I’ve continued pondering chemtrails and the biggest problem I have found is how my mind keeps turning to the philosophical aspect of the mystery. There is science aplenty if you follow the threads, it is often said that the truth is hidden in plain sight and such is the case with chemtrails. The problem for many is in finding satisfaction with the idea that it is simply weather modification or geo-engineering or communication technology and minds are reaching deeper into the metaphysical world for answers. For me, I’m always looking for the threads that tie everything in a neat picture so I can move on to the next mystery, but the amount of information available is nearly overwhelming and reaching a complete conclusion seems next to impossible.

Many insist that the chemical contrails are just a business decision, evidence that our government has become a corporate entity, more illnesses mean more doctor visits and prescription drugs. More storms mean more construction and more land to be developed, the insurance companies were not the friend of many of those washed out by Hurricane Katrina. More earthquakes, tidal waves and international tragedies mean more people donate money that is funneled off, we know the corruption of the Katrina donations alone was huge. Better communication, means increased sales of cell phones and various technologies. The more the average citizen suffers exhaustion and apathy, the easier to pass money-based corporate agendas and the weaker and sicker the society, the easier to manipulate through war, fear and terror.

Others believe that the chemtrails are about mind controlling the people and unfortunately there is evidence to back up those claims. The goal being to dumb us down, overwhelm us with media images and produce passive, non-complaining consumers and constituents. Others say that the mind control technology is being used to prevent the ascension to a higher and more compassionate way of being. That a force greater than us, God or the Universe, is calling us to fulfill our ultimate destiny, a good versus evil scenario beyond our human understanding and the chemtrails are designed to prevent us from receiving those messages from the divine.

Some say that the chemtrails are altering our DNA, against our will, a modern day holocaust. Others say that our DNA is experiencing a natural evolution, changing as we adjust to the earth changes and we are about to experience a new age of mankind, a spiritual ascension to a higher way of being. Still others say that we are in control of our DNA and our health, simply through our thoughts and they also feel we are ushering in a new age, a rise to the next dimension of existence, heaven on earth.

Some believe that UFOs and chemtrails are related, there is much photographic evidence showing orbs or circular craft flying in and out of chemtrail lines. Some suggest that our government is in control of new age propulsion systems discovered by back engineering crashed UFOs or craft found abandoned on the moon. Others feel that our government is working hand in hand with alien societies against us, seeking only to save themselves. And a lot of folks believe that the global government is run by the Annunaki, the serpent race mentioned in the Garden of Eden and the chemtrails are a diabolical exercise to rid the earth of a genetic experiment gone awry, us. And still others believe we are being contacted by benevolent alien beings that want us to save our own planet and find our connection to the spirit of oneness that touches us all.

So I guess it’s no wonder the lines between philosophy and science are getting crossed, I think as humans it’s hard to look up into the vastness of the heavens and not feel small and vulnerable. As we see the writing in the skies it awakens an awareness of our own mortality and when we seek the answers through the words of others, we again find the knowledge that we are mere mortals in a big scary world, afraid of the unknown. I’ve heard some very wise folks say we are living in the greatest time in history and that it is a wonderful time to be alive, so until I discover otherwise, that is what I am choosing to believe.