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Jul 10, 2009
Name: Marwa El Sherbiny
Type: Memorial (for the deceased)
To Honor: Individual(s)
Location: , Egypt

Marwa El Sherbiny was three months pregnant with her second child. Her 3-year- old son, Mustapha, witnessed the knife attack in which her husband Elwy Okaz tried to fend off the attacker

Her attacker had earlier been fined charged with750 euros (1,050 dollars) for insulting al-Shirbini at a playground in 2008. She filed charges after he called her a 'terrorist,' apparently because she was wearing a headscarf.

Prosecutors are preparing murder charges against the man, whom they described as 'a fanatical racist

In Egypt, newspapers have dubbed al-Shirbini 'the martyr of the veil.' Her funeral took place in Alexandria, with Senior Egyptian officials in attendance, according to reports.

Germany's ambassador Bernd Erbel and several senior Egyptian diplomats and officials supported al-Shirbini's family at Cairo Airport when her body was flown in from Germany late Sunday. A small crowd of people also gathered at the airport, some carrying signs saying 'an innocent killed

When will we all realize that terror is feeding on   closed minds & blocked souls 

against all ideas and other cultures  religion or believes , they protest against the living to choose what ever they wish to believe in!

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Posted: Jul 10, 2009 1:45am
Jun 11, 2009

Lightning Book War

Clash of the two kingdoms

They were placed to witness the role of man kind on earth , hence forcing the  deep shape of place and time to endure equal powers between goodness and evilness avoiding solitary view.

 They are older than time, higher than mountains, wider than mighty oceans,longer than rivers, hugger than seven skies and deeper than central earth layers.

The everlasting kingdom of mace destruction dwelling in the four corners of the earth, lying beneath  hollow dark holes, always preparing to attack any sparkle of hope willing to be born under the sunlight and moon beams.

Far away across boarders, on the other side.

 Thus beholds the prevailing kingdom of goodness beyond reason, which exists in all God's creation, rooted under every surface, pouring softness within air free atoms,

 diving gracefully through light and wind.

Penetrating the whole universe with continuous wisdom, questing for knowledge, pursuing the essence of development, achieving impossible tasks to invent useful new ideas which help man reaching

 highest levels.

 It carries divine light stimulating to awake all living beings, suspended between cradling bosom of tranquility and peace.

 For so many years they never once stopped their eternal fight against each other, they never took any rest, felt safe or wrestles, they always produced something to fight over, or debate upon, or prepare for any quarrel between their war generals at both sides.

Each kingdom has its own sacred holly book, which tells tails of their unforgotten legends, all the secrets of their citizens pledged strongest parts or shaken weakest points.

The two books also mention their ultimate rules, which were invented by their ancestors whom were placed on earth from the first moment it was ready to receive habitats from humans& demons.

  Pioneer sons and daughters of Adam& Eve.

Pioneer sons & daughters of the devil called Shit-tan who was sent down to earth being punished for his striking sin of vanity which led him to a serial of disobedience's to God's instructions and his final expulsion from heaven above, cursed till Dom's day.

Shit-tan has never been combined eventually with any mate, for evil is his soul companion, he needed no female for comforting and soothing him, he only required a belly to produce his offspring.

 The book of the mace destruction kingdom is called the book of darkness, while the one belongs to kingdom of goodness beyond reason is called the book of lightness, each book is placed in a hidden special sanctuary, only the elders of both kingdoms have the access to this unique information.

The preserver knights located in ancient valley of Goodness Beyond Reason, respiring every breathing letter which activates their system, reveal words hidden secrets, melting, swimming, glittering, uttering underneath every line with the one & only name of him mighty creator.

 Thus their elders are surrounded by guards and warriors; they teach truth to entire coming future generations, an endless mission passes from ancestors to descendants from one era to another, earth civilization after the other.

     Habilan is the first born son of Adam& Eve, a great warrior who was married to his sister Issa, they had 100 boys & girls all were working against evil which prevailed through by means of the dark soldier's plots, servants and other tyrants.

   Seth is the first born son to Shit tan from his mistress Ashtar, he was married to his sister Skhimat, they also had 100 boys & girls started their dynasty in the dark kingdom, their one & only golden aim is to cease the goodness from spreading anywhere, make it very hard, sometimes impossible to scatter the weeds of light, keep on gathering sparks that  supported proceeding the growth of pure creatures, or activating the deeds that transferred followers of the dark side to be knights & nobles bearing words of the lightness  book pages engraved across their chests until the last breath they  will ever take, giving strength within each word , power to every tiny shiny letter completing the unavoidable destined path of life role.

 So fasten your seat belts to go on this journey of an everlasting conflict and quest of minds domination, ruling the universe, conquering new horizons, finding answers for unknown questions, giving solutions to complicated riddles, filling the empty space with hope, guiding the lost souls through wilderness, saving the purity rhythm uncontaminated, the mystery unrevealed till the time we return to our final resort.

The story of man kind created from nourishing mud of earth, carved on fire at a certain degree to shape him, then a unique blow given from God's own inner soul's breath to pulse sacred life rushing through all men's veins.

Men challenge against the creatures of raging fire, Shit tan's seeds stamped with hell stones, sharpening their edges from rocks hidden beneath the soil of damnation found in forbidden land.

 The blessed rules in the book of lightening is swaying with love and hope, healing the sick of hearts, mending the broken souls, urging all living organisms uniting to form chained serial circles dancing with four elements scattered.

Henceforth the book is swelling with sweet thoughts of life, dreams of safe journey back to heaven, watching children of pearls swift ting with glassy shinning parts of flying wings, minds & hearts are fighting to hold this glorious memory of various transparent, silver, spectacular, splashy, twinkling angels.

To undo the cruelty of weapons injuring, bleeding, opening wounds, scratching smooth skin with blades of wicked swords socked in pure hate to siege every right with high fences.  

This infection will never end; worriers of light will always defend their infants, elders, women, lands, seas, skies, galaxies, universe surrounding atmosphere blended with nature.

To keep away the hungry evil, brutal slayers of mass destruction mercenaries, holding them from scorning the book of light or trying to turbid its words with their filthy touch.

This battle will go on and on, can we keep ourselves from deciding which kingdom we belong to? Will we ever define ourselves of what specific substance we are made from?

How can we ever lift up the ruthless part of our material being to mix with rays of light reflecting hidden sparkling atoms inside us?

Angels were never addicted to claim for

 such highly bliss never thought to ask for such angelic purity!

While demons were compelled forever to stay in their devilish flaming trap, hocked not to take any step towards the path of goodness.

Humans alone have the free right to choose!

Whatever way they may walk through, they can comprehend, decide and pursue their own road which may haunt them eventually to hell, or stick their foot traces with determination to their promised heavenly immortal destination.


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Posted: Jun 11, 2009 8:25am
Jun 10, 2009

Rising alone through the dust
Facing my own deeds and tests
Hopping for comfort peace and rest
Seeing my soul mates surrounded with mist
Still no one concern me even my own flesh
There is no road and I have no feet
Although I am driven along with the rest
Undone is the sky demolished is the earth
Dust and mist are all that is left
Alone we exist in this bowl with water within
Alone we arrive to a world we will never fit in
Alone we will go to our final destined rest
Slowly our lives shall pass through our chest
And all that we gained will be poured in deep emptiness
No wealth no health no power will pay for those
Bills which chained our doomed loneliness
Only the pure and nature existence will be
Our last and only hope for God forgiveness


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Posted: Jun 10, 2009 11:19am
Jun 10, 2009

The wind is spreading its wide white wings

Flying high like birds in the sky scarce

along four corners of the earth from the deepest

hollows within green sponges found in

oceans and seas, arousing the tide to drift

entire creatures living in the lowest point under land to the highest point above nearest sky.

All are gathered to hear the sacred utterance Which he only speaks, the noblest human ever exited with purest heart, transparent soul and truest tongue his name is Mohammad who resident the desert in which water is a treasure, word is a pearl rapped in a silver shell.  

Time is worn out of cruelty, tyrants and sham

Justice is a shaken balance resenting glitter truth

Mocking wisdom, despising beauty of goodness.

He came with a message for entire beings

Kingdoms of people, animals, birds and insects

With a touch of mercy given from above Mighty

Creator to his poor creatures found on the shelter of earth till the end of time when this

place no longer exits, sky collects their edges.

Mohammad arrived to heal the torn souls

mend the broken hearts with love, kindness

humanity which he resembles with all meanings and by every shape, inside out.

Devotion known his sincerity alone, choosing his battle in sweeping away evilness from the face of the universe to send his winds of peace, greatness, prosperity, tolerance and everlasting

Love with every breath taken respiring life. He is Mohammed Bin Abd El Allah!


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Posted: Jun 10, 2009 11:14am


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