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Sep 11, 2010

Everybody muses about dying.  I do.  So for what it is worth here is my insight ...
Ah, I hear you complaining already, you have skimmed the length of this piece & are now asking the formidable question of how I could be so presumptuous and take such liberties as to sum up such a deep metaphysical topic as DEATH in such short order, "the audacity!" 
Well, this IS called "My Page", yes? 
And I did make this share passage succinct for a reason.  After all, who on earth really has all that time to waste dwelling on the morbid subject of being buried at death IN the earth ( or your choice of internment).  I sure don't. 
& we'll all be pushing-up-the-proverbial-daisies soon enough,
BUT just because it is short in length, I promise it does makes up for depth by its sweet message. So before you, ahem, check out, read it through.  You may find it was time well spent!

LIFE Is Wrongly Linked to the Notion it is a Wholly & Entirely Earthly Tactile Experience.  Now that I have that out of the way, I'll explain it.

The body is a containment & is recycled (for a better term) when life ENERGY is released from its solid form, & becomes gaseous once again. At this point it can then bind or be reattach within the cosmos ( maybe this is the roots of the belief in reincarnation), until time memorial --- the end of time.

Time's true death is imaginable, but what awaits past it has yet to be logically expressed. When your "body" dies the energy that was contained in that Earthly body surely will not be going to that void-of-time place. It is currently scientifically impossible. I_M_P_O_S_S_I_B_L_E.

Life as you are Earthly experiencing it is complex energy in the space/time cosmic event. Who can touch the hand of God if we are the energy part of it all? Maybe that is what bible text means when explaining we are "made in God's image so we should respect our bodily vessels." [sic]

Creating higher frequency energy within your body can only be a positive charge to the cosmos when its ready to be collected and utilized  --- the end of life as you currently believe it to be: when you stop breathing.

So be kind to yourself & all "living" things, for every little good deed, no matter how small, will absolutely make the World, as well as the entire cosmos, a better place; Golden Rule!

~ Alice Liddell through the looking glass of the Eye-of-God

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Posted: Sep 11, 2010 7:37pm
Aug 14, 2010

U.S. Constitution Online FAQ page:

Constitutional Topic: The Bill of Rights:

The United States Constitution thought of as an outdated 'niche' subject?

The Center for American Progress is a Progressive organization. Their "2010 Recommendation Package" recently submitted to the Obama administration includes a section of niche areas in education that could actually be cut. Thus 'Niche' programs on OUTDATED TOPICS such as 'The United States Constitution' and 'American History' were put on Congress' budgetary chopping block.

So if you have impressionable minds you are wards of, I highly recommend you consider becoming proactive. Teach them The Constitution and Bill or Rights when you crack open that non-revisionist American History Book you have sitting somewhere in the recesses of your personal library shelf.

The Democratically held Congressional Majority we currently have installed, have already burdened our youth with unsustainable future debt even before they became of age to vote or possibly had been born.  At the least, make available to our young people the ability to decide where they constitutionally stand on issues for themselves.  Perhaps they will find wisdom evading the adults of today.


Who are you ... really:

The Libertarian Party is a growing minor U.S. political party founded in 1971 advocating personal liberty, the free market, free trade, and non-interventionism as inalienable rights regardless of age, color or creed of the individual, giving wide girth to personal rights.  They don't want government telling you what to do; they don't want ANYONE telling you what to do.

Basically, Libertarians want The Constitution restored to its purest form as written by our Founding Fathers, changing from its widest interpretation as it is now.  They do not believe it should be a living, breathing, ever evolving document.

  • For living breathing examples, Congressman Dr. Ron Paul of Texas is a strict Libertarian as well as investigative journalist John Stossel.  But as in any political party there is a left, right & center. Centre is usually refered to as moderate.
The Democratic Party is a major U.S. political party, one of the two major political parties in the United States, and formed after a split in the former Democratic-Republican Party under Andrew Jackson in 1828.
An Andrew Jackson July 10, 1832 quote: "It is to be regretted that the rich and powerful too often bend the acts of government to their selfish purpose."
Generally they are for ever bigger expanding government with many ubiquitous social programs requiring a large tax base to support them.
The Democratic Party uses The Constitution as a malleable document. 

The Republican Party was founded in founded in 1854-1856 to oppose the extension of slavery, and stand for small government, low taxes, fiscal responsibility, adherence to the Constitution, defense of American sovereignty, and personal responsibility.  It uses The Constitution as a malleable document, but respects its past-to-present relevancy.


  • Progressives are a left-wing-of-center faction in the Democratic & Republican Parties.  Believing The Constitution does not serve the government well, deems it an irrelevant document.  
  • Conservatism is a right-wing-of-center political philosophy based on a tendency to support gradual rather than abrupt change and to preserve the status quo. It is found in both major political parties and the growing minority Libertarian Party.
  • Liberalism has been co-opted into the Progressive movement, warping its true meaning, but liberalism was a political theory stressing individualism: a political ideology with its beginnings in western Europe that rejects authoritarian government and defends freedom of speech, association, and religion, and the right to own property, and is currently incorperated into the Libertarian Party’s platform.

~ Alice Liddell

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Posted: Aug 14, 2010 9:27am
Jul 3, 2010

Dear expatriates and would-be expatriates, and all kind readers,

I have seriously been looking for another place to hang my hat on for about 5 years now basically due to my disenchantment with U.S. policies, not because I have the travel bug.   Well, a little of that too,  But currently, with the U.S.A political atmosphere being so (negatively) charged, many U.S citizens may start looking to expatriate for political reasons too, so will visit certain sites to glean that kind of information, as I have in the past.  But just as I have found, even with its troubles here in the states, America will still look like home to them.  But we are forlorn.

Washington D.C. [Federal government] is making mincemeat out of The American Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  They have lost their way.  Exposed as a far left Democratic Progressive ideologue, Obama, our Hope and Change 44th President made a revolting speech on July 1st, 2010, stating the Statue of Liberty was bought and paid for by small donations made by Americans to France.  Sorry Mr. Obama, your revisionist story is a blatant lie.  The people of France gifted Lady Liberty to the American people to commemorate 100 years of American independence and also as a gift of friendship. Declared a national monument in 1924, it stands on Liberty Island (Bedloe's Island till 1956) where it was dedicated by American President Grover Cleveland, the only Democrat elected to the presidency in the era of Republican political domination that lasted from 1860 to 1912, on October 28, 1886. Sir, you have just gone over the deep end of the pool.  There is no ladder.  How long can you swim.  

Progressives have infiltrated both parties.  They re-write history and have been doing it at every opportunity since one of the first Democrat/Progressives held office, the 28th President of the United States of America, Mr. Woodrow Wilson. He is the man who is responsible for segregating America.  We were not racist.  WHY did he do that?

They need implosion to gain the ONE WORLD they seek: divide and conquer. After 100 years of transformation that slowly ate away at our Constitutional rights, their ONE WORLD philosophy is nearly ready to launch.  The world economy is in a downward spiral.  Nations are now failing.  Americans who have been lied to are polarized and are fighting amongst themselves.  So my traveling friends, quite soon, wherever you wind up, you will discover you will have landed in the same place you just left. The days of fulfilling your wanderlust is coming to a conclusion.

This untested-before-implemented ONE WORLD philosophy will eventually fail.  And they [One World advocates] suspect it might fail.  But while it does, many all over the world will suffer greatly and die.  That ugly fact is desired by the proponents of ONE WORLD. It is willingly expected.  To your horror you ask why.  BECAUSE, believing humans are detrimental to any environment they come into contact with, the Earth will be in a better place when it has much less human population to deal with. Less carbon footprints.  One may consider the initial conjecture a noble cause, but it is terribly conceived, comes at too greater a cost, and so I believe, very misguided.  But to Progressives the end will always justify the means.  So if left unchallenged, population control by any and all costs, will be managed.

To them we ruin everything we touch.  They are trying to re-set the civilization clock by attrition.  They are trying to insinuate Cap-and-Trade [carbon exchange to re-distribute wealth] policy by allowing the oil spill to become so gargantuan and wreak so much havoc, every person with a heart will readily accept the notion reducing carbon output by regulations is a worthy cause.  After a weary public seeing and experiencing first-hand a ruined Gulf of Mexico ecosystem, it is the Progressive hope ordinary man will conclude humans are not even smart enough to stop an oil spill. The populace will consent to Cap-and Trade enacting huge penalties based on what the government determines excessive carbon usage is. The bar will always be set higher and higher.  The pain will intensify to unbearable levels.

Lest I remind you, you are that excessive a carbon based entity they ultimately want stamped out. But do not let the fact slip away it is that very same carbon based entity that is plenty smart enough to stop an oil spill, clean it up, and work with determination to never let it happen again.  But the desire to do so must be there.  You may possess such a desire, but that desire is diametrically opposite to the Socialist/Progressives agenda.

Today, the Socialist/Democrat/Progressives are the ones that hold the power and can make such a correction possible if they wanted to, but it is not the correction they are after.  But tomorrow? Who will be there tomorrow.  Will you be there?

What all freedom loving Americans should be striving for is seeing: their Republic is put back onto the free-market Capitalist track.  And also be willing and committed to  swallowing the economic bullet to accomplish such a task.  Become protectionists if that is what it takes to overturn the ONE WORLD agenda. It will be hard.  But what are your options?  Chose wisely between the prospects of ONE WORLD and Freedom, it can mean your very existence. 

Your wish list may read different than my truncated one:

  • Elect honest power brokers
  • Remove government interference in our daily lives
  • Invest in American companies
  • Manufacture durable goods 
  • Develop ingenuity in our children
  • Be cognizant of who instructs the children & what they are learning.  Be ever ready to make corrections when necessary.
  • Demand term limits in Congress
  • Kick lobbyists out-of-Dodge 
  • Trash Pork Barrel spending 
  • Audit the Feds. Stop the presses.  Go back on the Gold or Silver standard
  • Abolish Executive power to appoint Supreme Court Justices.  Hold nominees up to a populist vote.  Install term limits to the bench.
  • Restore The Constitution and Bill of Rights to their original glory 
  • Correct historical books & misinformation
  • Develop affordable off-the-grid technology
  • Secure our borders and airspace 
  • Create a viable amnesty program for undocumented immigrants who have proven themselves to be law abiding contributers to our economy since reestablishing themselves in this country.  (Hungry and desperate, many have crossed to find a better life for their families. Yes they broke our immigration laws.  But that is not a reason to punish.  Given that situation you would have done the same.  Remember the story of glass houses and stones.)
  • Conviction to win wars by being mighty & moral.  Protect and support our troops, if we can't, bring them HOME. 


To the expatriates and would-be expatriates amongst the reading audience, please stop chasing that foreign rainbow.  Ground yourselves.  From the sweat of our brows we can make American rainbows happen again.  Our  America needs HELP.   America need YOU!


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