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Oct 8, 2010
Titanic ~ The Ship which sank
By Cassandra Lai
Titanic ~ one of my favorite romance movie

             Last night, as I was watching a mid-night TV show "Titanic" my famous movie ("Titanic" lived up to its name becoming sort of the Titanic of the box office making itself the highest-grossing film of all time, with a worldwide total of over $1.8 billion, surpassed this year in 2010. Nominated for fourteen Academy Awards, it won eleven, including Best Picture) for the 3rd time after so many years. My darling was sitting beside me.

            The movie begin with .....   Read more at my hubwritting :

God bless you with abundant live.

Prphetess CAssandra

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Posted: Oct 8, 2010 10:43pm
Aug 30, 2010

Dear all,

         I have a dream to share. My sister in law is coming home from USA and visiting Malaysia for few days and she is allergic to cat. To avoid any unpleasant events to happen, very reluctantly, my husband and I have to send my beloved "Morning shine" for boarding at a local animal clinic. This cat is very special and  meant a lot to me. I do miss him a lot.

         This afternoon I was taking a nap with my love one. In the dream, I was looking for my "Shining". I looked every way but just could not spot his present, I kept looking at those familiar places. but l could not find my "Shining". Out of sudden, I saw my hands was hold a parcel wrap with gift paper. Without open up the present, I felt led to cycle and bring it to a special home which is 10-15 minutes cycling time. Even thought the present is big ( normally I will keep it ) but this time, I felt I should give it away. 

           As I reach that home, a parents a little boy came and welcome me, they all gave a kind of smile which I have never felt before. The house is almost empty, no elegant furniture, only one table with some flowers on top. But the house is so bright, shining and full with glory. Their smile and joy on their face is something I could never forget.... The family insisted that I shall stay back and have dinner with them. I seen so much sincere and love from them, and I agreed. There was hardly anything dishes served on the table. As I put my present in the middle of the table. Right before we start our meal, the father open up the present......

          I saw the man taking out 4 beautiful, sparkling spoons and forks  out of the box, I suddenly realize that this family was so poor that they do not have much but their warmness and loving hearts can melt a snow mountain. When the moment, I see how God used me to meet their needs, I started to cry non stop. I cried and keep thanking God for His goodness. My husband try to wake me up from the dream because he hear me crying in the dream. Poor darling, get scolded for waking me up because I reply him that , I am not having any bad dream I just got touch and want to spend more time to thank the great and mighty GOD.


May the Lord bless you with the dream and you have the gift of interpreting , please feel free to share and let me know.


Thank you and God bless and be with you always,

Prophetess Cassandra


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Posted: Aug 30, 2010 5:02am


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