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Jun 10, 2009

The wind is spreading its wide white wings

Flying high like birds in the sky scarce

along four corners of the earth from the deepest

hollows within green sponges found in

oceans and seas, arousing the tide to drift

entire creatures living in the lowest point under land to the highest point above nearest sky.

All are gathered to hear the sacred utterance Which he only speaks, the noblest human ever exited with purest heart, transparent soul and truest tongue his name is Mohammad who resident the desert in which water is a treasure, word is a pearl rapped in a silver shell.  

Time is worn out of cruelty, tyrants and sham

Justice is a shaken balance resenting glitter truth

Mocking wisdom, despising beauty of goodness.

He came with a message for entire beings

Kingdoms of people, animals, birds and insects

With a touch of mercy given from above Mighty

Creator to his poor creatures found on the shelter of earth till the end of time when this

place no longer exits, sky collects their edges.

Mohammad arrived to heal the torn souls

mend the broken hearts with love, kindness

humanity which he resembles with all meanings and by every shape, inside out.

Devotion known his sincerity alone, choosing his battle in sweeping away evilness from the face of the universe to send his winds of peace, greatness, prosperity, tolerance and everlasting

Love with every breath taken respiring life. He is Mohammed Bin Abd El Allah!


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Posted: Jun 10, 2009 11:14am


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