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Jul 29, 2009
I found several dogs/pups that I was interested in, completed the application and then received an e-mail and call from Janna stating it was the best application she had seen in a very long time. She asked me to narrow down my choice to 1 and she told me that because of my application, she would arrange for the dog to come to my house to see if it was compatible with my cats and birds. On the day, last Saturday, the foster parent was to arrive, she said her car was broke and wanted to reschedule. No problem, rescheduled husband's dental appt for 11am, got another call asking if she could come later and I said fine.
Then I get a call from the founder, Toni, who said that I was angry that the foster parent couldn't come and I was not angry - - had several things going on that day and rearranged my schedule for the dog, but I was FAR from angry. Then Toni said she changed her mind and would I go look at the dog. I told her I had asked if I could do that earlier that day and was told NO by the foster parent. So we went that evening and loved the dog. The foster parent said she would arrange for "meet & greet" at our house on Sunday. No calls, no e-mails, then Toni sends me an e-mail that says she doesn't think it would be a good fit  and "good luck with my search".?!?!? HUH? I wrote back asking if I could see other dogs. No reply by e-mail, left phone messages and no replies from any of the 3 people I contacted. Was I blacklisted? They didn't even have the integrity to call back and tell me why I couldn't adopt a pet. NOW I'M ANGRY and will leave this review everywhere I can AND Care2 is now the 5th place.
I don't get it. Janna told me that they had several dogs that needed good homes (remember, I'm the one with the GREAT application).
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Posted: Jul 29, 2009 11:58am
Apr 29, 2008
You showed me, not to be afraid of being the real me
You showed me, that I can do things I never thought I could
You showed me, that I need to move forward in life to succeed
You showed me, the light that I was blinded with my whole life

You gave me, hope that one day I will be somebody
You gave me, strength to get me through my day
You gave me, courage to stand up for myself
You gave me, feelings that I never thought I would have again

And then...

I fell in love, after you told me not to
I fell in love, after I vowed never to let another in
I fell in love, when I wasn't looking
I fell in love….

with you

I was afraid to ever let you know
I was afraid that you would be so angry
I was afraid that you would push me away
I was afraid that I would lose your friendship

Then it happened...

I knew i should of never told you
I knew i should of never asked for more
I knew i should of kept you at a distance
I knew i should of just walked away

I'm sorry if it was inconvenient for you
I'm sorry that its not the right time
I'm sorry for letting my feelings get the best of me
I'm sorry that I ever let you in

I'm sorry...
 that I fell in love with you...
4/28/08, by Diana Maddex
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Posted: Apr 29, 2008 8:21am
Apr 29, 2008
Don’t you know?
Alone in my head, just writing again
No one to listen, no helping hand
The twist and the turns, confusion it burns
I think to myself, when is it your turn? 
My body is numb I'm not really here
Just watching from far feeling the fear
The same old thing over and over
We came here and swore we would be sober
I feel so sad, but I want to be happy
Sometimes its great, but mostly its crappy
Each day something different I try and I try
Nothing works, its just "Fuck-off" or "Bye-bye"
The spark inside is fading away I never thought it would be this way
How can I fix this and make you see
I just want to be happy and worry free
But happiness is gone, I'm fading away
Don't you see I cant live this way
Here comes the shit, after we fought
Here I am stuck in my head full of thought
Writing it down like someone is here
Feeling my pain, knowing my fears
Alone in my head, no one is near
Afraid of my thought, drowned in my tears
Just do what you promised, don't make me beg
The pain would be less if you broke my damn leg
I'm tired of stress and broken dreams
You tore out my soul right from the seams
What next might I ask? No water, no food
This might sound harsh, but what do I do
You don't take me serious, I'm asking you to change
My life is no toy, my heart is no game
I want us to last as long as we can
Please show me the life, the one you have planned
Let us be happy, no fighting no stress
Help me and try to clean up this mess
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Posted: Apr 29, 2008 8:17am
Apr 29, 2008
Finding my Mother
All alone changes I feel, my skin starting to peel
Someone is out there that knows how I feel.
Years ago she and I were one
Our hearts beat like one solid drum
My search for her began at age Twelve
By then it seemed I'd been 5 times to hell
Tears in my eyes and blood on my face
I've done nothing wrong yet told I'm a disgrace
Home is where the heart is, that's what they say
Yet at home my heart has broke in 10 different ways
Mending my heart ill never give up
Telling myself "Stick through it, be tough"
The last drop of blood from my nose to the wall
I looked in Hells eyes and said "no more will I fall"
Days past I grew strong and finally free
Back to my search for the one who wants me
Then one Autumn day sometime mid-november
We stared across my table, it was a moment to remember
My heart filled with joy my search is now done
Getting to know her will be scary yet fun
Seven years later, through thick and through thin
Laughs and tears, heaven is where I've been
She took me in and we started from scratch
No matter what she always had my back
I learned alone we are nothing, together you'll see
We'll take on the world by the edge of our seats
Our hearts are insync just like before
We stand back and watch how high we can soar
Side by side we stand strong forever
For no love is stronger than a mother and daughter.
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Posted: Apr 29, 2008 8:07am
Apr 6, 2008

I'm new to this group. I have an 11 yr old amazon parrot who really enjoys the entire family. His favorite people are my husband and my 7 yr old grandson. He just talks up a storm when he sees them. I'm so jealous! (smile). I also have a Maroon-Bellied Conure who adores me. Her name is Mei-Ling and she was born in June of 2007.

George has the run of the house however, he doesn't really leave his cage/perch until he hears my husband come home. Then he gets off his cage and looks for him.

We also have 4 cats. I know, I know, so many think that's bad, but they really do all get along. In fact, George the Amazon, just walked right over them - - pretty funny to see. My cats are all indoor cats so exposure to birds has been minimal but pleasant.

Torrance, CA
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Posted: Apr 6, 2008 6:48am


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