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Feb 8, 2011
My new "baby"
needs some attention .... but only from caring people.

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Posted: Feb 8, 2011 5:46pm
Nov 30, 2009

A life without fear, this must be heaven.

A life full of joy, this must be heaven.
A life in total happiness, this must be heaven.
Do you think this from time to time too?
This heaven, of which you dream of once in a while, exists still in
yourself - but unfortunately you have forgotten about it.
You, as the soul you are,
have brought this heaven with you when you came to earth.
For this reason adults look at babies as heavenly beings.
A baby sleeps blessed, composed, ohne with itself, peaceful.
Heaven is still so near for them.
And as grown-ups we come very close to this heavenly state
when we fall in love or have momenbts of great happiness.
Heaven is still in you.
And when you realized that you were not in heaven any more - you
gave is up. First you fought against it, but finally
you submitted to your destiny on earth.
You started to copy the life of others as they presented it to you.
And this way you lost the heaven in you more and more:
your heaven.
In between you had always some moments of happiness but not
many. A long time ago you gave up the faith in a constant
happiness - though it is the natural state of the soul that you are.
Only when normal life doesn't give you the satisfaction you desire
you start unconsciously to search for heaven again.
But you are looking outside of yourself.
  And there, you won't find it.
When despite of your efforts, happiness doesn't appear, you start
again to content yourself with what you already have in your life.
You are very convincing to yourself.
You continue to believe that life doesn't provide you with constant
happiness, is like that, or you tell yourself,
that you don't deserve it.
The earth is not heaven.
But when you live with yourself in unison,
when you find peace in yourself, when you surrender
to life in giving up your attachments,
you awaken back again to the heaven in yourself.
Then you are able to bring heaven to this world
and your inner heaven will radiate to the outside world.
And in this way you give others the opportunity
to rediscover also the heaven in themselves.
And maybe then, it will happen that earth becomes heaven. 
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Posted: Nov 30, 2009 8:35pm


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