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Jan 14, 2014


My growing spirituality has led me into a realm of service most people shy away for reasons that range from fear to ignorance.

I have come to realize the fact that people are dying everyday with no one at their side helping them cross over into the astral world when the physical body is left behind to return to its elemental source.
With those who are earthbound, in the ,-[ kama-Loka ] ,- which , can sometimes, be a state of utter confusion wherein the dis-embodied Ego may not realize it has passed on. Everyone must, at some time, come to an understanding that we are essentially souls with a very long history that covers thousands of incarnations going back through tremendous eons and vistas of time, through many races, cultures, ancient civilizations, and evolving little more with each and every cycle,- with each and every incarnation.

For many people, the fear of death is so terrifying they refuse to even think of it ,as if denying its very existence to the very last minute.

This fear is not extreme as most people think it is. Those living in dark ignorance see their death as the annihilation of everything so dear to their hearts, -of everything they ever loved ,- places , people ,things, thoughts , dreams, inspirations , - and most of all, the annihilation of Identity itself.

Those who are   very carnal and  worldly during their incarnations on earth will be most devastated with the thought of dying- ,as they have been so  conditioned and limited by ignorance since the beginning of their lives while   leaving out the most precious  important realities of who they are as Souls.

Many ancient and seasoned racial groups have the wisdom concerning ;-, ``The Art of Dying``During which one prepares to discard an old and useless shell,-  only to acquire new ones after  making  their transition to the other side.

The  lessons to learn ,  as we come into incarnation age after age ,  is to not identify ourselves with our earthly vehicles.

As we identify  with the Divine Self , detach ourselves from our physical, astral-emotional, and  lower mental bodies, we thus learn to live as souls, finding  real joy and bliss as we come to Divine Self-Realization.

There is no such thing as death,- the soul [ or ``Higher Self``] is a Divine aspect of the the one Universal Principle which thrills throughout the cosmos in which we ,live,move ,and have our being.

As we come to  understand ourselves for  who we REALLY   are ,-... this fear of death will be seen as it really is,,,a silly superstition, and a   vague misunderstanding of the greater reality of which we all play a part,- having no beginning and no ending ,  as we understand it. Thus we come to understand the eternal NOW.

Once we have  freed ourselves by detaching and releasing our sense of awareness above elemental substance of  dense physical , astral-emotional , and lower mental planes , then we free  ourselves from the fear of death ,  and all silly, superstitious , and childish phantasms   related to it.

When we set ourselves free from material limitations , the illusions that have for so long kept us in the dark, then shall we find greater freedom to work and play beyond the confines of our  material existence ,and to  soar ever higher into bliss of Divine Self-Realization.

                                                                                      Your Friend and Colleague -

                                                                                                  -....always , - Mike j Hughes.-

Here are some links to other sights of profound occult spirituality;-

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Posted: Jan 14, 2014 12:26am
Dec 14, 2013

There is something that must be addressed concerning mans mindless ambitions to venture forth even within our own solar system..
As we all know there are ''great plans'' to send a manned mission to Mars. Yet our scientists are overlooking a very serious matter.,;- By visiting a planet we have no right to set foot on.
Mars may appear to have no dense physical life as we do here on Earth, -but , never the less, there is life on all planets .
Our scientist's are only aware of three levels of physical matter,-that is solid physical, liquid physical , and gaseous physical . Now above gas there are four further states of matter that are more refined with each higher sub-plane , however never the less still physical, only more refined and subtle .
If you went to Mars right now , you would see nothing unless you had that dual focus that would enable you to see all forms of life teeming through out the planet clothed in this higher and refined state of matter , such as vegetation, members of the animal kingdom ,and to your amazement you would come to know the fact that there are 9 billion people on Mars.!!!.

We can not just go into space and step upon every planet we so desire. That , my friends, is breaking the rules as set down by the ''Cosmic Parliament of Planetary Civilizations'';- of which our humanity is not as yet a member due to our warlike nature and puny mental development.'
How ever with the ''Gathering of the Forces of Light,- it may be a living reality that humanity could be admitted on a sort of applicant for ''Probation' , 'and therefore must set out to understand himself and begin to reassess our understanding of our part to play in the great grand scheme of cosmic evolution.
Yes there will be a manned mission to Mars, but not as a result of humanity's selfish ambitions. When humanity achieves a measure of peace, the regeneration of our ecology, and when right human relations are beginning to define our relationship to ourselves and the planet ,- then we may have a chance to take a cosmic tour within the solar system.
If we can solve these problems on our own,; then yes we will go to Mars , not over curiosity,....but by an Invitation only , by the Rulers of the Martian Civilization Themselves.
Here are some links that will go more deeply into this most intriguing topic. . ''The Space Brothers,-- Here to Help'' Here you will find a lifetime worth of study. - My Blog. - My weblog

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Posted: Dec 14, 2013 7:23pm
Sep 18, 2013

Their is an ever growing group of human beings living , and or now, coming into incarnation - who`s hearts are aflame with humanitarian aspirations to improve the awful and depraved conditions of which life on this planet is now passing through,- with all the suffering, war, corruptness, and the ongoing agony of mind everywhere to be seen . A growing body of men and woman from all walks of life, such as those who are on Esoteric Online are now at last beginning to communicate, and are banding together to prepare for the biggest event in human history, - preparing the way for the ``Coming One``,- The World Teacher- Maitreya, and- The Elder Brother of Humanity. Their are millions of humanitarian aspirants at this time who knowingly, or UN-knowingly are working and laboring selflessly for this coming Global Event.


This is common amongst those who have reach a rather advanced stage in their spiritual evolution. The ever-burning aspiration will climb higher with each incarnation until the hour strikes!! Do not despair my Friends , for we all must play the game of Life if we are to regain our lost , and that so ancient Divinity that brings with it memories of Radiance and Cosmic Bliss.

This is the goal for the spiritual evolution of all humanity, - so remember my dear Friends, that we are all in this together . We all Dream Big Dreams. ,...each and everyone of us in the course of our long evolutionary journey, and will always aspire for better times . And they are a coming.!! Until we have learned all that can be experienced here on Earth we will continue to reach..and fall.....reach and fall....reach and fall...........Until the hour strikes.!

A Great man is not born, a Buddha is not born, a Christ is not born, a Leonardo da Vinci is not born, and neither is a Plato, Jon Anderson, George Washington,..and so on. No they are not just born as flukes or freaks of nature. I say again , they are not Born,.....but are -made- and have evolved through eons of suffering through countless incarnations.

If we too are to regain this lost Greatness and Awesome Divinity then we must earn it through many lives of self,SACRIFICE, ,service, and suffering. Remember you can not give compassion or embrace Humanity with your Divine Love to others until you yourself have endured every form of suffering their is under the sun. This can take many thousands of incarnations , -but through our efforts as individuals we can speed up this process by service, trust, study, giving, sharing the resources of the world, and so on .

Many Esoteric Schools posit the idea that man will reach the acme of spiritual development only during the 7th sub-race of the 7th Root Race. This is just a thoughtless overlook so to speak...obviously..? However there are those even now who have achieved full adept ship , and have elected to remain with Humanity and to work under Great exalted Beings such as the Silent Watcher who name can now be given and known as Sanat Kumara- He has many names,- ``Youth of Endless Summers``, ``Ancient of Days``, ``The Great Sacrifice``, ``The Dark Hidden Father``, The Morning Star``, and the ``Silent Watcher.``

As many of you may know , ..this planet is a great experiment and has been converted to adapt to conditions whereby many lifeforms came into existence. But unfortunately many became failures even after millions of years of evolution. This planet is a point of a great ``cosmic failure``, and many dumb,-or rather ``mindless races``roamed the Earth long before We, as the ``Sparks of Angelic Divinity`` Fell from our High abode and took incarnation into what was then animal man. We are fallen and incarnated Angels who did not leave their High Abode out of rebellion,- but rather as a Great Sacrifice to make of the primitive men at that time a thinking, rational, cultured , and refined Human beings. - My Blog.

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Posted: Sep 18, 2013 5:22pm
Mar 6, 2013

Countless thousands of people all over the world are reporting as to hearing strange deep rumblings, creepy hollow metallic gratings, and UN-natural noises seeping down from the sky , and even as far out as the upper Earths stratosphere that are obviously not Earthly by far.!

This is a rather strange phenomena that is quite recent, beginning about 10 years ago- give or take-.

From my study of Esoteric Psychology, and as an trained observer who has studied this enigma through enquiry, contemplation, and meditation, brought me to a realization that Humanity as a whole is undergoing profound inner conflicts that include much of what is worse in the human nature in it`s lower manifestation.

The degree of human suffering is deeply embedded in the human condition,and all internal rage ,fear, hate, the unbelievable stress, confusion, as well as the great profound and deeply seated problems we as humans are now faced with is intensifying our inner conflict .

These inner violent astral and mental conflicts have reached their breaking point to such a degree that this inner conflict is now beginning to externalize itself objectively, and is precipitating in such a way as to be heard by countless thousands all over the world and recorded and played back for investigation by pseudo scientists trying to desperately grapple with this strange and new unusual phenomena.

The greater bulk of humanity today have no understanding of themselves as the creators and manipulators producing these strange objective ``creepy events``.

Still worse we have many various narrow minded Fundamental ``Christian`` groups who have their own ideas about the end of the world saying the ``Trumpets of Revelations``have sounded heralding the ``Great Tribulation``which only serves to spread fear and panic to those who have not developed their inner intuition to correctly ascertain and understand the inner and outer conditions they themselves have created.

Then we have these other ``new age groups``who have been steeped in ``new age fantasy``and utter confusion as the result of the abuse , and misuse of the creative imagination, serving no altruistic methods for their fellow man ,except to draw them into all kinds of astral intoxication.

There is so much glamour and illusion spreading all over the globe at this time and it seems that man knows himself not.

We live in a human civilization that ,-[ 5th Root Race] will not reach it`s acme of greater unfoldment of it`s mental capacities until the end of this 5th Root Race many millions of years from now.

The world is in a very deep seated and troubled time , and some of our wisest leaders in Government are now beginning to admit the fact that we are in need of the help of a group of advanced thinkers and visionaries,- and a World Teacher, in whom many know as Maitreya.

Maitrya and His Group of Masters dewel at this time frim their ancient Reatrats in the Himalays, the Rockeis, the,Urals, Gobi Desert ,,And from the most these ancient retreats they have overseen the evolution of humanity from behind the sceances daily pouring their Blessings into The Centre we know as the human race.

The profound suffering , confusion, hate, war, along with other very devastating possibilities of which we are not able to solve, is creating amongst the Sons of Men a conscious or unconscious realization amongst the masses the need for a Divine Intermediate who will plead His cause with God and bring rescue to end the deeply depraved corruption abounding everywhere.
The most beautiful and greatest event in human history is beginning to unfold with the reappearance of the World Teacher . Under His advice and wise counsel, humanity will build the coming new and high civilization ever to thrive upon this planet.

The violent turmoil within the greater masses today is really , in fact, a deeply evocative cry for help whether they admit or not.

On a certain level however, the inner violence and turmoil that is now manifesting from within ourselves,- is now manifesting objectively as these booms, the quaking heavens, the abrasive hollow metallic cacophony issuing from the skies above are , in a strange way, connected with the evocative cry for help as it ascends to the skies.

Most of you here know very well the fact that when humanity slips far out of it`s natural equilibrium that is not in accord with the establishing and working out of the Divine Plan on Earth will , as a consequence, cause the Elementals in charge of Earths ecology, weather, fire, water, air, and earth, to swing violently out of equilibrium causing unbelievable natural disasters relatively unheard of down through at least several generations.

Under the Love, patience, and wise instruction of the World Teacher- Maitreya-, humanity will at last realize it`s grave errors of the past ,and will begin to put it`s house in order.

When humanity comes to it`s senses by creating right human relationships, trust, world cooperation, understanding of itself spiritually as souls, creating justice, -and most of all ,- in the field of economics, the sharing of the resources and food of the world in a world of plenty will be the over-riding priority.

When inner and outer peace become the norm for humanity then we will come back into equilibrium, and the Elementals and Devas kingdoms will too come back into equilibrium, thus bringing harmony and calm to our Earths ecology, and the gradual decreasing of such unbelievable natural disasters.

Always remember;- Energy Follows Thought.!

Hear are some Links that will take you through a rich experience in the study of Esoteric Wisdom.- ... index.html

I can be reached at--
Peace with you ALL!!

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Posted: Mar 6, 2013 10:22am
Dec 11, 2012


I am finding some very disturbing stories in the News from all over the world involving violent random attacks against elderly helpless victims by crazed lunatics who all have been found using new and powerful strange drugs such as the newly invented ``bath-salts``.

Many of you may have heard about this new phenomena and have read stories of people losing their minds and disemboweling themselves . One account I have discovered of a man tearing off His cloths and ripping his belly open throwing his entrails at the onlooking horrified police officers who are shocked with this new trend that may be caused by some very strange demonic drugs invented by some kind of ``mad scientist``.
It seems as though every time I wake up to a new day I am hearing things in the news that are reaching higher levels of social dementia and unspeakable crimes such as never seen before.

With the expansion and dissemination of social networking, followed by the heightened awareness of Humanity coming of age,- it is obvious that the present Human Civilization is reaching a very dangerous level of transition on a global scale like nothing ever seen before.
A great awakening is stirring in the hearts and minds of countless millions all over the world calling for justice, unity , clean sane methods of living, and the sharing of the worlds resources in a world of plenty as the over-riding priority.

It is obviously clear that we are experiencing violent shifts and drastic changes within every avenue of Human endeavour on the three levels of physical, astral-emotional, and upon the mental planes as humanity struggles to keep up and grapple with the tremendous quickening that is surging us forward into a time of uncertain crisis, forcing us to evaluate and ponder upon the real values , that if adopted , will usher in a time of joy , world cooperation, sharing, trust, brotherhood, -and at last the precipitation of a wonderful glorious Human Civilization that will ensure our passage through the Gates of Initiation and the eternal unfoldment of our Divine Potential as Sons of God.

For more information and inspiration check out these Links;--

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Posted: Dec 11, 2012 4:54pm


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