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Aug 23, 2008

Okay, this is going to be short and sweet.

Now that Care2 has been overhauled yet again, why has the ability to send email with all the email tools using Firefox been disabled?

I think this SUCKS!

 If you do too, tell Care2.

That's all, folks!

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Posted: Aug 23, 2008 8:31am
Aug 24, 2007

Please put up with my rant, which I am trying to base on LOGIC.

Care2 advertises 7M members. Ok, at any given time I bet they could be as much as 2M off depending on activity, duplicate profiles for people, etc.

So, let's say at any one time there are 5M active members.

Proceeding from this, let's guess that 3.5-4M of those members are Americans.

Next, let's acknowledge that there are a LOT of problems with this site, ranging from veerrrrrrrrrry slow response time, email that doesn't work properly, friends lists that often get corrupted, postings that disappear or post 2 or 3 times, bad links, many lock-ups while trying to navigate, and on and on ad nauseam.

This brings me to the first petition:


Target: Matt McGlynn, Founder and Vice President, Engineering, Care 2

Created by:

Cate Groves

Care2 needs to upgrade its IT equipment. As much as many of us love Care2, navigating the website can be so frustrating that many of us don't participate as much as we would like to. Rather than adding new subsites (e.g. polls, etc.) and other cosmetic add-ons, Care2 needs to put more time and money into developing a faster, smoother IT interface so we who are enthusiastic members can truly enjoy our time here.

THANK YOU, CARE2 TECH TEAM! Care2 has addressed one of our big issues. If you haven't already noticed, we can now send mail to 25 people instead of 10 at a time. That's a great breakthrough and it shows that Care2 is responsive to our comments. Let's keep signing to encourage them to continue to work on site performance (slow loading, broken links, etc.).

YOUR signature still matters! Cate

989 signatures 

Based on my own poor experiences with this site and the complaints of countless others, I didn't think a goal of 10,000 signatures out of our 5M active worldwide members was too outrageous. However, as you can see, there are 989 signatures from people interested enough to push the powers that be at Care2 to really overhaul this site.

Next: If we accept the hypothesis that the majority of active members are AMERICANS, no matter what political stripe, you might think the next 2 petitions would draw a lot of attention: 


Kevin Kiley, Director, Walter Reed Army Medical Center

Created by:

Cate Groves

There are many veterans of the unjust war in Iraq with PTSD and other combat-related psychological difficulties being virtually ignored by dumped in Ward 53, inappropriately housed in with the chronically mentally ill. It is UNJUST to shelve these veterans into a ward where they do not and cannot receive proper care and rehabilitation. These brave veterans need appropriately-focused help to be able to re-enter society and live as normal lives as possible after serving our country. We ask that you make immediate arrangements for proper diagnosis, placement and treatment for mentally-stressed, psychologically-impaired Iraqi war veterans. They served for US - now WE must serve THEM

signature goal: 5,000
528 signatures

Support Waxman's Bill to Protect the Surgeon General

Target: Representative Henry A. Waxman, US House of Representatives

Created by:

Cate Groves

Let's show our support for this legislation, which would free the Surgeon General's Office from censorship and suppression of important information by the Executive Branch.

Honorable Congressman Waxman:
We the undersigned fully support your bill to free the Office of the US Surgeon General from interference from the Executive Branch in carrying out its responsibilities and disseminating vital information to American citizens.

signature goal: 500
342 signatures

However, even though I KNOW that whatever their feelings about the war in Iraq, MOST people here care about our fighting men and women. But my petition to properly treat returning troops with mental disorders caused by their combat service has only 527 out of the goal of 5000.

The petition to support the Waxman bill to protect the Office of the Surgeon General still needs 168 signatures to reach its modest goal of 500, even after I and cooperative friends pushed this petition for a quick wrap-up, it is not ready to close yet.

Now, just to be REALLY conservative number-wise, let's assume that of the ACTIVE AMERICAN members of Care2, 60% have moderate to very liberal political leanings. The next petition was aimed at this group. The number in this group should be somewhere in the 2M+ range. However, this next petition does not even have 1,000 signatures yet - far removed from a reasonable goal, I think, given the hypothetical pool to draw from - of 5000 signatures.


Target: Joe Lieberman, Senator, US Congress

Created by: Cate Groves

Joe Lieberman thinks an air attack against Iran as a last resort to thwart their nuclear program (and let's be honest - to protect OPEC's control of the flow of oil) is perfectly OK.Even as a last resort, it's NOT OK! We as a nation cannot afford - morally or militarily - another pre-emptive war.Tell him and the rest of Washington, DC why attacking Iran should not be on the table now or ever. NO MORE BLOOD FOR OIL!

signature goal: 5,000
663 signatures

Therefore, I have come to 3 conclusions based on my long experience here at Care2:

#1 - Apathy is the overriding hallmark of this site.

#2 - Most people who are active contributors care more about harm to animals than harm to their human brothers and sisters. DO NOT MISUNDERSTAND - I love animals and care very much about them too, but I notice that 90% of petitions regarding animal welfare fill up at an extremely rapid rate, compared to a foot-dragging slowness in most petitions regarding the human condition.

#3 - People love to complain about problems on this site that affect its performance and their personal experiences here, but - see #1.

So - even as I ask those of you have not not signed my petitions to do so, I have promised myself I will never post another one here. It is too frustrating and alarming to confront the general apathy.

    Yours in activism - Cate
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Posted: Aug 24, 2007 2:03pm
May 26, 2007

...and if you agree, your signature would be most welcome!



P.S. Please crosspost in any groups that might be receptive and send to your friends, too!

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Posted: May 26, 2007 8:02pm


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