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Jan 25, 2007
Beach Bodies For Pelosi!

Shauna Mckay | January 7, 2007

Today I received an email from Curt Maynard with a link to the following web site: It seems that 1,000 People spelled out "IMPEACH" on the beach with their bodies in Pelosi’s district of San Francisco.  Brad Newsham a local cab driver and author organized the event.  He said, “America is a great country, but President Bush has betrayed our faith.  He has to go, NOW.  I too, hope Nancy Pelosi is listening.” 

Most American's share Newshans’s position.  I’ve been meaning to put up an open letter to Pelosi on my site and ask for signatures from all who agree so I can send it to her as a representative of the people, but building this new site has consumed all my time.  However, after reading Curt’s email, I was compelled to write this short article. 

Yes, Nancy Pelosi, I hope you are listening, because if you and your Democrat associates don’t honor our Constitution and do your job to protect this country and its people from traitors and acts of treason by the Executive Branch and others, we the people will just have to recall all of you, including the President. 

If the bunches of you think, that you are perched on a Royal Throne on Capitol Hill, you have another think coming.  You work for us and you vote for what we want, not what you want and not what the corporations want and not what that lying, cheating excuse for human being who calls himself a President wants.  This is our country, the citizens of America.  No matter what illegal bills you slap through that violates our Constitution.  No matter what kind of Fraud the decider and his lap dog Gonzalez think they are going to pull on the people, this is still our country and we are the WILL of this country, we are the “DECIDERS” and we will not honor or tolerate crooks who think they can steal it from us.

The Fraud has gone on long enough, this is not a game, this is our lives and our children's future that you bored old lushes are paying with.  Just how long do you think you can keep taking from the American people, lining your pockets and give nothing back. 

I'm here to tell you, the gig is up.  Sh-t or get off the pot! 

It comes down to either you do your job or we will do it for you. 

1.)     You will give us paper ballots and toss those corrupt voting machines or we will establish our own voting system without you and we will vote you out.

2.)    You will bring our troops home and right now.  They should not be fighting for a lie, and not one more of them should be sacrificed for a lie.  If the Chicken-hawks want sacrifice, then let them go to Iraq and serve themselves up on a platter, we would gladly sacrifice their lying cheating butts any day of the week, but our young men and women deserve better than what you gutless excuses for Americans are cursing them with.  Either you cut the funding for this war or we will cut it for you and don’t tell us it’s the Presidents choice, because it is not, that power belongs to the Congress and if you don’t know that then you shouldn’t be holding the office.  If the Congress can't handle it, then the people can.

3.)    Deport all these illegal criminal immigrants that have invaded our country, put armed troops on the southern border, and stop the drugs, the smuggling and the invasion.  We are tired of having to worry about being robbed, raped and murdered.  The only people that want them here are the big corporations that can exploit them as cheap labor.  Enough of this bull, already.  Get into the reality of the way things work.  Companies produce products, they have to pay labor so those laborers can purchase their products or everything comes to a stop.  The greed and fraud has gone far enough, you are allowing these criminals to destroy our county and our lives and we will not have anymore of it.  Are you getting the picture, loud and clear?  Do your job or we will do it for you. 

4.) this insane NAU treason and stop it now.  We don’t want it and we will not have it.  This is our country.  If you want to live in a Nazi hellhole then pack your bags, get out of our country, and do it now because we do not want it and we will not have it.  We want Bush and his cronies impeached and held accountable for all the fraud and war crimes.  We are a country of laws, so you keep preaching for your own agendas, so start practicing what you preach and punish these traitors and treasonous war criminals.  Do your job; obey the will of the people. 

These are only four items on a long list of items that you people in Congress have failed to take care of, but these are the most urgent and we want them handled now, the rest we will discuss later.  Handle them or pack your bags, because you are on your way out, all of you, Democrats and Republicans alike.  We are sick of your pompous Bull, we are sick of your stall tactics and we are sick of looking at your lying faces.  Nobody is buying it no matter how many lies you spin.  The people have got your number and it is “ZERO”

©2007  Shauna McKay, All Rights Reserved 

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Posted: Jan 25, 2007 10:49am


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