.

GRACE Factory Farm Project
What is a Factory Farm? (basic introduction to factory farms and the problems they cause.)
Photo Gallery ( Aerial shots of factory farms, plus road damage, manure spills, confinement barns and links to more.)

 Go veggie free info pack! (UK only)

Type in your details to receive a veggie starter pack with delicious recipes, nutrition and health info and
lots of advice on going vegetarian!

 Order Your FREE Vegetarian Starter Kit! (USA)

Every hour, 1 million chickens raised for meat are slaughtered They are raised in ammonia-filled and warehouse-type sheds. briPhoto credit: Compassion Over Killing/i
      Take Action!

Urge famous chef to Stop Promoting Animal Abuse

Against conditions/cruelty of Battery Hens

Get Foie Gras out of Philadelphia.

Stop the Horrors of Factory Farming Now


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Posted: May 27, 2006 5:17am
Feb 6, 2006
Focus: Animal Welfare
Action Request: Petition
Location: United States
Here are some actions you can take... (its quite a lot so dont worry if you cant do them all!!!)
Since the 1950s, federal law has required that all livestock be rendered "insensible to pain" before slaughter. But this most basic requirement does not extend to more than 95 percent of the farm animals slaughtered for food in this country - 9 billion a year - simply because the law does not explicitly mention poultry.
The Department of Interior has proposed changes to the management policies that govern how our parks are protected and preserved. The proposed changes to the policies will weaken longstanding legal mandates requiring the Park Service to make resource protection its highest priority, weakening its mission.
More than 317,000 seals were slaughtered in the 2005 seal hunt. A staggering 98.5% of the seals killed were three months old or younger, some of them skinned while still conscious and able to feel pain. Sign our pledge and tell the Canadian government that you won’t buy any Canadian seafood until the hunt is over for good. (Don't worry, once you've signed we'll tell you how to spot Canadian seafood.)
To receive frequent e-mail reports from the ice, including journal entries from our Director of Canadian Wildlife Issues, Rebecca Aldworth, complete the form below.
Stop Breeders from Selling Unweaned Baby Birds In Massachusetts and other states. Please "Take Action" to urge members of the Joint Committee on Community Development and Small Businesses to support the "Unweaned Baby Bird Bill" (S.B. 2195), which would protect baby birds from being sold or shipped before they are weaned.
More than 85% of the world's fur products are imported from China, a country where there are no animal welfare regulations and animals suffer the worst kinds of abuses. Among the rabbits, coyotes, foxes and other animals, millions of cats and dogs are brutally murdered for their fur. Many of them still wear collars and ID tags, an indication that they were stolen from loving guardians to be turned into fur trim and trinkets. Dog and cat fur exported to the U.S. is often deliberately mislabeled as being from another species, so many consumers who purchase it are wearing the fur of a dog or cat without knowing it. - Watch IDA's new PSA exposing the abominations that take place behind the scenes of the Chinese cat and dog fur industry by clicking and scrolling to the bottom of the page. Be forewarned, however, that the PSA contains scenes that are extremely graphic and disturbing, and viewer discretion is advised.
After pocketing massive political contributions, Representatives Tom Delay, Richard Pombo and their pals in Congress have launched an unprecedented attack on all species in America, including us! Join our Earth Day Virtual March by sending the email below to tell your representatives that our national forests, parks, wildlife refuges and endangered species are not for sale; we're against drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge or off our fragile coastlines; and we don't want our health jeopardized by greater mercury and pesticide pollution.
Nissui Europe is a 100%-owned subsidiary of Nippon Suisan Kaisha Ltd (Nissui) which is Japan's second-largest marine products firm. But Nissui is also a company with strong links to the whaling industry. During the height of Antarctic commercial whaling in the 1960s, three companies, Nissui, Maruha (then called Taiyo Gyogyo) and Kyokuyo owned and operated the Japanese Antarctic fleets. But due to decreasing demand and decreasing whaling quotas, the whaling departments of these three companies merged to form one company. When the ban on commercial whaling was introduced, that company handed its catcher boats and factory ship to a new company called Kyodo Senpaku. Nissui still owns about one third of Kyodo Senpaku, and so is directly linked to the current whaling in the Southern Ocean.
The UK government is currently reviewing the future direction of the UK's energy policy, and Blair wants a whole new generation of nuclear power stations. A public consultation has begun, and now is your chance to have your voice heard.Nuclear power will cost the Earth, will not stop climate change, produces deadly waste that we have no idea how to deal with and is a target for terrorists. As for energy security, replacing our existing fleet of reactors can only account for 3.6% of our overall energy demand. Every pound wasted on nuclear power is one which could have delivered seven times more carbon savings if spent on energy efficiency. The real solution to climate change and energy security is a wholesale reform of the centralised UK energy system to encourage massive efficiency and renewable energy sources on a huge scale.
Stop the badger cull! Since the 1970s badgers have been scapegoated as the cause of bovine TB, even though studies found that 6 out of 7 badgers tested were not infected with bTB. The real villain is the dairy industry. When animals are crowded together in dirty conditions and exploited to their physical limits, disease is inevitable and easily spread. Rather than taking responsibility, farmers blame the badgers. To appease the farmers, DEFRA has announced a 12 week consultation on a badger cull. If killing goes ahead, thousands of badgers will be trapped and shot.
We, the undersigned, are shocked at proposals set out by DEFRA to kill grey squirrels, supposedly in order to protect dwindling numbers of red squirrels.
Some of Utah's Best Wild Places at RiskFrom the haunting rock art of Nine Mile Canyon to the eerie silence and beauty of Labyrinth and Desolation Canyons -- theVernal and Price Field Offices of the BLM manage some of America's most prized wild places in Utah. Despite the agency's own findings that these areas are "fragile, sensitive, rare, irreplaceable, exemplary and unique," they remain open to increasing off-road-vehicle abuses and oil and gas exploration and development.  Help us push the agency to protect these rare areas.


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Posted: Feb 6, 2006 12:53am
Jan 25, 2006
Focus: Animal Welfare
Action Request: Petition
Location: United Kingdom

Please sign this petition to stop fur farming!

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Posted: Jan 25, 2006 7:34am
Jan 23, 2006
BATTERY HEN FARMING - behind the scenes

When you hear about battery farms, you think of tight cages, with no space for the birds to move around in. Some of you have heard of debeaking (see below) and know that these factors cause stress. You know the birds have never seen the sun, never tasted grass (or any other food except boring layers mash, often full with colorants, some even contain confectionary waste, etc.) but there is a lot more than just those things.


At the hatchery, the female chicks are separated from the males by ‘sexers’ who grab the chick, flip them over, determine their sex and then send them into different places. The male chicks, sometimes only a few days old, are chucked into garbage tubs by the thousands. The unwanted male chicks may be brutally disposed of in the most disgusting ways.

The female chicks are prepared for the egg production farms. First, they are debeaked, a horrible process involving burning off the tiny beaks of the chicks, removing one third of their beaks without anaesthetic and many die of blood loss and shock. The pain of debeaking is obvious: chicks peep loudly and defecate as they undergo the searing blade. Studies show that the pain lasts for a long time after the process. Birds may not resume normal pecking or preening for as long as six weeks after debeaking. The female chick is then vaccinated against disease and infection of the injection site is common.

The same hatcheries that provide chicks for factory farms also provide chicks for "free-range" egg farms.


The cages are only about 40 x 55 cm in size sometimes containing more than the legal 4. Nature gave these birds feet to walk with, wings to fly with and beaks to peck with, but battery hens are deprived of their natural life so completely that some loose the will to live. They cannot scratch for food, drink properly, dust-bath. They have nothing to peck at, and so may peck cage fittings and each other, so feather pecking is a major problem in cages. Over 2,000,000 chickens die in factory farms. The birds can suffer from brittle bones - studies show that many hens have broken bones by the time of slaughter. Their claws grow unchecked in the cages, and sometimes the claws get caught so the hen cannot get to food and will die of thirst and starvation. The torture these hens suffer day in, day out, is constant.


Under the cages are dunes and dunes of foulsome waste and dead chickens. Sometimes The chickens fall from the cages and are left to drown, rot and decay in piles of their own waste. They are dying and weak, and without access to food and water they are just waiting to die. The sludge is mainly gooey liquid which means that the chickens legs sink down into it and it is impossible for them to get out. The place is infested with flies and rats which the chickens continually have to fight off to prevent being eaten alive.


After 12 months in the battery cadges, the surviving chickens are slaughtered and become pet food or even pies for us.


We must stop buying battery eggs! The problem is products such as cakes, noodles, some pastas, omelettes… contain eggs and they use battery eggs more often than not because they are cheap. well, you can go without these things, or you can make them yourself using free range products. Most bread makers these days can make cakes, they are very simple to use etc. Just-


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Posted: Jan 23, 2006 2:19am


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