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Aug 12, 2013

Sony VGP-BPS9/S Battery not charging fix

Notebook now becoming more and more popular, many individuals are worried about laptop Sony VGP-BPS9A/S Battery usage time. How to make good utilization of laptop battery, tips on how to extend their using a serious amounts of the employment of life along with issues, no doubt troubled from the tastes laptop users down the middle of an issue, the employment of laptop batteries There are several methods and methods, this straighten out some of the electronic network laptop battery use and maintenance methods, hoping to be of assistance to everyone.

Now appearing available penetration of lithium-ion Sony VGP-BPS9/B Battery is one of, therefore, this information will give attention to lithium battery. Know your laptop battery you must know this three parameters: battery capacity, rated voltage, the regular use temperature.
1, mainly in the capacity height and width of the marked mAh battery to determine its Chinese name is mAh. MAh size is directly related for the notebook's battery, nonetheless it can not be generalized. Not to say the more capacity of laptop battery lasting supply is used, the particular cause? During endurance also closely linked to the power usage of the notebook. You can imagine a laptop configuration, the harder the bigger the force, greater the quantity of computing chance to run the faster passage.

2, the conventional operating temperature from the Sony VGP-BPS9A/B Battery can be employed in the temperature range, using non-normal temperatures could be hazardous (explosive) along with unnecessary trouble (leakage, power outage).

3, production date, which in most older models of laptop Sony VGP-BPS9 Battery will appear, which directly explains is able to use this battery amount of time, it turned out decided that a normal battery usage time is vital parameter. Then when we purchase a laptop battery should take note of its production date, even if the new Sony VGP-BPS13 Battery put his life a very long time you will have a corresponding reduction. Buy used books for the desired user must be aware that it's left involving the parameters.

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Posted: Aug 12, 2013 2:22am
Aug 5, 2013

Kohjinsha laptop batteries sky maintenance of common sense

1 Most people do not know how to buy a notebook after notebook computer batteries for the right to do maintenance, especially some new users on the laptop 
Apple laptop batteries sky maintenance I do not know where to start, here I would like to share with you my laptop battery maintenance Some common sense tips, hoping to be helpful to you

(2) activate a new
Laptop Batteries sky: Before you buy a new machine laptop battery should be with a certain power. When you first do not use an external power supply, the battery inside the power exhausted, until the shutdown, and then, charging time takes 12 - 15 hours or so. Always hold the battery charge after the exhaustion, repeated three times since then.

3 no memory effect on lithium, in order to avoid the memory effect best way is to charge after the exhaustion. Generally speaking there is also the memory effect of lithium is only somewhat smaller than the nickel-metal hydride. When you charge the
Dell laptop batteries sky to the laptop, try to avoid too long, the general control within 12 hours.

4 Generally a battery life is the number in the hundreds of charge and discharge times or so, in order to extend battery life, we recommend that you need to use as much as possible to reduce the number of batteries. If it is not often use the 
HP laptop batteries sky to power it, the user is preferably in the remaining 50% of the battery removed properly placed. Single-access external power adapter. Also need to avoid the laptop with the battery in the case of repeated power plug, do so much damage to the battery. Because every time access is equivalent to an external power supply charge the battery once the Acer laptop batteries sky life naturally reduced, you must pay attention to Oh.

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Posted: Aug 5, 2013 7:42pm
Aug 1, 2013

Extend laptop Hitachi laptop battery life is hard and Interpretation

All computer hard drives as computer data stored, so understood the importance of computer hard drives, if used improperly, can cause the loss of computer data. Proper use and maintenance can not only prolong the life of the hard disk, more exempt from data loss due to the annoyance and loss. The following computer network to serve Pepsi for everyone to introduce some of the most easily damaged hard drive and Gateway laptop battery related matters.

Avoid shock

Vibration is one of the major rivals hard, strong vibrations will cause the reader unusual or even a platter the head of physical damage. Users should try to avoid bumps larger cars, ships using a laptop; read and write data on the hard disk when the best time of the notebook on a stable desktop; typing careful not to gravity percussion; avoid squeezing hard disk area, such as the Pick up the laptop with one hand, place heavy objects on a laptop and so on. Of course, one of the advantages is that laptop mobile office, some of the shock is inevitable. So to look at when buying a hard drive with shock or with a shock damping pad.

Avoid high temperature and other harsh environments

Avoid prolonged (over 12 hours) of continuous use laptop; avoided on the quilt, lap using a laptop, so as not to block the ventilation duct. Humidity, strong magnetic fields, direct sunlight environment using a laptop on the hard disk is very large. Users should be avoided in the bathroom, speakers subwoofer next to other environments using a laptop, if not avoided, can only be used within a short time.

Avoid frequent read and write data

Do not use the laptop for a long time continuous BT download, do not use the laptop to do resource server; using Windows XP operating system users, it is strongly recommended to add memory to 512MB or larger hard disk read and write in order to reduce the chances. Use the Windows Vista operating system users, it is strongly recommended to add up to 1GB of memory or larger hard disk read and write in order to reduce the chances.

Regularly organize files

System in use for some time, the hard disk will produce more file fragmentation, affecting the data access speed to accelerate hard aging. User preferably once every two months Defrag, about half reinstall a system, but not too often, which is very effective to improve system speed.

Laptop battery uses a long time, it is often sufficient dissatisfaction, or even show damage, so you must pay attention to when using some tips: Regardless of your notebook to use nickel-metal hydride or lithium electricity, to power as the basic charge after the exhaustion (power less than 5%), which is the best way to avoid the memory effect. When charging, try to avoid too long, the general control within 12 hours.

When using the AC external power supply is best to unplug the LG laptop battery, or battery life prolonged fever state of its impact. If the long-term without the battery, please charge and discharge at least once a month to ensure that its activity. In the custody of battery when there is a need to pay attention to. In order to prevent excessive discharge that can be in the semi-state lithium ion rechargeable stored in a cool dry place, and then once every six months, and then half of its electricity charge to the state.

Battery in use after a period of time will be aging, concrete expression of the resistance becomes large, in charge when both ends of the voltage rise faster, so it is easy to charge control circuit has been filled is determined, the capacity is also naturally fell . Battery calibration is an effective way to deal with aging Kohjinsha laptop battery, a small notebook will be dedicated battery calibration software. If your laptop does not discharge a dedicated software, you can follow these steps:

The screen saver is disabled;

In the Windows Power Management power scheme will be set to "always open";

In the Alert tab will be "insufficient power warning" is set to 10%, the operation is set to "no operation";

Will be "a serious power shortage alert," set to 3%, operating as "waiting";

The screen brightness set to maximum;

OK to close all the windows, and save all the data before the work;

Make sure the Apple laptop battery after charging more than 80%, unplug the power and all external devices.

After discharge laptop will automatically shut down after the power plug for laptop charging, repeated 2 to 3 times, the purpose is to allow continuous low current discharge batteries, which discharge state in our daily use is impossible to achieve, its effect of discharging those dedicated basically the same software.

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Posted: Aug 1, 2013 6:31pm
Jul 15, 2013

Laptop Accessories maintenance tips

First, get a new Laptop battery, many users approach is in accordance with business tips in lithium batteries used in the first three charge 12 hours or even more. In this line also has a lot of controversy, but I found that in actual use, in fact, this is mostly for the laptop battery is not necessary.

Why? Merchant said that this was done to fully activate the battery activity, completely wake up a new battery. This reason it sounds very full and credible, but we have not thought about this problem. If, laptop battery has not been fully activated on the appearance of the case, it can be said that only a semi-finished product. Not require each user to master the skill activate the battery, in reality, it is impossible. Therefore, the battery factory has been a vendor completely activated. Then ask the user to charge the Dell Laptop Battery 12 hours conducive to use it? In this I give a negative answer, the current laptop battery has improved power management circuitry and charging management system, when the battery reached saturation, the control circuit automatically switch to short-circuit state, so at a later time is just a waste of time only. How to activate the activity of the battery it? In fact, the manufacturers for the activation of the battery case in the absence of overload charging and discharging of the battery for a long time. Therefore, the first three charge 12 hours is unnecessary.

Again, many users use the battery very confused, what should or should not wait until the battery is completely discharged before charging. In fact, this question should be answered is this, if you can do this is definitely a good thing, but only if you took the trouble. Of course, I do not mean talking about here is completely over-discharge, over-discharge is absolutely proven harmful to the battery, it will shorten the Hp Laptop Battery life. So when notebook prompted low battery when you can timely charged. Some merchants have repeatedly declared their lithium batteries have no memory effect, this practice is extremely irresponsible. So when your battery power when there are more or not charged as well, because the memory effect does exist.

Third, for the long-term without the battery should be how to do, it is recommended into the 40-50% of the electricity, placed in a low temperature in the shade, the following parameters can illustrate this problem.

      Of course, the best month to take the battery out to use them once, both to ensure the battery is good state of preservation, but not so damaged Acer Laptop Battery is completely drain the battery.

Fourth, the instructions for use in notebook computers in the "After one month should fully charge and discharge once" approach is necessary. Notebook computer lithium-ion batteries are generally with management chip and charge control chips. Wherein the management chip in a series of registers, there is capacity, temperature, ID, charge status, discharge frequency values. These values ​​are in use will gradually change. Personally, I think the laptop for use in the "After one month should fully charge and discharge once" approach major role is to fix these registers where the wrong values, making the battery charge control and battery nominal capacity consistent the actual situation. So this kind of work or can not be omitted, after all, an expensive laptop or squeamish of the nobility.

Use the last to talk about how to make laptop battery longer. Since you bought a laptop is to use it, the battery is a consumable which is bound with the use of an extension of time and move towards retirement. How to make laptop Asus Laptop Battery last longer? Saving technology do? Sleep? So hard hangs? Let screen brightness reduced? All these methods seem to be able to increase the so-called longer. But have you ever thought that such prolonged sense? I drove my books do not run any program that does not open the display, not hard to me, I can not reach much longer. Such practices can be thought absurd, notebooks are brought to use, not sounding furnishings. Thus I suggest that you make good use of this laptop instead care about how to use the notebook. Perhaps, after two years of the notebook market is another world, your books also come to the ranks of retired. As long as we pay attention to the battery daily habits, the normal use of the battery can be, they can not necessary timid.

Laptop battery maintenance tips for you to stand by the CLS software latest collection, belongs to original author or the Company. If infringement, please contact us to delete.

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Posted: Jul 15, 2013 11:36pm
Jul 11, 2013

When asked about the biggest advantage of the notebook, I believe a lot of friends will mention it's portable players. Yes, compared to traditional desktops, the laptops at the same time continuing high maneuverability, anywhere portable, great convenience especially for business users who mainly use. The laptop acer aspire 5738z battery is undoubtedly the greatest cast that features fathers.

Various components in a notebook, the hp g72 battery status on such "evil" in the old elf, do not play a leading role, but also a vital and indispensable, messianic protagonist who set up, due to its good state bad will be directly related to a laptop case in the absence of DC power's ability to work. Therefore, learn fair use and maintenance of this consumer parts, books become an important guarantee for lasting life. So, in the end how to do maintenance on the battery? Now, let us work together to explore it!

Available on the Internet on the current maintenance point of view, plus a wide variety of different languages ​​are too specialized, so some of my friends seem to have looked at the job after flooding the children in general, Sidongfeidong looked white look. So Xiaobian think that today's maintenance tutorial, or should understand the impact of laptop samsung aa-pb9ns6b battery and laptop battery factors related talk.

Currently, the market circulation of more mainstream notebook products are lithium-ion batteries and lithium polymer batteries. And before more widespread use nickel-metal hydride dell inspiron 1440 battery and nickel-cadmium batteries are very unfortunate gradually be eliminated.
Lithium-ion battery (left) and nickel-metal hydride batteries (Right)
Lithium-ion batteries can be quickly popular and gradually replace the nickel-metal hydride and nickel cadmium batteries of the main reasons is that the lithium-ion samsung n145 battery memory effect (assuming the battery only use half of the charge, after they have been repeatedly "memory" down, wait again The battery use half of the "inertia" to no longer work) less obvious, free to increase the feasibility of charging and discharging.

Of course, even if the lithium ion battery memory effect is not obvious, but the above charge and discharge, or will affect the life of the asus f3 battery itself. For now more authoritative test results, generally lithium-ion battery life is 300 times to 500 times charge and discharge. Therefore, the absence of special circumstances, friends or ledge, temporary spare delicate small lithium a fate!

Moreover, even in a closed computer power, the battery is always in the power state. Once connected to the laptop external power, the sony vgp-bps26 battery is in default, charging begins automatically. Every time you turn on or turn off the power, it is the battery that is charged and discharged repeatedly, my friends got to remember, oh!
Lithium-polymer battery, with high-capacity battery, while more light compared to traditional
As mentioned earlier, lithium polymer batteries, Xiao Bian think that, if nothing unexpected small lithium-ion polymer should be after the time most people hope to see ***. Lithium-polymer battery, also known as polymer lithium lenovo g550 battery, ultra-thin compared to lithium batteries, large capacity, plasticity and low cost, is a very fancy to really attractive option.

Well, then let's take a look at specific methods of laptop battery maintenance and manipulation processes. Presumably many of my friends from the previous discourse realize that the battery charge and discharge in the maintenance of the status is very important. So, first let us from the charge and discharge up to look at how the topic related maintenance.

Unfair manipulation of charging and discharging the first step is to just get a new machine, the first not busy charging the battery. Since the major manufacturers in a notebook factory will give electricity to charge the battery part of the functional test, so at first we have to do, it should be run out of battery residual capacity.
Newly purchased laptop battery for testing will need to save some battery
Specific methods of operation are as follows: do not tap into external power supply conditions open the laptop computer to run an alarm (default setting is 10% remaining sony vgp-bps22 battery warning, and the remaining 3% automatic standby) or Automatic Standby degree The battery is full before you begin. As for the battery project inquiries and setting method, please refer to the following processes

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Posted: Jul 11, 2013 11:55pm
Jul 8, 2013

Laptop bought requires repeated three times to activate the sony vaio c series battery charge and discharge.

Unless you buy a laptop is more than one year of product inventory, otherwise it need not do so, because now the battery cell when the factory has been activated, and the batteries in the package into laptop asus eee 1005ha battery when they go through a fairly to activate the test, so you get the hand of the battery, had already been activated, and do three charge-discharge process was unnecessary to increase battery depletion.

Myth two: the first charge must be sufficient enough for 12 hours

This early who no battery NiMH samsung r720 battery control circuit model is applicable, but for now has a smart charge and discharge control circuit of notebook batteries, it was a joke, when the laptop battery is fully charged, the charging current will be automatically cut off , even if you continue to charge 120 hours, there will not be any change in the state, in general, even the slowest machine charge, 6 hours is completely filled, the remaining "charge" is just a waste of their time. Plug in the power correct method to use is the normal use without the need of full or discharge to no power shutdown.

Myth: The dell inspiron 1545 battery requires periodic calibration, charge and discharge completely once a month.

Strong memory effect for nickel-metal hydride battery, which is an essential task, but for lithium batteries, the cycle is too frequent, and lithium acer aspire 1410 battery, although not completely eliminate the memory effect, but has been greatly reduced memory effect, if you use the battery is frequently, then you should discharge the battery to relatively low (about 10 ~ 15%) recharge, but if the discharge to the machine are not open (0-1%), belong to the lithium batteries have greater depth of injury discharge , generally once every two months to do this operation on it. If you rarely use the battery, as long as every three months to conduct such an operation on it.

Myth: correction can improve the battery capacity

The so-called correction, is when the actual capacity of the compaq presario cq61 battery and control circuit capacity not the same record, once the battery depth of discharge operation, so that the control circuit record, bringing them closer to the actual situation of the battery, which is a manifestation of the real capacity of the battery The operation rather than increase capacity factor here is the actual capacity of the battery, if the battery's actual capacity than the control circuit in the capacity to record high, the correction can be increased capacity of the battery looks, if the battery's actual capacity than the control circuit the capacity to record low, the correction will reduce the capacity of the battery looks, which is why many people are debating the reasons for correction effect, remember that the true correction is to make the battery capacity is shown by the elimination between the battery and the control circuit bias, as demonstrated the capacity will increase or decrease, which is the state of the battery itself, not your correction determined. Most likely because the asus 1005ha battery discharge when the depth correction injury, but greatly reduced capacity.

Myth: You can also use a compatible charger

Laptop power much larger than cell phones, the most extreme case, the power required to charge the battery while the machine running at full speed and to meet the required power supply, laptop computers generally not compatible charger, since the various models of the voltage, current, or the interface are different, can be common to a variety of notebook "compatible charger" is likely more expensive than the original charger, even the same interface, if the voltage and current below the nominal value of the machine, the machine working at full speed when the dell gd761 battery may will not be able to obtain sufficient charge current, which damage to the battery is great. If the voltage and current below the nominal value too much, and even found it impossible to boot or can not boot it will not charge, so choosing the best time to choose the power and wife the same, I can not find it, please note that certain voltage and current To comply with the nominal value of the machine, the interface with the plant's different products are generally the same, but the voltage and current may be different, this is sure to pay attention!

Myth: battery needs to be fully charged (or put photovoltaic) Save

Whether full or shine, in fact, are not correct, put long-term preservation photoelectric acer aspire one 722 battery will lose their activity, and even lead to the control circuit protection self-locking and can not re-use, full power will bring long-term preservation security risks, the ideal method of preservation is to discharge to about 40% and then save, lithium afraid of humidity and temperature, and should therefore be placed in a cool, dry place, but the temperature is not too low, otherwise the capacity will be greatly reduced, about 20 degrees Celsius is the ideal storage temperature .

Myth Seven: Batteries die, they can even change batteries

A lot of people is such a change of batteries deadly, manufacturers seem long expected someone to do so, many brands of laptop batteries are designed with self-locking function, once the batteries out of the control circuit, the circuit enters the self-locking state, Only the use of specific tools to unlock, before the control circuit will not work, that is equivalent to scrap batteries, laptop batteries batteries are not free to change the batteries, if you have to change batteries is not available, please remember to find specialized battery maintenance company to wield the sword, their little trouble replacing the waste, the kind of effort also failed after a frustrating and depressing is the most miserable.

Myth Eight: 99% after the charge has been less than 100%, continue to charge it will explode

Laptop battery is almost no chance of explosion, heat up is the issue which led to the housing melt, but rarely cause fire, to be published in a few accidents, the fact is that when the production process is bad, cause a short circuit in use as a result of, even if it Most species will be shorted battery protection circuit will not break the circuit greater damage, except in protection circuit shorted batteries before (before COMPAQ laptop battery explosion was so caused time should be), so contact with a large number of things in my notebook three years ago, have only seen two cases. Instead, things like the phone a lot, after all, or the battery quality problems, the phone has a large number of low-quality assembly of the battery while the laptop is almost never sold such a battery, because there is no one model which has large enough to warrant production compatible battery.

The reason why the 99% charge after less than 100% is often because the battery control circuit records and the state of the battery itself deviation, the battery never reaches record the voltage control circuit, the control circuit has power charging, the battery is actually has been filled, the problem can usually be solved by correcting, but even if not corrected there is no relationship, because most of the charging circuit will be in for a long time can not be disconnected automatically after a full and even intelligent automatic refresh record the current 99 percent to 100 %, even if the design has been kept a fool, but also because the current is very small at this time without causing harm.

Current laptop batteries are basically the temperature detection circuit, when the battery temperature is too high, the control circuit will force most disconnect the battery to prevent further temperature rise, therefore charge to explode in such a situation occur laptop battery no less chance of winning the lottery jackpot.

No matter how scientific maintenance measures, the battery will be aging are, like how the magic of cosmetics and beauty care can not prevent an old wife, most only delay it (even if the same is placed not consume battery life), battery always with prolonged use and aging, in fact, is a semi-consumables, for almost all notebook manufacturers warranty regardless of how long the host, the battery usually only guarantee one year.

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Posted: Jul 8, 2013 11:23pm
Jul 5, 2013

Misunderstanding the use of laptop batteries.

    First, the laptop compaq 420 battery at the factory will be activated, in order to avoid wear and tear affect battery performance, will remain a small amount of electrical energy. So users get a notebook that had been activated, and if the dealer puts it like three times before charging every 12 hours, in the completion of a laptop battery is fully charged it will automatically stop working, the charging time is not only unnecessary maintained to 12 hours, and doing so is to increase the acer aspire 6930g battery loss. In general, buy a new laptop just follow the normal charge / discharge method can be used.

    Secondly, the laptop battery should not completely discharge the sony vgp-bps8a battery devastating. With the use of time and number of charge cycles vary, decreasing power is normal, not excessive pursuit of the perfect data, no use. Because now laptops have improved power management circuitry and charging management system, when the battery reached saturation, the control circuit will automatically switch to the off state, so long as full on the line, does not mean that you charge the longer you can use the longer The.

    Also in the everyday use of the asus f5r battery, you can provide a stable power supply in the case of using the notebook, remove the battery can delay the battery life. Because the battery charge and discharge directly to the life of each battery charge, battery on a step forward to retirement. Laptop battery life is generally 500-600 charge and discharge times, so most of the useful life of the battery in two years.

DOD is the abbreviation of the depth of discharge. Seen from the table, you can charge and discharge times the depth, 10% DOD cycle life than the 100% DOD for much longer. Of course, if the actual charge equivalent to the relative total capacity found that: 10% * 1000 = 100 and 100% * 200 = 200, in comparison, the latter a full charge and discharge or better than some. However, the life of the hp pavilion dm4 battery is mainly reflected in the charge-discharge cycle, the cycle is an absolute concept, and the last 30% of the electricity used, full power, the next time use of electricity of 70%, and full power, this happens to be a charge cycles. Therefore, the inventor of lithium or follow the slogan "use namely charge, that charge is used," the method uses lithium batteries.

    Finally suggest you use an external power supply to minimize battery usage time and frequency of use. Usually in the use of sony vgp-bps2b battery is also taken to prevent the sunlight, pay attention to moisture, prevent erosion of chemical liquids, avoid contact with the battery contact with metal objects such happening.

  Laptop which is a feature of portability, so comes standard with battery, battery charger chip internal management and procedures, automatically manages acer aspire 7741 battery charge and discharge, including what time charge? Remaining capacity How much? Whether the depth of discharge? And so automatic recording and management.

    Another normal use with batteries, laptops and battery life is roughly equal, if the battery is removed, the computer end of its life, the dell inspiron 1750 battery base also useless.

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Posted: Jul 5, 2013 7:57pm
Jul 3, 2013

1 When no external power supply situation, if the working conditions at the time being less than PCMCIA card slot, it is recommended to remove the card first to extend dell inspiron e1405 battery life.

2 at room temperature (20-30 degrees) for the dell inspiron duo battery of the most suitable working temperature, the temperature is too high or too low operating environment will reduce battery life.

3 Can provide a stable power environment using a laptop computer, remove the battery for extended battery life is not correct. On Asus notebooks, when the dell inspiron duo battery power is fully charged, the battery charging circuit will automatically shut down, so the phenomenon of overcharging does not occur.

4 It is recommended to conduct a three-month average dell inspiron b120 battery power correction action.

5 to minimize the number of battery

Battery charge and discharge is directly related to life per charge, dell inspiron 9400 battery on a step forward to retirement. Recommend that you use an external power supply,

6 frequent use of an external power supply when the battery removed to prevent repeated charge and discharge it?

Lithium originally natural discharge, if there is power supply access will appear repeatedly charge and discharge conditions, which will reduce the dell inspiron 9300 battery life. Now the notebook power control circuit design of this feature: When the battery is less than 90% or 95% will be automatically charged.

7 battery charge after the exhaustion

Regardless of your notebook to use nickel-metal hydride or lithium electricity, try to charge after the exhaustion (capacity less than 3%), which is the best way to avoid the memory effect. Lithium also have memory effect, but its memory effect than Ni-MH small number of Bale.

8 usually Precautions

When used in peacetime to prevent exposure to prevent damp to prevent the erosion of chemical liquids, avoid contact with the dell inspiron 9200 battery contact with metal objects such happening.

For laptop battery cell

Currently laptop batteries are mainly divided into four core, 6-cell, 9-pin, 12-pin and so on. In short, four-cell battery life is 2 hours, 6-cell was 3 hours, and so on. Of course, the greater the number of cores, longer battery life, of course, the higher the price. Ordinary home users recommend using four cores, because mainly in household, have a stable power supply. General office users recommended six core. If you have a higher mobile office requirements, you can consider the 9-cell and 12-cell dell inspiron 9100 battery

My supplementary 2010-01-24 09:52

In fact, how to make good use of laptop dell inspiron 910 battery how to extend their use of time and the use of life and other issues, no doubt troubled by the majority of laptop users in the heart of a problem, the use of laptop batteries There are many methods and techniques, which requires us to usually use more learning and application

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Posted: Jul 3, 2013 11:25pm
Jul 1, 2013

How to maintain laptop battery

About laptop hp probook 4320s battery maintenance and employ lots of friends if a topic or worry, and also a very controversial topic. Here, i want to do a simple question that you answer. The 1st laptop battery need 3 times per 12 hours before charging. Secondly, if your voltage can offer a comfortable environment where good usage of laptop is best make use of another power, then you can consider to eliminate battery. Third, if long-term by using laptop or notebook batteries are not the very best there is certainly 50% of the battery capacity in order to save.

    Naturally repute here with the use of laptop acer extensa 4620 battery Because many individuals use if it's a good errors.

    First, a laptop battery on the factory are going to be activated, avoiding depreciation affect battery performance, will remain a small amount of electrical energy. So users obtain a notebook that had been activated, if the dealer puts it like triple before charging every 12 hours, inside the realization a laptop sony vgp-bps5a battery has been fully charged it is going to automatically stop working, the charging time is not just unnecessary maintained to 12 hours, and the process should be to improve the battery loss. In general, obtain a new laptop just continue with the normal charge / discharge method can be utilized.

    Secondly, laptops battery should not completely discharge the compaq cq42 battery devastating. If you use some time to number of charge cycles vary, decreasing power is common, not excessive pursuit of the ideal data, no use. Because now laptops have improved power management circuitry and charging management system, once the battery reached saturation, the negative feedback circuit will automatically change to the off state, so long as complete the fishing line, doesn't mean that you charge the longer you can use the longer The.

    Also in the everyday use of the battery, it is possible to offer a stable power supply in the matter of when using the notebook, remove the battery can delay asus k52j battery life. Considering that the battery charge and discharge on to the life of each and every battery charge, battery over a step forward to retirement. Laptop battery life is often 500-600 charge and discharge times, so many of the useful life of it by 50 % years.

    Here to cover a phrase called "life cycle." Regarding the cycle life results are the following:

    Cycle life (10% DOD):> 1000 times

    Cycle life (100% DOD):> 200 times

    DOD is the abbreviation with the depth of discharge. Seen on the table, you are able to charge and discharge times the depth, 10% DOD cycle life than the 100% DOD for for a long time. Naturally, should the actual charge equal to the relative total capacity found that: 10% * 1000 = 100 and 100% * 200 = 200, when compared, these a complete charge and discharge or greater than some. However, living in the acer aspire 5750 battery is primarily reflected inside the charge-discharge cycle, the cycle can be an absolute concept, and also the last 30% in the electricity used, full power, so when use of electricity of 70%, and full power, such things happen as a charge cycles. Therefore, the inventor of lithium or continue with the slogan "use namely charge, that charge is utilized," the tactic uses lithium batteries.

    Finally suggest you utilize another power to reduce battery usage a serious amounts of frequency of usage. Usually inside usage of acer aspire 5750 battery can also be come to prevent the sunlight, look closely at moisture, prevent erosion of chemical liquids, avoid contact with battery experience of metal objects such happening.

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Posted: Jul 1, 2013 11:29pm
Jun 21, 2013

samsung aa-pb9ns6b battery laptop goes which the most important source of inspiration. No batteries to deliver energy, you can not complete the special requirements of mobile office. Then we could at the best laptop at the disposal of a mobile PC Bale. A laptop battery maintenance and employ of skills is the most challenging thing for the majority of consumers. Now the laptop battery use and repair off different opinions within this issue continues to be, I now combine their experience and advice coming from a Taiwanese notebook brand customer service center engineers use and repair off it following your situation in this regard to create a brief introduction, and you will be discussed in depth friends in laptop dell inspiron 1440 battery maintenance and daily easy use in the existence of some errors to perform some corrections, Do you will help a friend. However limited, if any omissions article also hope our friends generosity!

A. Within the purchased laptop dell inspiron 1440 battery after greater than three continuous 12 hours of continuous charging, to stop "memory effect"

First ask an extremely stupid question: my girlfriends employ a cell phone, right? The majority of my girlfriends inside the usage of mobiles will probably be consciously or unconsciously, as per the retailer or remind others to try and do the one thing could be the phone to get back following your first three to 12 hours of dell inspiron 1440 battery charging and power, then possible until as soon as the run out of power again charge. Associated with because my friends are concerned with their mobile phone battery "memory effect" memory effect refers to the battery for some time afflicted by particular work cycle, automatically save this particular trend, so when someone asserted only when 50 to charge the battery % of the time to begin with, then your future is battery memory effect will only be charged once the next charge to 50% of times about the "charge does not go up." In point of fact, this "memory effect" which is nickel-cadmium and nickel-metal hydride batteries for laptop lithium-ion asus f3 battery, the memory effect is almost negligible.

With all the gradual improvement of the manufacturing process, including lithium-ion battery charging characteristics constant current charging time management of their depth in 4 hours, there is no need to charge the device sony vgp-bps26 battery to have the law up, laptop battery is dead about the charge , every a couple weeks or perhaps a month's time put the laptop battery for any deep discharge, the idea of sounds a lttle bit scary, in fact, is by using battery-powered, no electricity and then used directly computer automatically close up on there. However the depth of discharge cycles mustn't be too frequent.

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Posted: Jun 21, 2013 12:13am


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