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Oct 11, 2011

In todays society we are surrounded by energy that is energetically manufactured, invented, produced and seduced into believing or it is being described as beneficial to us or time saving in our every day lives but what are we missing, what are we not seeing, what are we not experiencing, what are we not doing, what are we neglecting? We have become hyper vigilant in the negativities, our radar is constantly on high alert just waiting for the next invasion of what if's buts or maybe's and forgetting what really matters.

Have we have forgotten how to live in essence?

When I look at it with consciousness I see it with a different perspective. I can see it as a nucleolus within a nucleous something that is surrounded with attachments, chords that co-exist each one in harmony not competing with one another, not applying right or wrong.

I took a picture today and if I look at the picture I could say well it's a beautiful photograph of a pond with the sky and lovely scenery.. Or I could look at the picture and ask what lies beneath and what lies above and below, what lies beyond, what am I hearing, what am I encompassing that I am not acknowledging, accepting, hearing or seeing.

I can become so focused on saying well it's out of focus or the light isn't right, it can appear that our perception/radar whether it be imaginary, visual or auditory is often what we don't give thought to, or we forget/dismiss/consider that anything else does or can exist, co-exist or can be dependant on the perceived strength's, weaknesse's of someone else, something else or another external influence.

We have to accept that in living the human experience we are all part of each other and everything that encompasses life. One of the best gifts you can bestowe upon the "Self" is to simply "Love and accept what is for all that it is". I am equal, I am part of something huge that is ever expanding we just have to open our eyes, ears, minds and hearts.

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Posted: Oct 11, 2011 4:43am


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Vicky Hills
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