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May 20, 2008
Some one actually said this to me while we were in the middle of the
first real blizzard of the season. This blizzard was not in November as it usually has been, but in February (2006) when the sun is actually closer to the Northern Hemisphere.

Well, imagine my shock to hear such words from a well-educated individual. Is this the way people think? Do they actually believe that the term 'global warming' must invariably mean that the whether everywhere is going to be warmer? If this is so, then we environmentalists are not doing enough to get the information and resolutions out to people.

I of course replied to this individual, "'global warming' does not mean that the whether is becoming warmer all of the time. The whether is off balance."

This person nodded in consent.

"The polar caps are still melting. Kilimanjaro has less snow than ever recorded.  Lakes and channels are drying up everywhere.  Just because we are experiencing a blizzard in February does not change the fact that the whether in many places, including here, is whacked," I stated and went back to work.  He hasn't talked about it since.

It seems that people are so caught up in their own drama to see the real threat.  If it isn't in their backyard they don't care.  Well, I've got news for them.  It is in our back, front and side yard everywhere.  The photo is of a tree in our front yard and was taken after the blizzard of October 2004.

At our local Earth Day event the crowd seemed limited to those who are passionate about the health of our planet.  There seemed to be very little interest by the outside community.  People were just driving their cars and going about their business, as usual.

How can we defend life against apathy?
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Posted: May 20, 2008 11:35am


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